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Found 12 results

  1. Add different ways to weapons and gadgets to spawn. Like this:
  2. I love the game, as you can see from the amount I've played. I wrote down some of the issues I think would be most beneficial to fix quickly. PRIORITY #1 Looting with the "Interact" button is fundamentally broken If you aim at an item and hit the Interact-key, you will attempt to pick it up. If you only do it once and then wait, you will pick the item up no matter how much you lag. But if you keep hitting the key, the pickup "event" is restarted and the previous one is aborted. The more you lag the more likely this is to happen. It means that if you keep hitting the key fast enough, you will never pick the item up. I have seen beginner players get extremely frustrated because of this and obviously it has caused me issues as well. Hold to ADS isn't truly "hold" If you are holding the ADS button and the ADS is disabled for some reason, for example you fall for a very short distance, it won't be re-enabled unless you let go of the key and press it down again. Or if you're reloading and you want to ADS as soon as the reload is done, you can't press down the key WHILE you're reloading, because it won't work. You have to wait until the reload is done and ADS is "possible". Then you can press the key and it works. Right now it's more like "press down to enable and let go to disable". For reference, "walk" is like I would prefer HOLD TO ADS to behave. As long as you're holding the key, you will always walk unless you let go, it won't be disabled by anything. Sure, it can be turned off if you fall or whatever, as it should. But when possible, the character should re-enable ADS if the key is still held. This same issue exists for hold to lean as well. You can't lean while reloading either, and you can only press lean after reload is finished, otherwise the key press is ignored.
  3. I encountered an issue the other day where when i was looting, the selection option just wouldn't move from the top of the item list and it also would just flicker from the 1st and 2nd item. It would not resolve unless i quit the game and rejoined.
  4. Happend to me and my friend in a duo just now and happend earlier to me during solos. Only started happening after the 125ish mb update. Basically whenever me or my friend try to loot players bodies the game gets unplayably laggy and got me killed one game. Im assuming its due to the high number of items the game has to display since looting stuff on the ground is fine for some reason.
  5. Since last night's small update (something around 124mb) me and my friends have been getting a big stutter when we go loot a dead player. Every item we move in the inventory causese a big stutter in the game. Sometimes when equipping mods in a gun we algo get a stutter. It's extremely annoying especially in situations where you have to loot fast.
  6. I vaulted a wall at Saverny. I then opened a door, entered a house, and saw an UMP on the ground. I tried to pick it up (both via F and through the inventory) but couldn't. I called my friend over to see if he could. He kept saying weird things. Apparently I was on the wall: The thing that eventually "solved" the problem was me vaulting again. Here's a video of it happening and then the result.
  7. So, here's what this post is about: https://streamable.com/porrq I go to loot the mag, start dragging it over, and my partner loots another item that was on the ground. This causes the nearby loot to shift, making me loot the item that is now in the spot that the mag was in. While perhaps not a bug, as it is likely more accurate defined as an unintended effect with how loot is likely based on tables, it is a constant problem in duos/squads when sharing loot with teammates.
  8. Basically, I killed a guy at a house near the prison, at the top of the stairs on the doorway to the balcony. And when I looted him I couldn't see his crate, i had to search for a while and stand in a very specific spot to loot him. What I didnt include in the video was when I picked up an item from his body it went out of range until it was fully picked up, which shows how specifically i had to stand to loot this guy. Its obviously, not a massive bug that happens often but it's the little things ;p (sorry for background noise in vid, I turn it off eventually) Heres the link to the vid, thanks. http://plays.tv/video/59c01095401d7410b9/pubg-looting-bug-
  9. This is widely known behavior, but I don't see it officially filed yet. Bug Description: When looting items from the ground using the inventory screen and dragging and dropping the items to your bag very rapidly, your character does not show loot animation thus increasing the speed at which you can loot items. Expected Behavior When looting items your character should stoop over and pick up each item individually. Date Seen:This is easily reproducible and is seen in every game Server: I have not tested on custom servers, but this is happening on live. Troubleshooting Attempted: Its actually unclear if this is a feature or a bug, but it seems oddly specific and mechanically demanding for something so prevalent in the game. Not to mention its not very intuitive.
  10. I having problem with "latency", at least it's looks like latency problems. I live in Europe, so there is no better server then the EU one for me. For example, when I eject myself from the plane and fall on the ground and I wanna open a door from any building there is being often delay before opening the door and the same thing is with looting. There is a quite delay before my character really picked up loot I want and many times I need to repeat looting through TAB menu or "F" key. But interesting is that all of this mostly happening only on the start of match and then it's not so common. Does anybody else having these same similarly looking issues here ?
  11. I get around 45 => 60 FPS (rain or lots of things going on => out in the open or looking down range), and the gameplay is pretty smooth for everything except picking up loot. Is there anything in my specs that's hurting me or is it just that the game hasn't been fully optimized? Pressing F or using TAB lags at least 1/2 second. i'm not whining, 50% of my time in pubg is spent looting and the constant stuttering/lag when picking stuff up is killing it for me. Note: I've tried with/without reshade and it makes no difference, picking up loot is painfully slow either way. Specs: Game installed on dedicated Samsung Evo SSD i7-4710HQ GTX 970m 16gb RAM Running Reshade (see note above) - AdaptiveSharpen - Clarity - HDR Game Settings: NA Server 1920*1080 Fullscreen
  12. So today I ran into this bizzare bug where rain quite litterly froze in the mid air when picking up items. Few minutes after playing around I narrowed it down to my inventory which caused the rain to freeze. Observe: https://clips.twitch.tv/BombasticAwkwardVulturePRChase Rain would freeze only at close proximity of me, however some of it would continue to fall. It should be noted I do use reshade with following two features: "Adaptive sharpen" and "Clarity". Reshade could be cause of the problem. This however is first time happening to me.
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