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Found 118 results

  1. ArmedAccountant

    Change The Color Of The Circle

    Does anyone else feel like they should change the color of the circle on the mini map on Vikendi? The white circle blends into the mini map and it's very hard to see
  2. Instead of making 8x8 maps, 6x6 maps, and 4x4 maps, perhaps make only 6x6 maps, and have the option to select "blitz mode" or "normal mode". For blitz, have the first circle already shown while in the lobby, and a faster blue zone closing rate. Thus, people can enjoy all maps, but have the ability to play them with a Sanhok-style pace.
  3. fSucee

    Sensitivity for Map Cursor

    So waaaay back, in an early version of the game, the cursor speed on the map was actually quite usable, and then some patch changed it. Now, for many months, it feels like dragging some heavy object on the floor. Can't really use it effectively during shootouts to pinpoint the enemies to my teammates. A separate sensitivity slider would be really appreciated for this, because it is really garbage to be permanently this slow in a game that requires quick reactions.
  4. yehwankim23

    Is this map error?

    I noticed one house was not highlighted yellow on the map. Please watch the video (8:00-9:00) for an explanation. Thank you.
  5. In Squad FPP, my teammate marked a position to run to and I was not able to see it on the compass on my screen, but I could see it on my mini map. I had a marker down from when we dropped, and my teammate dropped a marker later after we started running. I will attach a screenshot but will start recording to see what specifically triggers the issues I see.
  6. XuluniX

    Misplaced object in "Coastal"

    There is a misplaced object, a blue container, half way in a building, it doesn't look like it should be there. The bug can be found in Coastal at the coordinates E5/J5. Screenshot from inside the building: From outside the building:
  7. Soviet Squirrel

    Savage map is great!

    I am really enjoying the new savage map! I understand the map is early in development and so there are a lot of issues/bugs going on but that is to be expected since it is early in development. I really like the small buildings with minimal rooms/floors. I also feel like towns are just the right size so fights play out quickly. What I really like in a nut shell: 1. small buildings/small towns 2. games are fast paced 3. visual clutter on map is very minimal reducing eye strain 4. rng death by circle is greatly reduced because of short distance to travel 5. verticality, traversing a structure is no longer reduce to stairs, you can enter from multiple angles allowing for clutch plays. 6. clothing loot spawns have been completely removed... about damn time! what i do not like: 1. red zone feels awkward on such a small map and is much more impactful because of close quarter combat. 2. duo and squad not included
  8. Almanthas

    Desert Map Stuck

    Hello Dear PUBG team and community, Yesterday I was super excited about the new map and I went everywhere to check everything out. It's amazing! Great work! While chasing someone to kill them though I experienced a very unpleasant glitch. Since the map is new, I am sure you'd appreciate every bit of feedback you can get. So the bug is I got stuck between 2 cars and couldn't move out. Fortunately I caught it on stream and I can show you: https://clips.twitch.tv/FrigidArtsyMouseOneHand I hope this helps you improve and polish the new map! Best Regards, Max
  9. https://pubgmap.io/en-gb/miramar.html#7/-125.645/87.133/w=-125.859,88.047
  10. On Miramar, in the middle of Pecado, Power Grid, and Graveyard there is a map hole. This hole is on the mountain and you can go in it under the mountain and stay on the relatively flat ground shooting through at people on the mountain/around without them shooting back. This area under you can access is fairly big. Link to full video showing glitch here (skip to 2:09)
  11. Vuzliin

    Miramar MapBug

    Hi ! I'm here to report a "bug" on the Miramar Map, i fell down a hole that got me under a building, i was stuck between the building and a cliff into an infinite falling situation, i took pictures to help my poor english The First picture is where i am. The second picture is where i fell and the third is where it is on the map
  12. yopla les gens, je suis tombé au pif cette article https://www.futuregamereleases.com/pubg-puts-randomly-generated-island-every-consecutive-game/ comme dans le titre du topic je voulais savoir si c'était possible? je trouve l'idée vraiment excellent et donnerait un sérieux coup de boost au jeu .et surtout ça rendrait les chose encore plus intéressant pour le coté adaptation, prise de choix et survie etc... j'ai bien peur que ça soit pas le cas , je suis plus que sur que ça demanderait pas mal de ressource que ce soit coté serveur ou client mais qui sait ??
  13. Bug Description: This big rock and the bush exist where they obviously should not be, this rock had physics and everything else it needed. Previously this rock was never in this location. Perhaps it was left from some map tweaking recently? Date Seen: 1/2/2018 Server: 1.0 Release Steam servers NON-Test Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: Maybe this should be left in maybe not? Could affect players if they hit this while in a boat possibly. Launch Options: Default installation System Specifications: i7-7700k 1080Ti 16gb Ram Windows 10 (more information can be provided if needed but its a truly normal setup,)
  14. Ennael

    Parachute failure

    On the new map, near the prison compound, there are 2 buildings in extreme proximity to one another. They are rather large rectangles just tucked away in a corner of the prison compound. I was trying to land on the southern one of these buildings, and was primed to do so, when the parachute immediately cut, without my say so, and flung me between these two buildings, immediately killing me from the fall. The parachute should not have deployed the mechanism to release itself if that were the case, because of the immediate death that ensued, should it have released. However, since it released, it killed me for no reason. I find that unfair gameplay and a rather unsightly bug. Either increase the spacing between those buildings or fix the parachute auto-release mechanic, because something's wrong here. I've landed on these buildings in subsequent playthroughs on that map, and had no problems, so this may just be a one-time fluke, but for anyone else with a future problem like that, at least look into it, because that was not the best way to execute that programming.
  15. patrickodonoghue

    inescapable hole

    In a regular game of PUBG on the new desert map. My friend and I were moving over some rock structures just NW of El Pozo when I jumped over a rock to fall into a hole. I couldn't escape and ended up dying to the blue. Since I am not sure if these holes are intentional and that I should maybe just get gud. I thought I should bring it to the attention of the developers as it led me to having a bad game experience. Hopefully this post gets an answer and is maybe fixed or resolved in some way.
  16. Tux3do

    New Map Getting Stuck

    this bug is on PC i do not know if that makes any deference hope this get fixed soon.
  17. CornY

    Every thing is Green

    Pls help i can't play PUBG anymore because this bug
  18. putnik

    fell to the ground

    I was playing with my friend today when he fell through the ground from parachute
  19. Like you said you migrated the Test servers into the Official servers. So then how about you... 1.) Change the preset the of maps so we don't have the Desert map 75% of the time compared to the island map which is 25%. 2.) Edit the Zero Distance, which hasn't been fixed. Original SMG, AR and SR only have 100m unless given the 8x or 15x scope. The only weapons working with the Zeroing is any weapons that were added into the Test servers ------- These are the VSS(patched) , Mini14, Win94,DP-28, and AUG 3.) The drop rates have not been patched in to bring in the DP-28 when you are in Island and the Win94's loops in the desert. if you can fix these issues that be highly grateful!!~
  20. I've tried it from both sides and it is just not possible. I don't know if it's the same for every window in this kind of house model, as I was shot before getting to another one. This one is definitely bugged though.
  21. Ruslik4634

    Problem with loading on map

    Anytime when start game i saw this and nothing more.Try to reinstall game,visualcc ,reinstall windows Have this problem on new patch(1.0) and old ,any map 1(old) 2(new) maps I53470 gtx1060 8gb
  22. Coming from other shooters, I have gotten used to having primary as Mwheel up, and secondary as Mwheel down. This is so much more efficient than scrolling through my items as the default mwheel is set to. However, if you change the mousewheel settings, any time you zoom in or out of the map, it will bring my gun out or change weapons (although it doesn't do this for the default mousewheel keybind of cycling weapons for some reason). I hope this is a bug, so please fix it, or at least let me bind map zoom to other buttons. This also affects scrolling through inventory, as doing so will change weapons. It doesn't matter whati is bound to, ie. if mousewheel down is bound to jump you will jump when the map is up and you try to zoom out.
  23. dawnutello

    Global Lighting Bug

    Started during spawn. Tried restarting game, tried changing graphics settings even the colorblind option. Please fix