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Found 10 results

  1. In Squad FPP, my teammate marked a position to run to and I was not able to see it on the compass on my screen, but I could see it on my mini map. I had a marker down from when we dropped, and my teammate dropped a marker later after we started running. I will attach a screenshot but will start recording to see what specifically triggers the issues I see.
  2. This has happened to me maybe 4-5 times in the past week or two. never happened before. My squad will be set on a pin to jump to. I'll be aligning myself for the jump and all of a sudden the pin I'm looking at jumps away from its spot, suggesting i past my location. Reviewing this video I can see it moves about 90 degrees. MAybe its specific to that. Its possible my partner was adjusting his pin and that casued the bug. whatever it is, both pins jumped for some reason. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/188282676 happens at exactly 1:59:22 you may start a few seconds earlier and keep eyes fixed on the HUD GPS and Rozhok below. Date Seen:11/7/2017 ~12am EST Server: Live Other Information: (Any relevant information that you think would be useful to help us track down the cause of the bug) Troubleshooting Attempted: idk where to start Launch Options: no System Specifications: Operating System: win 10 Graphics Card: 980 gtx CPU: fx-8350 Ram: 8GB 1600
  3. Hello. I've been playing squad lately with three friends and one of the player markers got bugged. The marker was displayed on starting island despite the player was with us in the plane. We could see his character, he would play as normal, but the lack of the marker above him maked it pretty tough. He accidentaly got shot from one of us, because we didn't know if he was our buddy. We also weren't able to revive him, while he was down. His health bar was displayed as full for the entire round, despite receiving damage. Also there were no icons indicating that he was in a vehicle. Hope you can fix that.
  4. Around the lines crossing at east of Primorsk, we can't use markers (red area on image). Zooming in makes it so we can mark closer (real in-game distance wise) from the center of the crossing lines, but the same area size on the map is always unmarkable. There are also other areas like this one but didn't take note of them yet.
  5. When someone dies or leave the squad, their marker stays on the map, and you can't delete it after you die. Once someone dies, their marker should be automatically removed or you should have the option to delete it. I find it annoying.
  6. After the update I am finding multiple 'issues' with the game. 1. See photo. After we die the message "The match is still in progress. Continue?" shows up. This was never before this patch and I think it shouldn't be here since we both died. I mean, how do we continue if we are dead? 2. Patch notes say "Fixed marker graphics bug on the World map". Before this patch, I was able to 'spam' my marker in order to kind of show my team where to go to in a quick way, or simply to 'draw' the line the airplane is going. Now it takes like half of a second before the marker shows up and I feel like it should instantly show up. Doesnt matter if it has got a animation or not. It should be there when I click it. 3. The latency/lag when dropped (parachute) is awfull today. (Forum members please don't tell me it's my pc. Trust me, it's more than fine) 4. This final item is what I hate the utter most.. Let's say you have an extended mag on your AR, but you happen to find and Ext. Quickdraw mag! You try to swap it... but... It won't ?? How come? Because your effing BAG is full. Wait what? Yes, your bag is full. Why aren't you just able to swap the mags and keep the other one on the ground? Nope, if you take the ExtQDMag off the ground to put it on your AR, you HAVE to put the ExtMag in your bag. I mean, why can't you just swap them? It's very frustrating for me, not only because I've died because of that a couple of times, but it just takes the speed and fluency out of the game.
  7. I believe I found a minor bug with the map marker. I like to mark a position to jump straight at it when the plane is at a 90° angle to my flying path. For this option I line up the edge of the planes wing with the middle marker of the compas and wait for the marker to line up with it aswell. Doing so I usualy look down as far as possible to see people leaveling and scouting terrain. After the mopnthly update, anyway, looking down as far as possible from the plane results in the marker to jump to some sort of default position on the right side of the compas. It will just be fixed there and not move anymore. As soon as you change your view just ever so slightly upwards the real makrer will reappear and do what it is supposed to do.
  8. Hi, I am new here and I looked for a post about markers but couldn't find one, but I would really like it when I can remove my marker when I am dead... Markers seem to follow the people in my team when I am spectating and that is kinda annoying Thanks for the great game! Scott
  9. I have noticed you can't delete your marker after you die and you spectate your team. Maybe should add the ability to continue to mark or remove it after death. I think it would be nice to still be able to help the team. Its not a big advantage but can help the team possibly still win.
  10. Hi, I'm not quite sure if this actually is a bug or intended, but as there was nothing about that in the patch notes. Blood effects and along with it hit indication has been reduced drastically after the last monthly update. I'm really not a fan of this change as it is very hard to tell whether your shots hit the target or not now especially on range. However I'd prefer a well implemented hit marker system anyway. Maybe you can think about this for the future. Greetings Ir0n
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