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Found 87 results

  1. Windows 7 x64, and I'm using 1080 GTX with 390.77 driver. My desktop res. is 4k with with 200% DPI for text scaling. PUBG resolution is 2560 x 1440. I've been playing PUBG, deleted it and reinstalled it today. I hadn't had this problem before, but now with the full screen mode I can't click more than 1/4 of my screen in upper left area. Actual clicks happen in exactly half of the mouse cursor position, starting from upper left end. It's like clickable area is trapped in 1920 x 1080 in upper left. I can move the cursor around from end to end, but this problem happens both in the lobby screen and in-game. It seems that the game recognizes Windows' 200% DPI setting for text scaling, even with "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" option checked. Windowed mode works fine but I want the full screen mode for better performance and without Windows' taskbar. Yes, I changed settings in GameUserSettings.ini but it doesn't work. Even deleted all ini files, doesn't work either. Yes, I did check/uncheck high DPI aware option for tslgame.exe and also changed HIGHDPIAWARE option in registry, but no luck. In registry editor, I found out something strange. In HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers, if I run PUBG a couple of times, data entry looks like HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE... It's not a single option but multiple, but the same option. Is this a BUG?? Other games work just ok. BLUEHOLE, PLEASE FIX IT.
  2. Merhaba, şuan logitech g903 mouse aldım ancak bunun yazılımı yüklemem lazım dpi, rapor hızı, renk ayarı için ekstra bir işlem yapmayacağım driver yüklediğim için otomatik donanım banı veya normal ban yer miyim lütfen seri dönüş yapar mısınız? @PUBG_Begmeritz Sorma amacım gruplarda olsun baya gördüm bundan dolayı ban yiyen çok insan olmuş ve mağdurluğu giderilmemiş söylediklerine göre sizden dönüş bekliyorum.
  3. While in fullscreen I have no mouse cursor, I can highlight and click on buttons but the cursor is invisible. I can see the cursor while in windowed-borderless mode but I cannot play the game in windowed mode because it forces the game to a 4k resolution that gives very low fps. I have tried compatibility mode, changing windows text scaling, changing DirectX versions, and all other methods I could find online but still nothing has solved this issue. please help!
  4. My Friend has been having problems his can get into the game however he cannot click on anything apart from settings meaning He cant play the game I tried to look for many fixes but the game is still acting like this. Please help he really wants to play this game and feels like he wasted his money on this game.
  5. Date Seen:This bug has affected me since I started playing late June. Server: Live NA server Error Message: N/A Other Information: My mouse, and only my nice gaming mouse, occasionally drops inputs on ALL buttons on the mouse. This happens very sporadically, but is usually noticeable when trying to fire while adsing (Probably because that's what keeps getting me killed) but it also happens when trying to ads, fire in hipfire, and using rebound push to talk key. My mouse is a Steelseries rival 300*. I do not have issues dropping mouse inputs when clicking in any other game, even ones that require me to semi auto rapidly(overwatch, kotk...). When binding fire to another key, or playing with the only other mouse I own that has broken optics(can only click) I have no problem firing. Edit: I don't have issues with moving the camera, only button inputs. Troubleshooting Attempted: All steps completed Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia 1070 CPU: Intel i7 Ram:16gb The easiest way to get this information is to hold the windows button and R to open the run dialog, then type in "dxdiag" and take a screenshot of the "System" and "Display 1" tabs as shown below: *Link to website https://steelseries.com/gaming-mice/rival-300
  6. I have an issue where sometimes my mouse would stop working for a few seconds continuously during a round. This is completely Isolated to PUBG and doesn't happen in any of my other games. I have a Razor Mamba Tournament Edition.
  7. I have a consistent UI bug when I run the game in full screen mode while I have my Windows Taskbar in the top screen position. The mouse cursor renders an inch or so below where it should be. This makes it difficult to click buttons on the UI because the bug makes it so you need to click below where a button is located rather than clicking on the button itself. You can probably recreate this bug by moving your Windows Taskbar to the the top position. I usually play in 1920x1080 if that helps. The temporary fix is to move my taskbar to the bottom position while I am playing the game, but I'd prefer not to have to do that. You can also temporarily fix this bug by setting the resolution to a lower setting, then resetting it back to 1920x1080, but the bug re-occurs as soon as you play a game and reload back into the main menu UI.
  8. Hello, i have problem with mouse lag since patch 1.0. While in game my mouse marker (aim crosshair) starts lagging and makes it impossible to control. In game FPS is normal (around 90) but i can feel the lag. Furthermore, I have bought a new mouse and the problem stayed as it was. I don't know what is wrong and i would be happy if there is a viable solution. Ty
  9. Have had a couple of instances recently when my mouse would not be able to move left-right. Up-down was OK. Exited match and it worked fine.
  10. HELP! My mouse sometimes can't shoot at PUBG, even in the middle of shooting it. I tried to change my mouse but it doesn't help. Also, I tried to try my current mouse on another game and it works perfectly !
  11. I have been playing PUBG since August of this year. Only about a week ago, I've experienced a very, VERY frustrating bug with the game. Every single time I play PUBG now, I have to deal with this, and it makes the game unplayable. When I try to move the camera, it lags so much. It will stutter and pretty much any action on the mouse will either not register, or happen 3 seconds later. This is especially frustrating in gunfights. and this is the only game where it happens. I tested all of my mice, so which I now know that this isn't anything to do with a single mouse, it's within the game. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, with no luck. I've updated graphic drivers, with no luck. I've tried using my mouse in different ports, with no luck. I've disabled mouse smoothing, with no luck. WHAT DO I DO!? I cant play the game when it does this, it is so frustrating. This is the ONLY game this happens on for me. Also, has anyone else faced this issue? Please let me any suggestions you have, otherwise I'm just gonna give up on PUBG all together.
  12. Having a polling rate higher than 500 on your mouse, makes the game unplayable since you can't aim at all, essentially. It makes it laggy and stuttery and the mouse moves 2cm on the screen when you move your mouse from one side of a large mousepad to the other.
  13. Buenas a todos. Resulta que desde el parche de ayer (11/01/2018) mi ratón se desconecta aleatoriamente al entrar en partida y vuelve a los pocos segundos. Muevo el ratón de lado a lado, pulso botones, lo que sea y no funciona por unos segundos. Mi PC no hace el típico sonido de desconexión/conexión. Esto no me pasa en ningún otro juego, pero cuando minimizo el juego mientras voy en el avión, me ha llegado a pasar navegando en Chrome. Definitivamente es problema del juego, y más concretamente de la última actualización. He visto que en hilos de este mismo foro en inglés se ha comentado, pero no hay respuesta de ayuda y el hilo se cortó en Julio. Alguien tiene una solución? Mi ratón es un Krom Koban. Juego en Windows 7.
  14. Hi there, starting from 1.0 patch my mouse cursor is invisible almost every time i launch the game, and sometimes it disappears in mid-game. Only happening in fullscreen mode. Mouse actions still work (UI buttons are highlighted and clickable), but the cursor itself is invisible. In main menu, inventory/map popups, everywhere. Alt-tabing to the desktop and backwards shows cursor for a brief period (1-2 seconds), but then it quickly disappears again. Any ideas how can i fix this? Date Seen:24.12 (starting from patch 1.0) Server: Live server Other Information: Weird thing is that rarely the cursor is shown and working, without me changing any settings. Troubleshooting Attempted: Changing resolution modes, checking game files in steam, reinstalling the game, removing reshade, updating nvidia drivers, disabling pointer shadow/trail in settings, unplugging 2nd monitor. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Laptop MSI Apache GE70 2pl Operating System: Win10 64bit Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 850M CPU: Intel i5-4210H 2.9GHz Ram: 16 GM SSD drive
  15. ever since i installed the test servers to try out all the new goodies on the desert map, my mouse seems to shut off with the usb plug off sound i have a g203 logitech, and it seems like it has to do with the network lag and such...just recently before i came here to write about this, my keyboard and mouse went insane the lights flickered on and off and i couldnt do nothing stuck in the corner at mylta power big auto running into wall, even pluggin in and out didnt work so i had to alt f4 then rejoin..that was the first time it happened like that..it actually seems like its getting worse now it used to be just the mouse turning off and turning back on after like 10-20 seconds (ruining gameplay completely especially during fights)...now its like every time i feel a frame drop or lag in another game (which this issue never happens for anything else) i get all paranoid my gear is going to shut and break.....please fix this..ive been on this game and been waiting for the full optimizations 3 days since game came out..ive also checked the internet for solutions and im not the only person whose looking for one..its literally on the bluehole pubg end..not our mouse and keyboards..PLEASE FIX
  16. The mouse Left click button stopped responding in the settings and main menu. Also the game would not let me pick up ammo in-game especially when looting killed players boxes.
  17. Hello everybody, I really love this game but the glitches really try to make me hate it. I know it's an early access game & I love it so i can't stop playing. But oh god the input lag is massive I had to record it to be sure. There is a 80ms average and up to 150ms between the click and the shot (image/sound is sync'd so it's not audio lag) Here's an example screenshot the click on the left, the shot on the right,90+ ms delay And another one where I flickshot and actually lost because of the delay. With all the details and in game frames. This is a VERY noticeable lag, that would make any good fps player go nuts. It makes flickshots almost impossible, even the moderately fast ones, and even classic aim when the target goes in the crosshair for a few ms can be completely missed because of it. I can't just be the only one right? Just take a gun on the island, listen to your mouse, listen to the shot. I'm playing EU serv and I have a very good internet, I always had sub 10ms latency on every other games and never once this input lag in any other game with the exact same hardware. I average 80fps or more and play very moderate settings, fullscreen, no v sync (i know because of awful screen tearings). My install of windows is clean and audio interface has an incredibly low latency, but as stated previously, there's no audio delay with the image so it can't be it. This drives me nuts, Thank you
  18. For me, there is a difference in rotation for my general mouse sensitivity (when comparing FPP and TPP). If I completely move my mouse over my mousepad from left to right at the 50% setting, I get the following results: - FPP: around 380° rotation - TPP: around 315° rotation Should the rotation not be the same for FPP and TPP?
  19. I did have a problem with item interface in two main subjects. When I'd open it in game, its shown in with joystick interface, I have to press tap bottom again to activate normal item interface. when I'd try to move item by drag and drop in fast pace, my cursor are move in wrong direction as my mouse move. (Its may overlap key with joystick)
  20. I did have a problem with item interface in two main subjects. When I'd open it in game, its shown in with joystick interface, I have to press tap bottom again to activate normal item interface. when I'd try to move item by drag and drop in fast pace, my cursor are move in wrong direction as my mouse move. (Its may overlap key with joystick)
  21. Bug Description: Mouse indexation is not the same as where the pointer on the screen is at. In the UI, my mouse when moving around to click on a button, will be in actuality about three centimeters to the right. Meaning when I want to click on the "Refresh" button for example, I will need to hold my mouse over the exit button, for it to register. This is in full screen mode. The issue is apparently resolved if I put it in Full screen mode (windowed) but then this put's the exit button outside of my screen. Through either way, it is impossible for me to click on the exit button and I always need to shutdown the game via task manager. I cannot seem to make a screenshot of this, as steam always removes the mouse pointer. Which makes the screenshot useless to tell you more. Date Seen:since game install a few days ago Server: N/A this about UI Error Message: no Other Information: No Troubleshooting Attempted: No Launch Options: No System Specifications:
  22. In replay mode, when clicking on the time bar at the bottom of the screen to skip forward or backwards in time the mouse cursor jumps up and left, sometimes right in the top left corner, other times somewhere in between, but it is always in the -y and -x direction
  23. Hi everyone, Since I put my windows task bar at the top of my screen. I have an offset of my mouse in the UI (including in game UI). I have to put my mouse 1 inch (3 centimeter) under the object I want to use or click. Any Suggestions ? Thanks, xSangOr
  24. TL:DR There is no function to disable a controller and now it's basically taking over and ruining my game. Problem: Controller plugged in, taking over UI. Reproduction: Open game with controller plugged in. Solution: Ingame function to disable controller??? I have my XBOX controller plugged in while playing. I never used it to play Playerunknowns Battlegrounds. It's always been a problem though. First problems started with not being able to disable vibrationmechanics. Then in the later few patches, the UI from the controller scheme is starting to take over my game. I can't see the menu anymore, it simply says Press A to return to game, and Press B to exit to menu. And for some reason it also works with keyboard presses. I cannot spectate my fellow teammates anymore, because the only option there is "Press A to return to menu". What I need is a way to disable my controller all together, without me having to get up and walk every single time. And yes, my PC is in another room, I'm behind an L table. That makes a total of 10 meters back and forth whenever I want to play PUBG, not to talk about the damage caused to the connection itself, from all the replugging I would have to do. // JustinCaseDK out //
  25. Okey. So when I hold down my mouse button and fire around like following a moving car or just aim with the sniper after someone running. I lose connection in-game. Have never had this problem before. Accured when latest patch implanted. So now I can't enjoy the game cause my weapon and controls stops when trying to move and shoot. Having fullscreen and one screen only. https://vid.me/688Q1
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