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Found 5 results

  1. Salut, juste pour pousser une petite gueulante sur le NETCODE , de plus en plus je me vois derrière un mur et finalement je me fais dégommer en plein milieu du chemin. Dernière partie je lance une grenade je reviens à ma place mais le type en face à le temps de me coller 2 balles...Et c'est juste un exemple sur toutes les partie j'ai l'impression que j'ai un décalage. Le pire c'est que même en regardant la killcam je suis bien à ma place et on vois même le coffre de mon corps derrière le mur... Soit le mec a des balles magiques, soit ils cheats ,soit c'est le NETCODE (je penche pour la 3eme solutions ) J"ai la chance d'avoir la fibre et aussi une connexion ADSL de 2 FAI et bien au nievau du NETCODE ça change pas grand chose c'est toujours pourri. J'avais lu, je sais plus où que sur les serveurs NA il y avait moins de problème de NETCODE et ça a été vrai pour quelques partie mais là c'est pareil EU ou NA c'est la même chose. Même moi quand je tire sur un type au loin avec par exemple un mini14 j'ai l'impression de toucher en décalage... Du coup il faut apprendre à jouer en tirant sur un mec à l'endroit où il était/sera.... Au lieu de faire des patchs à la con afin de retirer les armes de l'ile de départ et autres trucs inutiles... il ferait mieux d'investir dans de vrai serveur et corriger cette cochonnerie de NETCODE !! AU passage je serai curieux de savoir si sur XBOX ce problème existe...
  2. So long story short, i think i have possible proof that the game engine/netcode is broken. Is that new? i don't know, but for me it was. What happens is this: The stance (i mean, prone/ducked/standing straight up) of an enemy seems to be determined client side. The effect of this is that sometimes u can not see enemies that u should have been able to see. The big problem here is that the game engine is not working consistent regarding the stance of enemies, making it a bit random if u can actually see an enemy or not. Example 1: This is what my screen captures (shadowplay): At around 16/17 seconds i am getting shot at by an invisible player (this is 100%sure the player that pops up a few seconds later, see replay video later on) So this happens in the replay, watch closely as in the first run it looks like how i captured my own gameplay. But if i wind back and let it play again, the enemies are really early visible and for a long time actually. This means the client side game engine decides if an enemy is in a certain stance, and this seems to be buggy as hell.
  3. After almost two weeks of trying just about everything manageable to stop having issues with desyc I may have finally found a solution. Please keep in mind that this change may only resolve client desync and that any server lagg or desync will not be affected by this change. What was suggested to me by a teammate was to disable the system paging of memory to the hard drive. It sounds irrelevant but after doing so just about all of my desync issues have been eradicated. Pickups and doors feel smooth, falling from the plane no longer freezes midway for a few seconds, and I have been able to notice a great difference in hit placement especially at long distances on all servers. To do this you simply follow the screenshots below and set your system to use "no paging file". I run a Server OS but your menus should be very similar. Please ask me if you need any help locating these options. Be sure to restart your PC after making changes and verify that the pagefile is still set to "no paging file" and shows "0 MB". From what I can gather it seems as though the game has an issue with the caching of memory data while using a pagefile. Since the current build of the game does just about all of the calculations client side and then sends those results to the server to update all other clients after the fact there may be a delay or fault in between the client processing the memory and that data being sent. I am using an M.2 SSD and can only imagine that players using an RPM disk would benefit even more from this change. I am unable to verify if the game just has an issue with select types of hard drives or if this will help all players globally. If you have been having desyc issues with your client and have the administrator rights to do so please give this solution a try and post your results below. If this does indeed fix the issue globally for users I believe this information can then be passed on to the development team to tweak and resolve the client desync completely.
  4. Hashmon

    Netcode errors

    So I just got done rushing a cabin when a player jumps out, I jump behind him, unload 5 bullets into his back, while he's shooting the opposite way and unloading 4 bullets into an open wide landscape due north to the both of us. I die. Please fix your game, this is not a game, this is something else.
  5. It looks like we might have hit reg issues or net code problems... or you tell me.
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