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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I won a game for the first time and I was excited so I even took screenshot but I didn't receive my BP so the excitement dismissed quickly. After watching the replay of my victory I noticed that I left before the countdown at the end was at 0 but at the same time I just left by the Exit to Lobby button. Could it be caused by that? I also played a few games after that one and I normally received my BP but still missing the ones from the win. Not even buying a crate helped (refreshing the BP value). By the way, don't laugh at me just for 1 kill.
  2. I played 3 games and they did not give me the BP for them. I played in the squad. In the 4th game gave me BP. It was not published a circle ~ 700BP. Replays are added. Please consider this situation. Replays: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sWLoYPIuCtu-DeMVLkEMQsI7u-IbbVvB
  3. Just won my second solo match, it was a good match. I've got the screens and replay all showing the win. No BP, no update to stats, and that annoying "Game still in progress, continue?" prompt after the round ended! I've been getting the Game in progress thing since the pre-release, but now its starting to negate my stats. You're going to kill your 'competitive' scene if no one gets credit for their games!
  4. Hello, There is a bug with chicken dinners that is occuring since 1.0 was launched. I receive no bp for chicken dinners or top 10 finishes. Hope someone reads this thread and aknowledges the problem and gives me the bp i lost for the 7-8 wins i got since the patch. Thank you.
  5. I'm not receiving BP from games I place in the Top 10. On the test server last week I placed 2nd once and 8th (I think) once, neither time did I get any BP. Just now, on the live server, I got a Chicken Dinner and did not receive any BP. Apparently this bug migrated from the Test to Live servers.
  6. So I’m having several issues with Battlegrounds on Xbox One. Before I get into the other issues I wanted to make a post about the game crashing. It constantly crashes mid game, if I’m lucky I’m able to fully finish a game. Whats worse is when I go to rejoin the game it crashed on I can finish the game but I will get no BP awarded for the match. I’m getting very frustrated with it. I love the game but this is my biggest issue with it at those point. There’s others but I will be making separate posts for them as well.
  7. I just finished a game and did not receive my BP, as this is my main incentive to play this game in its current state it really gets me irate. It happened to my brother the other night as well when we won a duo match. This is not an acceptable bug since I have seen complaints about this happening since March 2017!
  8. Game occurred on 9/11/17. My client crashed while parachuting at the beginning, but I was able to reconnect before landing. Ended up winning the match and getting around ~650 BP, but the points were never accredited to my account. As stated in title, gametype was Duos FPP. Is there any way to get those point retroactively added to my account? Thanks!
  9. Bug Description: I'm not sure what caused this but after a game ended I came back to my menu screen and it showed my character completely stripped, nothing in my Character Inventory and all my BP were completely gone. I did a quick reboot and everything came back, haven't been able to repeat it yet and everything seems fine, but this was a strange one as I'd never seen this one happen before. Date Seen: April 16, 2017 1:45pm Central Time Troubleshooting Attempted: .Refreshed Menu Other Information: Guy who killed me that ended the game took a full clip to the head as he swam up to me and then hopped out of the water and one shot me. Could be he was glitching and it impacted the account when I returned to menu, was the only "weird" thing that happened prior to the "bug". Launch Options: Default System Specifications:
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