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Found 6 results

  1. This list is currently being updated on the PUBGXboxOne subreddit. Thanks for making this game available to us! 1) Game crashes almost every other match, but you can reconnect after reloading the game. 1a) The points you earn at the end of the game DON'T get added to your total after a reconnect. 1b) If you reconnect to a game, your stats don’t get added to career. 2) ADS occasionally doesn't work, glitching out for the remainder of the game. 3) Items and decor take a while to load in, but items will load in first. 4) When landing and textures aren't fully loaded in yet, and you run into a closed Container, Cage, etc... Where you usually cant get in, you are stuck and cant get Out. ( /u/ConzT ) 5) Experienced a bug where I couldn't scroll down the loot list when looting someone's inventory. I could scroll down my inventory just fine but when I tried to scroll down on someone else the cursor would teleport back to the top after reaching the second slot. ( /u/HeyYouItsMyFirstTime )
  2. Friends aren't showing up as online in the game UI, even though they are online and in-game according to steam. Can't invite friends and can't be invited by them. Have had it where i can see one friend then they join my lobby and can't see other people anymore. issue persists after UI restarts and after full game restarts. Can't invite friends from steam as per usual but that would be a nice feature to have if this issue is going to be around for a while. or allowing people to send invites to offline friends.
  3. Bug : -Unable dropping attachments to floor when bagpack is full. -Falling drop sound effects when go to the airplane. -Game modes is saved when on team but not when on playing solo, its annoying. -When you falling down skydiving, the compass and everything is messed up (FPP, never play TPP) I would like to see all of this bug listed fix ASAP on the next soon patch (maybe) I would update the list too.
  4. Hello, I have idea to help developers finding on which PUBG ISSUE/BUG they should focus in 1st place because it is the most annoying for us - Players. I have made two seperate poll's for BIG and SMALL BUG because we are aware that repairing netcode isn't easy Task and require game engine tweaks but constantly changing server to AS should be easy to repair and it is really annoying. Please write your bug suggestion in this way: BIG: 1. Bad netcode/Desync 2. Bad game optimization ( Low FPS ) 3. A lot of textures flickering especially on very low AA SMALL: 1. Constantly changing Server to AS when playing SOLO matches 2. Mostly the 3-seat motorbike/others vehicles physics seems to be broken ( easy death ) 3. Vest / Helmet seems to now work when you are hit in certain part of Body you receive full damage. 4. Reviving teammates is sometimes very hard - "Press F to reveive isn't appearing" Then I'll ADD the BUG to the POLL so everybody could vote for it. I hope you will like this idea and if idea will be accepted by Forum members moderators could change this topic to BUG REPORT section itself. Thank you.
  5. Witam, W grze w lobby nie widzę wszystkich moich znajomych a chciałbym z nimi pograć. Ktoś wie jak to rozwiązać ? Albo napiszcie jeżeli też macie taki problem...
  6. ShatterNL

    Small buglist

    After playing PUBG for 150 hours and making the ShatterNL's PUBG Map you can see I really like this game alot. Coming from DayZ/H1Z1 this game feels like a perfect mix between those two, but there's still lots of work to be done and that's why it's in Early Access of course! Here's a small list of bugs that I encounter sometimes that I feel are unknown (aren't mentioned in the stickied known buglist) that could help the developers. Buglist: Airdrop RubberLanding: Air drops rubber band up and down in the air lots of times, especially if dropping in the ocean: Ocean Airdrop Rubber Banding Exiting Vehicle Wall: When stepping out of a vehicle that's parked too close next to a wall, you end up endlessly falling between the vehicle and wall. Leaning Inability: Bug (unsure when or how it happens) where a player can't Lean (Q/E) in First Person mode while Aiming Down Sight/Scope, there's no fixing this bug by dropping weapon or anything. You won't be able to lean the entire round. Circle Position UI: The last 2-3 circles show the "Player Position to Circle UI" of the player incorrectly as "out of circle", while actually in the circle. Free Looking Movement: When using Alt to Free Look, releasing the button will make your character move as if the mouse is being rotated from the Free Look location, this makes it that your character's gun/model can stick through walls Free Looking Landing: While parachuting and Free Looking around, the camera makes a 180 while landing when you release Alt. Free Looking Gun: When releasing Free Look button before you ADS the camera sometimes aims up to the sky, or down at the floor?
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