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Found 17 results

  1. Ok, so went you wan to cancel the countdown, almost always it doesn't work it says "Canceling" but it doesn't and keeps counting until the "5 seconds starts" and even if it says "Cancelling" it doesn't cancel and put you in a game, please fix this, this is something that is been way long before Vikendi came and haven't been reported, I'll later send a clip of the problem
  2. I though this problem had been resolved fairly recently, but it’s back again. I’m in the EU, and when I first go into the title screen, the server region is going to OC. I didn’t notice yesterday, so ended up playing a very laggy game there. I now have reverted to to waiting until the OC sign goes away before hitting Play.
  3. So I already did that suggestion on Reddit, and will make the same here. Reddit post: Click here. ------------------------------------- We from South America are forced to play Duo and Solo on NA servers because we don’t have enough players queuing up these modes at the same time. So the solution that I’m proposing is to add a separeted Solo and Duo queue on SA, with that all South America players can try to get on the same queue for a SA server. (This same thing can be done with OCE servers). That's the current situation on SA queue, we don't have Solo FPP / TPP for around 4 months, yesterday we had Duo FPP working for around 6 hours because a brazilian streamer said to his viewers start to queue together, but that's only works temporarily and the streamer that decides to do that will get alot of stream snipers on his matches. We don't want to play a Solo match with 160ms of latency, with this current queue system we'll never have enough players queuing together to start a match on SA. Before we had this "region lock" system, we could find some Solo matches on SA, but now It's impossible. We prefer to wait like 5 minutes to enter in to a SA server than simply get instantly pushed in to a NA server.
  4. Frequently, when the user clicks the Cancel for matchmaking, in the lobby, nothing happens. The game should cancel matchmaking. I haven't seen this bug in a while, and today is the first time I remember it happening .. 04/07/2019 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2019.04.07 -
  5. Oh wait.... thats from tonight. maybe I can play one on one with that one guy in erangel que
  6. Olá jogadores, estamos conscientes que muitos de vocês estão com dificuldades em encontrar um jogo no PUBG de forma rápida e eficaz desde as alterações efetuadas ao sistema de matchmaking na Atualização #22. A nossa intenção com estes ajustes foi no sentido de trazer ao jogador a selecção de mapa de volta e proporcionar uma melhor experiência de jogo com tempos de espera mais reduzidos. O novo sistema estava preparado para, automaticamente, direcionar os jogadores para a região que lhes proporciona o ping mais baixo mas, infelizmente, ocorreu um erro de cálculo do ping e a localização do jogador não estava a ser identificada de forma correta. Assim, os jogadores estavam a ser colocados em regiões que não eram as melhores para uma experiência de jogo agradável. Devido ao grande número de jogadores afetados, a experiência de jogo para muitos destes jogadores foi bastante negativa e por isto, pedimos as nossas sinceras desculpas. Nas últimas 24h lançámos uma atualização de emergência que visa corrigir este problema e prevenir os jogadores de se ligarem à região local errada. A nossa equipa está ativamente a trabalhar para resolver os restantes problemas e esperamos conseguir implementar uma atualização final de resolução de problemas, na próxima semana. Esta atualização irá também incluir um sistema que aumenta a prioridade do idioma falado pelos jogadores, tentando colocar na mesma equipa jogadores que falam o mesmo idioma. Assim que esta atualização estiver em efeito, o sistema dará sempre prioridade a colocar o jogador em jogos no servidor da sua região local. Caso o jogador esteja em espera durante tempos excessivos devido a ter poucos jogadores na sua área, o sistema colocará automaticamente esse jogador na região mais próxima para garantir que não fique em espera infinitamente. Compreendemos que problemas como este são extremamente penalizadores na experiência de jogo do jogador e pedimos as nossas desculpas pelo inconveniente que causamos aos nossos jogadores mais leais. A nossa equipa vai continuar a estar atenta a este problema, tanto através de informação interna como de feedback dos nossos jogadores. Continuaremos a manter os nossos jogadores atualizados sobre o nosso progresso e faremos outro anúncio assim que a atualização de resolução final seja implementada na próxima semana. Obrigado PUBG Corp.
  7. Descripción: Desde mas o menos el Update #16 que no puedo jugar en servidores Latino Americanos. El único servidor al que puedo conectar es el de Asia (y solo en Squad TPP, el resto de modos tarda mas de 5 minutos en encontrar), por lo que tengo que jugar a 350-400 de ping. Lo mas frustrante es que cuando estoy en squad con mis amigos tampoco encuentra, en cambio si ellos buscan sin mi les encuentra partida instantaneamente. A partir de un analisis profundo, entre otros miembros de la comunidad que tienen el mismo problema, nos dimos cuenta que es un problema entre este router en especifico: Sagemcom Modelo: Fast3686; y los servidores de PUBG. No se si así funciona, pero creo la razón por la cual puedo encontrar en Asia es que hay suficientes jugadores en Asia que tienen el mismo tipo de conexión con este router. Troubleshooting: Port forwarding no funciona; Reseteo del router no funciona; Reinstalar, verificar los archivos del juego no funciona; Firewall activado/desactivado no funciona. La única manera de que funcione es conectándome a otra red/router, lo cual es imposible ya que mi PC solo e puede conectar por ethernet. Lo que mas me preocupa es que con esta ultima actualización en la cual la partida encuentra según el ping, ya no puedo jugar en absoluto. Probé el test server y no pude encontrar partida, aunque esto puede ser debido a la falta de jugadores en SA. El juego encontraba partida normalmente antes del Update #16 por lo cual creo que en una actualizacion esto se deberia poder arreglar, espero que sea así. Muchas gracias si te tomaste el tiempo de leer mi problema con el juego y espero que me puedan ayudar. Si necesitan mas información por favor preguntenme.
  8. Hi All/PUBG Team, I am writing this after months of suffering, the issue is that, any lobby I am in either squad duos or solos, It will always take 1 minute or longer to find a game (can take up to 3/4 minutes). Now, while this may not sound too bad, I am a very agro player, and only drop in places such as pecado, military and school. This means, i do die in early game quite often, and sometimes the ratio of game time to matchmaking time is skewed in favor of matchmaking time. It is now beyond a joke, and is frustrating me and my teammates, since everyone else has an instant queue time. It is my working theory that this is caused by high kill games, as this first happened to me after a streak of high kill games (16,17 and 20 kill games respectively). After i did not get any high kill games over a few weeks, my queue went back to normal, and then i got an 18 kill game, and suddenly my queue time went back up to taking huge amounts of time. Please could a dev or official team member explain this, or other people who experience it let me know. Thanks At0micaL
  9. Duo TPP keeps putting me in matches by myself, I have to exit to lobby 4 or 5 times or more before it pairs me up with someone.
  10. Last couple days we had some problems with squads in the lobby. After finishing a game, we all press ready. However, everyone sees it different sometime. Example: Player A sees: A: ready B: ready C: not ready D: ready Playber C sees: Player A: ready Player b: not ready Player C: ready Player D: ready The above can change from time to time. So basically, everyone has pushed ready, but in some clients one of the squad members isn't ready. Therefore the client doesn't start matchmaking. Resetting the lobby cures the problem, but it's definitely annoying.
  11. Date Seen: Most recently 24-09-2017. First experienced it 22-09-2017 when first playing after the last patch, v2.6.25 Server: EU Live server Error Message: No just window asking to either send or not send a report. Temperatures: No idea, have installed Open Hardware Monitor for future instances. Overclock: Neither. Other Information: Happens consistently if I mindlessly click 'Play' rather than selecting EU server (default is AS). The 'click to cancel' doesn't stop the matchmaking. Rather than wait to get into a game and quit back to lobby I quit Pubg and get the window asking to submit a report. Troubleshooting Attempted: Installed Open Hardware Monitor. Game files verifies (post patch after removing reshade). Updated graphics drivers, clean fresh install. Not had a memory crash so no reason to tweak page file size. Windows up to date. Launch Options: Nothing changed. System Specifications:
  12. Boas, para aqueles que querem jogar entre malta portuguesa, criei um servidor no discord para simplificar a criaçao de duo ou squad! Link: https://discord.gg/vqA6hkC Não hesitem a partilhar com maximo de pessoal possivel Abraço
  13. Bonjour a tous. Nous démarrons aujourd'hui les premiers tests publics de notre outils de recherche de last. Et pour cela nous comptons sur la communauté pour nous aider a beta tester le service ainsi qu'a son amélioration. Notre objectif est avant tout d'améliorer l’expérience utilisateur autour du jeu Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Pour cela nous travaillons a l'élaboration d'un service de mise en relation automatisé des joueurs. La première version BETA du Bot PUBG-Finder est en ligne et nous cherchons des personnes pour nous aider à tester le service dans les différentes périodes de bêta. Pour consulter les commandes disponibles /help Toutes les idées d'amélioration seront bien entendu étudiées donc n'hésitez pas! En vous remerciant. Merci de votre aide et a bientôt. Cela ce passe ici : https://discord.gg/mKTAyar PUBG Finder.
  14. Bug Description: I was going to play a duo with a friend. We both hit ready and it said matchmaking in the top left corner but never loaded us into the game. Restarted the game and it still says matchmaking. Reinstalled the game and still stuck saying matchmaking. Date Seen: April 27 2017 Server: NA Troubleshooting Attempted: Refreshed the UI, restarted game, verified game files, and reinstalled Other Information: We are both stuck with the same issue. Launch Options: Default System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670k CPU @ 3.4GHz Ram: 8192MB RAM
  15. I played several hours ago, I go to login and the screen has me + 2 of the other 3 party members still together. I am unable to click "leave team" the 4th member is active and playing also with his partner
  16. Hi there , Selected EU to match to, however all servers we connect to are US based ? Check IP with netlimiter and using traceIP to show it's location ? Please advise
  17. Hi, I have this problem sometimes with not being able to cancel matchmaking. I play on the US servers, but it doesn't save your previous options, and will go back to the default asian server and solo. It'd be good if it saves your previous options. Thank you
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