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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. I can hear game music and sounds but I can not talk to or hear others through Mic. After my first match. I have to restart game from steam in order for my Mic to work. After first game it doesn't work. Corsair HS60
  2. Also, game chat never works after crash no matter if u leave party or what. Steps to reproduce: 1) Hop in as a passenger to a motorcycle or vehicle. 2) Note that someone is driving. 3) Stick your head out the window to aim in first person with control type b setup, hold left triggsr and sometimes hold LB. 4) Note the game randomly crashes when taking these actions. 5) Note when u re enter the game, that game chat no longer works. 6) Maybe test this on a samsung smart tv, with xbox 360 s and a verizong wireless connection thru foxfi on a samsung galaxy 4.
  3. My push-to-talk is bound to my thumb button on my mouse. In the post-game, when everyone dies, other people can still talk, but the game doesn't seem to recognize me pushing my push-to-talk key. Apparently you can't send a thumb button click when the screen showing your placement is up?
  4. I love talking to people online! But for some reason I cannot hear people when I can speak to them. This problem just started today and I would really like some advice on this topic!
  5. Anyone else having this issue? Mic stops working mid game? I have done the following to remedy the issue: - Reinstall the drivers - Reinstall the game - Edit the gamesettings file to make sure it was not on mute. - When I reinstall the drivers etc it happens again. I am running windows 10. Any suggestions?? Yes, I have googled it and you tubed it.
  6. So let's say I bind my PTT key to "B" for this game. Then let's say I bind my Discord's PTT key to "J". If I press "B" in game, the voice chat works normally. Only the game receives my voice input. Good. If I press "J" in game, both Discord AND the game receive my voice input. Bad. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to fix this problem. No combination of keys fixes it. It's incredibly annoying. If I'm trying to talk to someone on Discord, the game treats my voice as if I'm holding "B", but I am only holding "J". PUBG should not be receiving my voice at all, but it does. To make things EVEN WEIRDER, I've even gone so far as to seperate the audio routing of Discord and PUBG entirely, using two different audio cables, and by some means of magical wizardry the game STILL injected my Discord call into the game. This doesn't even make sense. This shouldn't be happening at all, but it does. Why? I am completely lost on why this happens. No other game does this. I've tested this across several games and PUBG is only one that has this issue. I've tried changing my default microphone to several different ones, and it still happens. Is the game just taking any mic input it can find and using that? Why would PUBG activate it's PTT using another seperate program's key bindings? Something is crossing wires here. I should add that I am pretty positive I am not the only person with this issue. I've actually killed players before who I think unknowingly had the same glitch occur for them, talking to their discord casually about whatever as if I couldn't hear them. Sometimes trying to even talk about hiding from me. It's kind of butts.
  7. I have noticed that when I had bound my T button I could talk while dead, in the airplane, and on the victory-screen, but when I rebound it to mouse5, it does not react, my mic-icon dont show up and the people I play with cant hear me in-game.
  8. Foul

    Cant Hear?

    So i know the CTRL + T thing to mute. It is not muted. It worked the first day and now its not working? any help, my mic is fine bc i can talk in discord and everything but not in game nor hear anyone either.
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