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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Hit these two bangers with the M24 last night for a solo win. Wasn't even going to grab the M24 off the enemy I killed because the zone was pushing in but I'm glad I stopped for it. Anybody hit any nice shots or make some nice plays this weekend? 2xM24headshot.mp4
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/withoutaim Добро пожаловать на мой стрим,немного обновил пк и теперь могу играть на стриме в пабджи. Играю на мой взгляд выше среднего,короче что тут говорить заходите и сами все увидите=)
  3. Not sure if a bug or missing feature, but the M24 doesn't eject a shell or show a new chambered round when you operate the bolt.
  4. You can shoot a Sniper Rifle(M24, AWP) without the actual need of reloading it. By pressing RealoadKey(r) after you take a shot the capacity of the magazin will be full. I made a video to exactly show it. Steps: Shoot after shoot spam R No need to reaload what so ever Found that glitch myself and did not tell anybody about it. Should be fixed i think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXu3uuboxvc
  5. So I think I found a bug with the AWM. If you shoot the AWM and then reload as the animation to chamber a new bullet is going it will reset your ammo in the magazine to full capacity. Basically I think that the animation for the chambering of the bullet will override the reload animation and both will be completed instead of only the reload or only the chambering of the bullet. Basically infinite bullets with the AWM and never have to reload.
  6. I had 55 frames at the time of the shot, so it wasn't lag or performance issues...
  7. Anon22

    M24 Reload Bug

    Hello, When playing a round just now I found a reload bug for the M24. When I fire the weapon and press "R" for reload at the same time the mag instantly fills back up. I have attached a Video where you can see the bug in action. So far I have only testet it in the waiting lobby so I do not know if the bug exists in the running game itself. The Bug is reproducible and so far has worked in 2 different lobbys. Content Build: 1787562 M24 Reload Bug.mp4
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