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Found 5 results

  1. In zombie mode when you are on the zombie team while in loading you can lave in rejoin, in my case it was via internet failure, and on rejoin you will be wearing clothes and be able to pick up guns and use cars as well as all of the other things zombies are restriced from doing. This glitch is recreateable at will and ruins the gameplay for the humans if they also have someone chasing them with guns that can work together with the zombies. This glitch, at least in the terms of this post, was discovered durring a livestream with a livestream team of GassyMexican, Diction, ArtemisPlays, and ActalBunniFooFoo so more evidence can be colected through them.
  2. Hello My name is Klezy today I was playing with my friend when i noticed that some buildings wherent loading (as you can see in the picture) its gamebreaking. Can you please fix it? Thx
  3. Hello I was playing in a squad and we got wiped so i left the game quite quickly, when i went to load into the main menu the 3 options in the top right the settings button, the quit button and the refresh UI loads, The only other part to load is the button on the top left but the outline of it loads, the rest does not, Also the background of the church loads in. The game is unplayable and im not to sure what to do as i am unable to join a new game, I have restarted my pc, loaded the game from different places and reinstalled the game which has not helped with this issue. Any ideas on what to do or if there is a fix would be much appreciated.
  4. Whenever I play pubg I have several issues which I'm not sure about. 1. Whenever I first start up the game after turning on my computer, the loading screen when joining a match either loads me in once im in the plane halfway across the island or just gets stuck in an infinite loading screen, 2. Once I do load in, I get 60+ fps and no stutters/freezes but the buildings are blocky (blob like) and the textures are extremely low res. Once the buildings do load in the game instantly freezes, PERMANENTLY. until I restart the game and reconnect to the match. 3. After restarting the game and joining my match that has already started. The loading screen is almost instant and the buildings load in perfectly but alas I still get random crashes throughout the game that just takes my computer to the desktop, no crash reporter or anything. Does anybody have a problem like this? Specifically the game freezing when the buildings load in completely? FX-8320 GTX 950 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz 7200RPM HDD Windows 10
  5. So today me and a buddy were playing some duos and this occured. This happened when i had the untextured buildings and loaded textures I went into shelter and jumped this caused my character to fall though the game and land in water under map. Using the water i was able to see everything from below, "this would give the ability to give clairvoyant call outs in any game." Even though swimming speed was slow it was capable of keeping me in the zone enough to get top 2 by the end of the game. I also couldn't find a way back up into the game from here which made it impossible to get back into playing. Potato Aim Expert Zerothehiden
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