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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. A friend of mine was livestreaming on twitch, and then this happend.. https://clips.twitch.tv/NimbleAnnoyingCrocodileSmoocherZ Please fix :c
  2. Whenever I move my mouse the game stops responding, I can see the cursor move fine only the game stops responding, this does not happen in other games, and never used to happen prior to the game update I got today. It happens in the main menu, in game and I think even during loading. If I move the mouse for a long time during a game when it starts responding again it thinks I've had network issues so I doubt the game is being ticked at all while moving the mouse. It has made PUBG completely unplayable :(.
  3. I crouched and went into the corner and couldn't move, couldn't stand or go prone.
  4. When I'm falling down from the plane, I can't move left. When the parachute deploys, I can't move left either. When I'm in a car, boat or motorcycle I can't turn left. Turning right works fine in all the cases. Is anyone else experiencing this bug? I've validated all game files and even deleted and re-installed the game, hasn't fixed it. Would gladly appreciate any suggestions! Edit: I am literally retarded. I didn't realize there was a driving binding feature, so apparantly I had accidently bound Turn Left while driving to mouse wheel down. Lmao.
  5. Hello I'm a player of PubG and I find many different bugs in the game that I don't know how to send them in and I hope this will get more word out and it could get fixed! Here is a link to the video, Sorry for the audio :
  6. Xr17

    Player walk alone

    Hello there, I got a bug since almost a month. After some walking, my player keep moving alone. This is very problematic. I have to stay key "S" down to compensate. Player stop after a while (5-30sec) - AZERTY keyboard - I have no controller plug - I have disabled the alt + shift keyboard switch I did not found solution so far, hope someone will give me a hint, this is extremenly handicaping. Thanks
  7. Hello There is an hitbox bug on this type of house : https://streamable.com/h7aku Also in the french version of the game, survivor is written "survivan(s)" but it is "survivant(s)" (as we say "survivante" for a woman).
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