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Found 7 results

  1. I'm sorry for using the same video for multiple posts, but I had many issues during one game. Please watch 2:30-2:50 for an explanation. I think everyone in the same match was exited out of fullscreen (you can see my mouse in the video).
  2. This glitch happened to me when looking directly upwards when skydiving. Notice the compass and mini-map. Pls fix Video of the glitch here
  3. Было бы неплохо добавить в игру Deathmatch. Это позволило бы оттачивать мастерство в стрельбе. Несколько мыслей на этот счёт: 1) Ближне-средние дистанции. На карте спаунится круг, допустим размером с починки. Люди спаунятся там в рандомных местах внутри него. Круг всегда находится на крупном городе. (Починки, Липовка, Геогрополь, Новорепное, и т.п.). Оружие либо выбирается заранее, либо даётся рандомное. Патроны добавляются за каждое убийство (Либо восполняются до изначального состояния). 2) Дальние дистанции. Круг уже больше, и находится он на неровной местности, без городов. Оружие - винтовки подходящие для дальних дистанций, прицелы. Считаю, что нужно дополнять игру новыми режимами, иначе она рискует остаться standalone модом. Это конечно здорово, интересно, но рано или поздно людям надоест один и тот же геймплей. ENG: It would be nice to add Deathmatch to the game. This would allow us to sharpen the skill in shooting. A few thoughts about it: 1) Short-Mid Distance. On the map, a circle will spawn, sized like normal city. People will spawn there in the random places inside it. The circle is always on a large city. (Pochinki, Lipovka, Geogropol, Novorepnoe, etc.). The weapon is either selected in advance, or given randomly. Ammo are added for each kill (Or replenished to the full). 2) Long distances. The circle is larger, and it is located on uneven terrain, without cities. Weapons - rifles suitable for long distances, sights. I think that you need to supplement the game with new modes, otherwise it runs the risk of being a standalone mod. This is of course great, interesting, but sooner or later people will get tired of the same gameplay.
  4. First I wanted to thank the devs for this great feature. It helps me a lot. The only thing i still mention and would like to ask the devs to change is the "red" smoke out of the crates/air drops. For me as a person affected to colorblindness it's still almost impossible to detect the drop especially when the crate lies in between trees. Thanks for listening to the players and keep on going ??
  5. http://i.imgur.com/2EORmuR.jpg This is my view from spectator mode. https://i.gyazo.com/e8cbbeaf0b4e0969bb460b831bb65cde.jpg This is my mate's view in-game... I yelled at him why he wouldnt shoot him, turns out he didnt see him. I gave him directions where to aim, so he shot him, and apparently it was a phantom player who did not exist but was there in spectator mode. Video of that:
  6. Everytime I am in windowed mode and switch off to another window (i.e. teamspeak, or chrome) when i click on the PUBG window the window expands and takes up a weird aspect ratio
  7. Hello! I just recently figured out - while playing in squad with friends on TS - that the footsteps and general noises are much louder/clearer in spectator mode and the locating of enemy players is far easier in spectator mode then when actually playing. We had a couple of situations where I announced flanking enemies in nearby environment for a friend while being in spectator mode whereas he had no clue of distances and danger at all (and he is a CS veteran and used to pay attention to noises). I would love to enjoy the detailed surround sounds and footsteps while playing and not only while watching my freinds play. I remember the spectating mode being way off in terms of audio after EA relase but now it seems to be the opposite. Best regards JT
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