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Found 17 results

  1. Hello there, inside the One Shot One Kill Event, we had some huge lag spikes and network lag. So I disconnected from current match and rejoined it. No network isses after reconnecting. At first I wondered why my teammates were shooting at me after dropping/landing next to them. Well, my colored Team Indicator was gone and I weren't been visible within the Team Group on the left screen at all. Though personally for me I had a yellow marker just as our "Team/Group Leader" as seen on the minimap. Been killed by Friendly Fire a few times. This time I was kinda lucky to insta spawned or I would had reported my teammembers for nothing, ... until I noticed where the real issue had been and started. P.s.: Not sure if this issue also might happen on regular gameplay. Regards, N3
  2. There is a problem with the Network Lag Detection. I have the xbox one platform and have installed and updated patch 6. Seem to be sound in aspect of what was fixed however now I have a ton of "Network Lag Detection" after the update. It is not your normal 3-8 seconds. It ranged from 10sec to 1 min, out of the 20-30 games I played today after the update that I have about 10 though-out game play regardless of how many people or how big the circle is...it seems to be at random times and random games that it happens. I have checked my internet connection at 29mbps download and 56mbps upload...I have reset the game trying to get into a different "game server" and I have reset my counsel and still seems to keep happening. Please provide additional information would help with this new patch.
  3. After exactly five minutes from the transition from waiting lobby to plane, my game displays "Network Lag Detected". It eventually boots me, and I can't reconnect after. I'm running Windows 7 and connected to my network via ethernet. Others have apparently fixed this issue by connecting to WiFi rather than through ethernet, but my motherboard doesn't support WiFi and I don't want to have to buy a USB-wifi adapter just for this game. All of my network drivers are up to date.
  4. Hi so I have posted about this before. I have figured out it has to do with network issues, but I can't figure out why. If I change my IP Address with a VPN it completely messes the game up. I need to use a VPN. If I delete the game, clear the Local data and then reinstall, it works as long as my IP does't change. Please I have already posted about this and there was no solution posted other than verifying game cache or reinstalling. There are literally hundreds/thousands of us with this issue and it really sucks, because I have paid money for a game that literally doesn't work. I really reall enjoy this game, please help us out
  6. Hello, My gun (SCAR) did not fire a single bullet after jumping out of my car (UAZ) to return fire at an enemy in close range, in a Solo FPP game (EU). Gun was on full auto with 40 bullets in the mag. When I died I saw the "NOT ENOUGH SPACE!" message pop up, like I was trying to loot something? It felt like the "single fire while in auto bug" that used to be a problem, except not even a single bullet was fired. I guess it's most likely a network issue (lag), that I was dead before I could fire. But the "NOT ENOUGH SPACE!" message was weird so I decided to report it. I recorded the event with Shadowplay, video down below (go to 00:30 to skip some driving). Here's a screenshot of my inventory just before getting in the car: https://imgur.com/a/i0L3R //Pazoozoo
  7. I was finishing up looting this player and was about to head off to somewhere else. before doing so, I needed to heal so I started to use bandages. I don't know if they didn't work for some reason, or maybe it could've been some network issue, I'm clueless. I also wasn't able to enter the car for some reason as well.
  8. I feel I keep re-living bad network performances in modern games. I have 5ms at most to the servers, and I run 60FPS without any problems. Despite this stuff like this insists on happening all the time whenever the server glitches due to network penalties/delays. Picking upp stuff, parachuting etc are still sluggish and delayed more than it should need to be because of network latency.
  9. every game about 5 min my game freezes for exactly 30 sec and then it says network lag detected. then i can play again. this is very frusterating. AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six Core Processor 16gb 64 bit windows 10 Nvidia gtx 660
  10. Hello everybody, my friend has the following problem, whenever he is playing pubg he is getting crazy network lags. So we tried to search for a solution, and started to constantly ping (eu server frankfurt). Seperatly we pinged an euw league of legends server. So we had constant pings on a league of legends server and a pubg server(both EU). Whenever he starts a game of pubg the ping to both servers went up super high. Above 500 and higher. This only happened when he started a game of pubg, when he played any other game for example league of legends both pings to both servers went up super high again. Summary: Everytime when my friend starts a round of pubg it causes the ping to the pubg server and every other server increase alot! When not playing pubg he doesnt get any network problems! edit: he said he has this problem since the last weekly patch. Help needed, thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, starting this evening, I'm unable to play the game after it worked fine this afternoon. I can get into a game, it loads up, I'm on the island, then get onto the plane and sometime then, usually about 20 seconds after getting onto the plane, the game stops responding, stops doing anything. I can't open the inventory, menu or do anything inside the game, and I can't even close the game via task-manager. It just stays open, unresponsive, sound still going. Then after about 2 minutes, "Network lag detected" shows up, stays for about 30 seconds, then I get thrown back into the main menu and get the error message "connection timeout". This has happpened eight times in a row now, with me trying to fix stuff after every game. I restarted, I went from WLAN to LAN, verified the integrity of the game cache, checked windows settings, driver updates, went from EU servers to NA.. Nothing. The freeze + error keeps coming every game, which means I can currently not play the game at all. The game ran fine so far on medium settings, I tried playing with everything on low, and changed the resolution, but to no avail. I am connected to my town's university network, I have about 100 mbit/s download and 80 mbit/s upload, and my internet is working fine right now, so that shouldn't be the issue either. My system specs: Intel i5-4460 GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 8 GB RAM Windows 10 If you need anything else to try and help me out, or have the same problem right now, please let me know! Thanks in advance.
  12. For the past 2 days I have been recieving a lot of lag in PUBG. It like rubber banding, but it doesn't make the game unplayable, just really really annoying and not optimal. I just ran a speed test and I am getting (19 ping, 39.35Mbps down, 9.13Mbps up). My old build/ISP was running the game fine, but I moved. Before my speeds were (36 ping, 34.56Mbps down, 6.79mbps up). I also changed my PC specs. I now have: i7-7700k, Upgraded from 4790k MSI A Pro z270, Upgraded from some random micro ATX Intel board. 16GB ddr4 Ram, Upgraded from 12gb ddr3 EVGA GTX 1070 FTW, Upgraded from EVGA 980 FTW This game and Overwatch lag a lot, but Overwatch doesnt rubber band or anything and just lags. It lagged with my old internet as well. My FPS stays solid when the rubber banding happens, so I dont think it is a issue like that. I have the game installed on a Samsung SSD, so no issues there. I have a wired connection to my router. Games like BF1, H1Z1, CSGO, and LoL dont have any stuttering or lag issues. Just this game and Overwatch. I have a the latest drivers for everything on my system, and I have restarted my PC multiple times This is what it looks like (Not my video), but my FPS is good (above 90)
  13. Hi, i found 3 bugs in this game. 1) Freeze game at start, i have i5-ram, 8gb-gtx 970, and when i start the game, when i fall from the helicopter i get always freeze screen for about 1-2 sec 2) When i land with my parachute i got always "Network Lag Detected", i have 50 mbps on download, i don't think is my problem, windows told me to open firewall to this game and i did it. 3) When i land with my parachute i always see the texture of houses or something here very bad, i can't enter, i can't do nothing, is impossible to play with. if u guys fixed those bugs can u tell me how to do it?
  14. Literally every match for about the past month I've been kicked out of the game. It doesnt matter when, just at some random point during the match "Network lag detected" pops up and kicks me out of the game. I have 30 ping or less on literally EVERY OTHER GAME and I rarely ever lag and never get disconnected. When I get kicked out, I still have internet connection, discord still works, still have amazing ping. This problem is very specific to this game. I have not been able to complete a match since early May. The weird thing is, I dont lag in the match at all. Out of nowhere "network lag detected" pops up and ejects me.
  15. ludda117

    Network Problem

    Hello! I have had an issue with the game (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) where when i am in a match i will randomly get ''Network Lag'' several times and freeze for a moment, when this is happening I can see that my internet gets disconnected from my computer (I am using cable) and after a few seconds it connects again and i am able to play for a while until it happens again. This does not happen with any other game or program that I have. This usually happens when I; Load the start menu, join a lobby, fall from the plane in a parachute or after landing and randomly in the game. Hope this is a problem that can be fixed in the game and not from my side because i have tried everything without it working. Hope to get help soon with this or that it gets fixed somehow.
  16. If I get the network lag detection warning, it doesn't go away even if I test my internet connection and it's working. It stays forever.
  17. Hi Guys, Found a local area network bug . After I played the game its seems to drop access to the local are network(Lan). None of the lan pc's on the network are visible when exploring the network on the pc I play PB on. However if I explore the lan from another pc on the same lan it all works fine I can access all shared files and copy files to both pc's. Trouble shooting 1. disabled all AV etc 2. refreshed network 3. disabled network card and re-enable NC 4. ran diagnostic network tool 5. ipconfig still gives ip 6. can still ping pc's to and from lan 7. gave it new ip still no resolve. It seems the bug is affecting the network card port/driver/ I/O setting and does not release due to memory allocation. int set_interface(int socket_fd, const char* interface_name) { ifreq interface; memset(&interface, 0, sizeof(interface)); strncpy(interface.ifr_name, interface_name, IFNAMSIZ); int res = setsockopt(socket_fd, SOL_SOCKET, SO_BINDTODEVICE, &ifreq, sizeof(ifreq)); return res; } At this moment the only resolve is to restart PC. Regards WarPig
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