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Found 19 results

  1. Yeni sandıklardan çıkan itemleri ne zaman satışa koyabiliyoruz ? Bi kaç saat önce bir tane açtım ancak çıkan item steam envanterimde gözükmüyor. 24 saat vs beklemem mi lazım ? Teşekkürler...
  2. Почему за топ 10 и лучшие результаты такая огромная награда даже если 1 килл, а если я закончу катку в топ 20-30 имея большое кол-во киллов получу 300-400 поинтов? Я считаю что за убийства нужно давать более весомую награду. Ты пытаешься убивать всех, но погибаешь с большим кол-вом киллов. пока в это же время крыса с 0 киллами лежит на краю белой зоны в кустах и ждет попадания в топ 10. Я понимаю что цель выжить, но пусть топ 1 получает большую награду даже с 1 киллом, но за топ 10 тоже нельзя много давать, а вот киллы другое дело. Так и уменьшится число кемперов.
  3. в игре уже точно будут цветные парашюты их раскопали в файлах. Хочу такой парашют! Тебе хватит и на девушек с пониженной социальной ответственностью и на кокаин!
  4. Eng: 12/23/2017 This was the first day of the game on the release. I won first place in 14 games, and what was my surprise when I realized that I do not get points for winning. I understand that many people with a similar problem, but unfortunately do not see any feedback on this. And the last question, are they coming back, or is it definitely not? Rus: 23.12.2017 Это был первый день игры на релизе. Я занял первое место в 14 играх, и какое было мое удивление, когда я понял что я не получаю очки за победу. Я понимаю что много людей с подобной проблемой, но к сожалению совершенно не вижу обратной связи по этому поводу. И последний вопрос, они вернуться, или уже точно нет?
  5. ENGLISH: At the end of two different games, at least they were the ones I noticed, I didnt receive the coins. Here are the images of the two games I mentioned. PORTUGUESE (BR): Ao final de duas partidas diferentes, pelo menos foram as que eu reparei, não recebi as moedas assim que saí do jogo. Seguem as imagens das duas partidas que citei.
  6. Hi, i just won a game recently, my only and first solo third person game after 1.0 patch and i didn't get my BPs (around 900) - 8 kills in Miramar My ingame name is BoxFang I tought it was lag at first but after some mintutes and after reopening the game there is no changes. I uploaded an image, its the proof that i played and won only 1 solo game Thank you for reading
  7. Dear Staff Team Today 06.12 on my time 12:40 (00:40) UTC+01:00 I have won a Duo game on AS servers and Your game did not accepted (received) my victory, and I didn't get my 700 BP (7 * * exactly). What should I do to get my money back,I can prove it I took a picture at the end of the game and put it as a 'Story' on Instagram, I can add it as attachement If necessary. Please help me, Regards. -D.B.007
  8. When changing appearance (3000 BP cost) i double clicked the button and it managed to double charge me costing me a total of 6000 BP instead of 3000 BP. This bug will actually put you into the negative for currency which you will then have to climb out of as the game does not correct its error. Screenshots show my account with the -2842 BP as i had 3158 BP before paying for the appearance change and the next screenshot is of a lower debt as i have been playing to climb out of the negative.
  9. HI Squad games are sooooo borring because of ALL the AFKS.... Last time 20 out of 81 people where AFK..... Do something please OAK
  10. after changing the appearance of the character all the game money went to "the negative side". wtf? screenshot :
  11. I have -21775 money-point. How can I fix that? Maybe, somebody has same problem? I'm sorry for my mistake
  12. Hello there dear support team! I have a very simple question. Where is my money? I mean, yesterday I have bought pubg and played a lot. It was amazing, but its not about that. So today the 2nd day of my pubg exp and today was my 2nd (or 3rd) game solo because yestarday i played duo. So, it was first game today and when I came at first house and press TAB my game was not responding, so i use ctrl alt del and close it, BUT I was surprised when I rejoin game and was alive, so i continue play, and u know what? I have won! I was at first place, at first time! (prt scr it below). But I was surprised again when I didnt get any coins for my win. So question is, what haapend with my win? P.S. I still love this game. UPD. I wrote this here : http://support.enmasse.com/playerunknown-s-battlegrounds/tickets/082217-000264 and they told me that i should write directly to you. So i hope you can help me.
  13. Hello, help me please with my problemm! I wanted to change my character but the button was not pressed so I pressed several times, the game dropped and my balance became -15000 but the character changed, help me how to get my balance back after that I played and sprayed some things and my balance became -14097 I really hope The fact that you will help me
  14. During character change it got stuck to spend the 3000 points. So I kept clicking and it said insufficient funds and now I have -23000 points. i have slowly been getting it down.
  15. Greetings, My "BP balance" is negative now that I've change the look of my character.
  16. I saved up 3000 coins to change my character's appearance, but after I finished I noticed my balance was around -3000. I think that there must have been some sort of double charge for editing my appearance. Any ideas on what I can do?
  17. Hitman

    No items

    Hi after this patch, i lost everything on my account, my nickname was djdado and now i had to create new one, no items, no cloth, no ingame money.... i still have items in my inventory of steam but they dont appear in game....whats going on? please help i dont wanna lose my stuff
  18. Hello, Last weak I finally got 3000 BP, to customize my character. Then... I tried to customize him, and there was no change, then I tried 2 more times, but no difference again... Finally I abolish all settings, and my hero was customized, but with this change I got -15000 BP in my money... How I Have -11000 BP and I need your help. I ask you, if you can give me my 3000 BP back, or just change my balance to 0 BP, thank you for attention, have a nice day. My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/casado1337/
  19. I am stuck at 2871 points. I just did three squads games and I am not receiving any points. Also, I can't open the crate at 2800 even if I have enought points. Account name: xNaNo_ Yes I have restarted the game multiple time.
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