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About Me

Found 16 results

  1. Hello, this is a motorbike drive of death. It happens sometimes somewhere on the old and new map.
  2. please Fix cars. SO I WAS GOing with triple motorcycle in a flat road all of a sudden, WE LIKE LAG AND FUCKING circle around out of nowhere. 360. Please fix cars, they drift and they explode really bad its fucking annoying. excluding what I said.
  3. Recently we have found a bug. The bug is the following: When you jump into the foliage of a tree with a motorcycle, you will fall through the ground on the motorcycle, then after a few moments you spawn back on the ground with no damage taken, but the motorcycle is under the map, gone. First we thought it is just accidental, but second time I did it on purpose. I attach a video of it.
  4. I've never had a vehicle in the game explode on me, but for some reason, i've played two games on the test server, and I died both times to a motorcycle. I watched the kill cam, and it almost looked like the vehicle was directed to the spot to explode! Please fix this!
  5. Apparently, there's not enough space. On a more serious note, this happenned right after a little accident. I jumped back on the cycle, and my friend had this message and couldn't take a sit. So he took my sit, but this time, I had the message too. It fixed by itself after we abandonned the bike but went back to it because we were under fire. In the end, it was a fun bug, but we could have died because of it. So... here I am reporting it. At least, we still won this game
  6. İf you watch this video you will see what is bug. I hope you will fix it.. https://sendvid.com/gazj7rji
  7. When Aiming with the micro Uzi aiming far behind the driver i still end up downing him with friendly fire. As seen in the Linked video. A time stamp and PC related specs are in the video desc.
  8. Every time I even go near a side-car motorcycle, something bad happens. Moreover, riding them is actually more of a hazard than a reasonable means of transportation across the map. The non-side-car motorcycle is just fine, however when I speed over the tiniest of bumps with the side-car, my motorcycle disposes of me and dances to the moon while my dead body lay lifeless without a single protest on the cold, hard earth. A challenge is an obstacle to be overcome, however this issue is no challenge but instead the choice of fate to allow me to progress in the ineluctable battle to the death. Please fix so I can give you more of my money and curse at immature strangers intensely.
  9. While riding a motorcycle it will occasionally make a sharp right turn. I have included a video showing three examples of this happening.
  10. I was driving very fast into a into a hill, but once I Hit it, my bike disappeared and I randomly started swimming sideways until I was under the map.
  11. I tried to pick up my motorcycle and it was next to a tree, istead picking it up, it killed me.
  12. When taking off on a motorbike, the engine will rev up and sound fairly normal, but as the bike goes faster, it is clear that the engine is making two different sets of sounds at the same time. At very high speed, the bike will even sound like it's revving up and taking off again, alongside the normal running sound.
  13. So my game ended abruptly as I tried to get on a motorcycle that was knocked over. Instead standing the bike up, it killed me instantly, with the reason being fall damage. The bike was on a slight incline, and I might have been slouching over it a little bit, but that's no reason that it should instantly kill you
  14. Actual: After i was ran over by my own motorcycle i died from falling after i stopped on an edge area near the water. Expected: The character should not be ran over by his motorcycle in that case and should not die from falling. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the application 2. Join any game 3. Search the two seated motorcycle 4. Stop on side of the edgy ground near the water or something simmilar 5. Observe that the motorcycle might run over the character which will die from falling
  15. So I accidentally discovered that your mouce accelerates really fast while standing on the motorcycle in my last round and let my mates try it out as well and they too had the problem. Here's the link to the vid
  16. Greetings, We were playing in a group just a moment ago, and we side swiped a Motorcycle with a UAZ. The motorcycle stayed straight up, while our UAZ did 2 flipping barrel rolls and landed on it's roof.. Knocking 1 of us out and allowing the Motorcycle team to completely wipe us out with no effort. What the crap did they do to the Motorcycle to make it buffer than a UAZ? We tried to ram it from the side, which made US do a double flip? Nice..
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