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Found 27 results

  1. Every so often my character during gameplay just suddenly stops moving and I cannot control my character, my keyboard and mouse work fine on Window but I cannot click the game and control my character with neither controller or keyboard and have to quit the game. I don't know for sure if this is simply due to my network connection as my team players didn't have this issue at all. I can press escape and open the main menu on game and the map and my tab.
  2. buddhaburna

    Analog stick drifting

    The PTS makes both my left and right analog move on their own. Both of them slowly drift, in completely different directions. This problem is not fixed through deadzone or decreased sensitivities. This is a pretty huge flaw and as of now will probably lead to me not engaging in the PTS any further.
  3. Hey guys I have a friend who's been having issues with his PUBG game. Basically what happens is after restarting or shutting down his computer the first time he runs PUBG he gets a message reading ; Missing file: 0x1312ac80 Terminate now. After he terminates the app will close. However when he runs the game again it starts up and he can play but the game freezes everytime he attempts to move, jump or punch. We've looked all over the place through my game folders and could not find any iregularities. Does anyone have similar issues or solutions? BTW he was running the game just fine yesterday.
  4. Has anyone else been getting stuck in game? Like you'll be doing your thing and all of a sudden you can't move or pick anything up. I can still use functions like opening the mini-map, opening the inventory but I can't move, pick up items or open doors. I' have already gotten killed for being stuck and not being able to do anything about it. My specs in case it helps Intel Core i5 6600k MSI Gaming M3 Z170A mother board 16gb of ddr4 RAM GTX 1060 3gb Game is running on an 480gb SSD but the system also has a 1tb HDD as well I'm running the game on ultra low (Because at first I thought it was like a rendering problem so I cut everything back besides render distance) I just got back into the game after leaving before it left early access and I don't remember anything like this happening at all.
  5. Near Monte Nuevo, there's a fence that you can get stuck in. Not the end of the world, but still pretty annoying if/when it happens.
  6. Bumblebeegib

    Movement Issues

    Every 5-8 steps on each map with ping of 60-70, i getting stopped by something, this is very annoying, because in open field while somebody shooting you, you dont have covers and cant really escape! Halp meeee
  7. My movement keys are customized and when I jump from the airplane, the movement keys resort back to the default WASD. But when I land, my custom keys work. This is on test server only.
  8. As the description says, tried playing on the test server just now and I am 100% unable to jump using the key configured as spacebar on my razer tartarus gamepad. For some reason it crouches instead. I've tried: Switching up the keybinds for crouch and jump, so that jump would be left control and crouch would be space. I then applied the changes and switched it back again. Restarting the game Restarting the Razer Synapse software Using different profiles on the gamepad Switching the keybinds for the gamepad, applying before reversing Checking to see if it works on the official servers, no issues at all So, everything is the same on regular servers, but on the test servers I cant jump with my gamepad, you guys changed something that f***s up how the game reads the signal from this exact piece of soft-/hardware. Hoping it will be fixed as I just cant stand playing on a normal keyboard, getting my fingers all cramped, would have to stop playing until its fixed, if this gets pushed to official branch. Thanks /Damale
  9. Test server, 14/11/2017 When I am running I sometimes start shaking really fast up and down like if my character was trying to get through the floor, which doesn't stop until I stop moving. I also have a very hard time getting out of the water when I'm diving. Playing from Spain, connected to the NA server. Not using ReShade. Specs: Windows 10 x64 i7 2600@3.4GHz GTX 960 2GB 8GB of 1333MHz RAM Crucial MX300 SSD
  10. So I use very unconventional controls - my targeting key is shift, and I use right-click for forward movement. Unfortunately, the key binding for "grenade firing mode" isn't tied to "gun firing mode" so even though I use 'b' to switch firing mode, right-click still changes my grenade throwing from toss to lob. Therefore, I'll run at someone to throw a grenade and it'll change to underhand so I drop it at my feet. Needless to say, huge pain in the arse. Not sure what to search for in the 'GameUserSettings.ini' file, and it's obfuscated so yeah.. that is also a pain in the arse. Please fix this for those of us who want to use right-click for other things.
  11. Character gets stuck when jumping while positioned between concrete barriers.
  12. Please see the video below and excuse the profanity and frustration. I was downed by enemies and later revived by a teammate, but no matter what stance I took, I would only move at speeds comparable to when I was downed. Sprinting or changing stances did not clear it.
  13. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperAnimatedOxDancingBanana See above clip for illustration. This bug used to happen to me frequently before the last monthly patch, mostly in warmup, after which it hadn't happened again until today. The effect is that for the rest of the game, you move at the speed as if you were crouch-walking, even when in full sprint. I think the cause is something to do with buggy object collisions (player + environment or player+player, or both as you can see in the above clip)
  14. So basically I'm one of those people that don't use WASD to move. I use "i" to go forward and for some reason the game does not let you rebind that key AT ALL so anything that the the "i" key gets binded to will not work at all and it's driving me crazy. Everything worked fine for all other updates but this new August 3rd 2017 update screwed it all up. I wont like a fix asap. Thank you
  15. (Thanks In advance to anyone that can help me solve this issue) Hello, Since the last patch for some reason I've been having issues with key bindings, specifically combat movement. My WASD - is IJKL, but for some reason 'I' and 'L' are currently nonfunctional and do not initiate any movement at all. HELP! Date Seen:Bug occurred since last patch Server: NA Error Message: N/A (no error message prompts) Other Information:Bug happens when binding 'I' and 'w' to combat move forward and combat move right. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried some 'level one' support steps to fix this issue (i.e deleting gamesettings file located under tsl folder).Yet, for some reason this does not solve this issue Launch Options: none atm System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTI 970 ASUS CPU: i5 2500k Ram: 16 gb
  16. Having problems with movement the problem is that it's freezing and locking the character in place so when i push forward ( W ) it's starts to stutter then if i if i push the ( V ) Button then it goes back to normal movment but then comes back again right after. The ( V ) is binded to Toggle Camera so i think this most be something to do with camera in game or something. i have link a video of the problem also
  17. test case Go to setting menu Bind "jump" to "right mouse button" While ingame, open the map Place a marker on the map expected Marker is set and nothing else happens. observed Market is set and the character jumps. notes Very annoying! Especially when you lie on the ground the character will stand up :).
  18. Date Seen:8-6-17 Server: Live Server Other Information: When loading into a lobby, I didn't load into the starting island. I could see it, but could not move. Then it put me straight into the plane. After dropping, you cannot move your crosshair vertically at all. only horizontally. 1st person is still fine. Trying to look around using Left Alt would spin the compass thing at the top of the screen, but not actually move anything. This only occurs when loading straight into the plane and completely ruins the match for you. I had this happen twice in 3 games. It's not that my loading times are bad, its that we were put in a lobby as the game was starting. Troubleshooting Attempted: Restart game/new match to fix. Can't rejoin the game so you're sorta screwed System Specifications: i7 4720HQ 960m 2g 16gb ram @ 1600 MHz 500GB Samsung mSATA SSD (where the game is installed) (the laptop im using is the MSI ge70 2qe apache pro)
  19. Hi, My specs are the following : Processor : i7 4970K Graphics : GTX 970 Ram : 16 gb DDR3 DD : 2 T ( 600 go free) Operating System : Windows 10 Professional Keyboard : AZERTY ( Madcatz Strike 7 ) Controls : Forward (FOOT) / Accelerate ((VEHICLE)) : Z Backward (FOOT) / Deccelerate (VEHICLE) : S Strafe Left(FOOT) / Turn Left (VEHICLE) : Q Strafe Right (FOOT) / Turn Right (VEHICLE) : D The Problem Encountered is the following : Since Today's Patch , I can't move left/right and forward at the same time. When I am in a car , I'm forced to stop accelerating in order to be able to turn. In other words, i can't turn if i haven't already got some speed. If I do press the turn key before I press Z, my character will strafe but won't go forward. This is gamebreaking as i'm not used to turn with the mouse while running, and as i can't drive anymore. I've already done a reset on the controls, i've put it in QWERTY ( no result ) and I've scanned all the game's file trough steam. This happens on every game I launch ( tryed solo, solo FP, Squad ) I've no trouble on any other game i'm playing atm, and this happened just after getting the last Patch ( as 4 of August 2017) Please help :'(
  20. Игорь

    Movement bug

    When beshid crouching, and then stop character does not sit down immediately, but only after a few seconds and with the animation of the legs is made some kind of crap
  21. Description: When you are moving and then stop, your character will hold a position that is different than the one that he would normally hold if he hadn't moved. This will cause the player to not be able to ADS correctly and usually end in a death. Bad description but it's the best i can do. How to replicate: I did it in 3rd person going into 1st, not sure if it works other ways. 1. Run or sprint a direction until you find someone or something you want to fire at. 2. Stop sprinting and switch to 1st person and then ADS. What happens? What you will see is either the forearm or some other part of the character model in the middle of the screen. A second or so later your person will return to normal and you will ADS properly.
  22. Sometimes my character runs slower than normal and while running next to other team mates, with no weapon out runs twice as fast as me. Please fix. This happens at random times, cannot fix by relaunching game.
  23. Kopper

    Movement bug! Please fix it

    Hello. This is my first post in Pubg's forum. And I want to show a bug that i discovered playing. I will attach some pics. When you get in that place, you can't move, stand, or lie down . Please fix it, I lost that match because of that bug. Thanks for reading.
  24. Blackmouth_Cur

    Stuck Moving Forward

    Somehow got stuck moving forward. Exited the game went into other games no problems. Went back in same problem in lobby my guy is just moving forward all the time. TIA.
  25. sargent383

    Sprinting Bug

    There is occasionally an issue where pressing the "sprint" button does not initiate a sprint while moving. No matter how much you click it, it wont allow your character to sprint. To fix it you have to come to a complete standing stop, which is not always the best option in a gunfight in the open.