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Found 9 results

  1. Achieved my first solo dinner today (woopdi doo) with epic last battle but there is no replay available? I'ts been like 6-7 hours already, and the games after that come out just fine.
  2. Hi Team I've been experiencing this since I bought the game 2 months ago. I can't even complete a single game without the game kicking me out because of the "lost connection to host" bug. I already contacted my ISP and they said they don't have any problem on their side. I already did all the tweaks and solutions that can be found on this forum and none of them helps it. Please try to fix this. Here is a screenshot for your perusal: Regards, Ken
  3. - Dear Developers - Now i know that allot of people have made posts about this problem but the same keeps happening to me i have played like 5 SOLO games I just won one of them and should have gotten 1034. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081832776/screenshots/ Before the Chicken Dinner i had 259 BP the only time i got BP is when it was Below 100 BP. I have probably lost around 1500 BP now cause of this glitch. Now i was wondering if it is possible to Compensation cause 1500 BP is allot for me i dont usually win allot before the big release i only won like 5 games from all the categories (Solo, Duo, Squad, Solo TPP, Duo TPP, Squad TPP, Solo FPP, Duo FPP, Squad FPP) so winning 1 game already is a big deal for me... So if it is possible if i could get Compensation please. Ingame Name - Tiaan Region - Ociena - Kind Regards - - Tiaan Byliefeldt -
  4. Dear Staff Team Today 06.12 on my time 12:40 (00:40) UTC+01:00 I have won a Duo game on AS servers and Your game did not accepted (received) my victory, and I didn't get my 700 BP (7 * * exactly). What should I do to get my money back,I can prove it I took a picture at the end of the game and put it as a 'Story' on Instagram, I can add it as attachement If necessary. Please help me, Regards. -D.B.007
  5. I lost many clothes after this update. there are few left and I do not know where others gone?
  6. Bug Description: If you stand on the edge on top of a container (Novorepnoye in this case) and drop a Kar98 down to save time so a teammate can take it it can go all the way to the floor, inside the container it can become unobtainable while slightly visible. Date Seen: 25th of June 2017. Server: Main server Squad matchmaking. Troubleshooting Attempted: Attempted to loot with both F and Equipment menu from all angles at ground level and from on top of the container--which is where it was dropped from. F option never showed up. Other Information: My friend and I both tried looting it so it is unlikely to be a client-side glitch.
  7. Hello guys! We played a week ago a game, which got recorded by my friend, it took him while to upload it... We had the issue, that we were 4 guys in a squad, we killed the 6th man and the last zone was already there, once we realized there is only one left, we were lookin for him, he was not there... Then the last zone is going to be non existent and we all died. Lost to a game bug? Video for prove (Its german speakin): I hope this isnt posted anywhere already... Thank you!
  8. [I warn in advance I am French and I am not yet very good in English so I translated this text with google translation] Hi everybody I open this topic because I have a problem in the game By re-starting the game the rewards had gone up to 700 pieces while I was at the # 4 case and I had 2,500 but clicking on nothing happens so I start a game and then at the end of that game I found myself at 1300 pieces and has the 11th case which costs 7000 So I passed a cape of 7 in one shot when I received only one Has anyone ever had this problem or not? And or can we contact the developer please
  9. Finally had a good start to game, then the force field timer stops ticking (stops at 40s), I was in a house with closed doors at that time, I was unable to interact with anything, couldn't open doors, pick up items or change weapons. After a few minutes it booted me to the main menu with the following error message: Lost connection to host. (2.1.32 - 85DA8D). This is the first time this has happened in my 21 hours of playing.
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