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Found 16 results

  1. Game frequently freezes, and only solution is to open task manager, and the game and sound recover. Can happen several times in 1 game. Anytime, anyplace. From beginning of game to last 2 people left. Buildings not loading, like the old days when people drove vehicles through buildings in pachinki , shooting through walls, etc... PLAYERS not loading in my last game! my teammate only had his tag above his head, but I could not see his body.. guy shot at me, but I could only see his gun. It eventually loaded, but took 1 to 2 full minutes to get to that point (hot drop military on erangel) Everything was running pretty good, and mostly bug free, for the past month. Whatever you changed this past Sunday/Monday (probably my sunday night PST, your Monday morning) ruined the game, and is making it mostly unplayable. It's not me, my machine, or any programs I am running, IT IS YOU! intel I7 8700K, MSI Krait Gaming x370 MB, 32G DDR4 3200 RAM. Gigabyte GTX 1080ti 11G (latest drivers 418.91) 850 EVO SSD for OS 960 EVO NVMe SSD for Game Cable internet is my weakest link at 24mb/2mb (hard wired, not using WiFi), but NOTHING else running, and optimized win10 for gaming and streaming (problems occurring when NOT streaming, I can't really stream PUBG with watchable settings (only 540p)) Almost 4,000 hours in PUBG playing time.
  2. Hey guys I have a friend who's been having issues with his PUBG game. Basically what happens is after restarting or shutting down his computer the first time he runs PUBG he gets a message reading ; Missing file: 0x1312ac80 Terminate now. After he terminates the app will close. However when he runs the game again it starts up and he can play but the game freezes everytime he attempts to move, jump or punch. We've looked all over the place through my game folders and could not find any iregularities. Does anyone have similar issues or solutions? BTW he was running the game just fine yesterday.
  3. I've found some untextured walls today on the new desert map.
  4. On the title screen where you select the game modes, all the a's are missing in the text on the page. When selecting game types there are the descriptions at the bottom of the perspective and that are missing all the a's.
  5. Hi. Some of my friends includeing me, do not appear some friend in list. I see X friend, Y see X friend, I dont see Y and Y friend does not see me in friend list its mean we cant inv each other and X see none of us so we cant ge in a group. Spec. Cpu: i5 4460. Mates have i7 4*** Op: Windows 10 Edu. Mate have windows 10 too. Ram: 16gb Gpu: Gtx 960 4gb with latest nvdriver. Mates have 1080ti.
  6. I am missing my BP after my first win on the new patch (1.0). 1033 BP to be precise...
  7. My copy of PUBG was gifted during early access, and I heard you will still receive the Pioneer Shirt despite of that. However, the item does not show up in game, and in my Steam inventory, it just appears to be a blank. I cannot equip it in-game either since it's not in my clothing.
  8. Since the new update I can't drive my car or control my parachute while looking at the map, I traced this issue to the new feature: This keybind seems to be assigned to Jump, while space is also my keybind for driving forward. It used to work fine this way, but this new feature stopped me from driving while on the map because space is already used for centering the map. Can the Center feature please get its own keybind so I can rebind it to another button?
  9. Hey, a few weeks ago, right after I bought the game, I was very lucky to achieve my first chicken dinner, proud of myself I took a screenshot and went on. Recently I checked my statistics window, because I accumulated a few top ten placements and I was curious how I was doing and what I saw was very disappointing, the chicken dinner and other stats didn't show up or were wrong. Server: EU Maybe somone else experienced this or can tell me if this is a known issue? Best regards, Xeles
  10. Dropped into a solo FPP lobby at prison. Was able to see players through non existant walls and floors to get kills.
  11. On at least two occasions that I know of I have not received the BP I was to be given after returning to the main menu. The first time I missed out on 400+BP, this time it was 300+BP. I also see that I'm not the only one who has experienced this problem. Something tells me those of use who've lost out on BP won't be seeing any sort of compensation. Something else tells me that if I tried to buy a crate right now that I wouldn't run into any such issues. I'll keep an eye out to see if this gets fixed, but I don't have high hopes that it'll happen any time soon.
  12. While wearing the trench-coat there is no texture between the collar and the actual neck of the trench-coat, this allows the players skin to be seen between the collar and neck of the trench-coat especially while running.
  13. This bridge appeared to be invisible in my game. Our other squadmate could see the bridge and was able to drive over it. When we tried, our buggy fell off and sunk into the water. We were unable to leave the vehicle and drowned.
  14. In the city of Primorsk there is a missing world element (Powerlines) as you can see in the image I provided. Location is on the 2nd picture (Where yellow marker is located). As you can see in the image that its over the bus stop on this little curve on the west side of the city. Also there is a random Powerline placed here for no reason with no corresponding power lines around it. to connect too in either direction, perhaps placed and forgotten during level design. also attached. Within a stones throw to the north west from the other powerline issue along the same road
  15. I was shot and killed during a solo game, I hit the exit to lobby button, and when I got back to the lobby my character was now naked, none of my items were listed on the character sheet, and my game currency said "0". I exited the game and opened it again and it was fixed. I guess it was just a visual UI bug only, but this is the first time I've had that happen to me.
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