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Found 10 results

  1. I love the game, as you can see from the amount I've played. I wrote down some of the issues I think would be most beneficial to fix quickly. PRIORITY #1 Looting with the "Interact" button is fundamentally broken If you aim at an item and hit the Interact-key, you will attempt to pick it up. If you only do it once and then wait, you will pick the item up no matter how much you lag. But if you keep hitting the key, the pickup "event" is restarted and the previous one is aborted. The more you lag the more likely this is to happen. It means that if you keep hitting the key fast enough, you will never pick the item up. I have seen beginner players get extremely frustrated because of this and obviously it has caused me issues as well. Hold to ADS isn't truly "hold" If you are holding the ADS button and the ADS is disabled for some reason, for example you fall for a very short distance, it won't be re-enabled unless you let go of the key and press it down again. Or if you're reloading and you want to ADS as soon as the reload is done, you can't press down the key WHILE you're reloading, because it won't work. You have to wait until the reload is done and ADS is "possible". Then you can press the key and it works. Right now it's more like "press down to enable and let go to disable". For reference, "walk" is like I would prefer HOLD TO ADS to behave. As long as you're holding the key, you will always walk unless you let go, it won't be disabled by anything. Sure, it can be turned off if you fall or whatever, as it should. But when possible, the character should re-enable ADS if the key is still held. This same issue exists for hold to lean as well. You can't lean while reloading either, and you can only press lean after reload is finished, otherwise the key press is ignored.
  2. Yo there! I got the problem. When i want to lean right with Q, while im in ADS i see my arm and can´t really good aim. It´s starting to be really anoying, because i´m forgoting it and lot of time i lean right and die, because i don´t see my enemy. Could you help me, please? I´ll appreciate that. Thank you.
  3. Bug Description: When I'm ADSing and leaning at the same time, and I'm hit, it causes my view to bug out and suddenly glitch between different angels. Example: Date Seen: This week, the two clips I recorded were on 11th and 14th of October Server: Regular server. Troubleshooting Attempted: N.A. Other Information: N.A. Launch Options: N.A. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Ram: 8GB
  4. There is a serious issue in the game after last update. It is possible to lean now in FPP, not showing any parts of your body and shoot at others. i see this happening every game played after the patch. considering the entire player model and gun is behind cover shooting like they are standing in the open, is hopefully not the intention. if it is intentional could you please let us know that and if its not when is a hotfix for this coming because it is a gamebreaking issue that makes the entire game pointless atm.
  5. When standing or crouching behind some large rocks and the player is leaning with q or e in first person, the player shoots at the enemy the bullet hits the rock instead, even though the sights of the gun clearly are not aimed at the rock
  6. If you get hit while leaning your camera will freak out for a split second. Like this: https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyShyTubersDAESuppy
  7. Bug Description: Certain Keys in UI; Settings -> Control -, can be rebound without issue but game won't save the change. On game restart certain keys revert back to default binding or a previous setup. The 'actions' or keys in question are the following; - Peek Left (rebound from Q -> C) - Peek Right (Rebound from E -> V) - Auto-run (Get unbound on game start, but bound to " | ") It's very possibly that more keys won't be saved, but these are the keys I've rebound and won't save. Here's a short 1:20 sec video showcasing this issue, Webm without audio uploaded through https://mixtape.moe/ https://my.mixtape.moe/tiiyvz.webm Beware, if your browser loops webms by default the video might run continuously. Date Seen: Experiencing the bug everyday on every start-up or restart of game. Server: On the main server, haven't been on or tried the test server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried verifying integrity of cache, re-installed PUBG, manually edited "GameUserSettings.ini". Checked and tried "Read-only" flag on both manually editing it and after editing it in-game. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 CPU: i7 2700k OC 4,0 ghz Ram: Kingston 16gb 1366 mhz
  8. So I was playing in a duos game and whilst in a firefight near the end of the game I was leaning to the right. While I was leaning the infamous "Network Lag Detected" that has been appearing far too often recently popped up. After it went away I couldn't stop leaning no matter what I tried. This also stuck me in the constant slow movement which ended up killing me in the playzone because I couldn't move faster than a slow walk. So aggravating to get to the top 10 and die because of this...
  9. QualityMeme

    Leaning Bug

    Hey there, So I was enjoying a game of PUBG yesterday when I decided to alter some settings while hiding out in a building. At the time I was leaning around a door frame, watching some stairs (specifically holding the E key.) When I came out of the pause menus I was stuck leaning to the right. The camera would shift when I pressed Q, but the character wouldn't actually move. So I tried the same process again, but this time pressing the Q key before pausing. Lo and behold, I got the same result, just leaning to the left this time. This was bad because it was preventing me from being able to run. I tried a few things to fix this: Un-equipping my current weapon Entering a prone state Switching to my secondary and sidearm Holstering my weapons Picking up items from the ground Eventually the problem was fixed, I'm not entirely sure how I fixed it, but at the time, I was simply pressing E and Q repeatedly until my character finally centered themselves. I hope this helps, and provides useful information. Great game, by the way Thanks, QualityMeme
  10. ShatterNL

    Small buglist

    After playing PUBG for 150 hours and making the ShatterNL's PUBG Map you can see I really like this game alot. Coming from DayZ/H1Z1 this game feels like a perfect mix between those two, but there's still lots of work to be done and that's why it's in Early Access of course! Here's a small list of bugs that I encounter sometimes that I feel are unknown (aren't mentioned in the stickied known buglist) that could help the developers. Buglist: Airdrop RubberLanding: Air drops rubber band up and down in the air lots of times, especially if dropping in the ocean: Ocean Airdrop Rubber Banding Exiting Vehicle Wall: When stepping out of a vehicle that's parked too close next to a wall, you end up endlessly falling between the vehicle and wall. Leaning Inability: Bug (unsure when or how it happens) where a player can't Lean (Q/E) in First Person mode while Aiming Down Sight/Scope, there's no fixing this bug by dropping weapon or anything. You won't be able to lean the entire round. Circle Position UI: The last 2-3 circles show the "Player Position to Circle UI" of the player incorrectly as "out of circle", while actually in the circle. Free Looking Movement: When using Alt to Free Look, releasing the button will make your character move as if the mouse is being rotated from the Free Look location, this makes it that your character's gun/model can stick through walls Free Looking Landing: While parachuting and Free Looking around, the camera makes a 180 while landing when you release Alt. Free Looking Gun: When releasing Free Look button before you ADS the camera sometimes aims up to the sky, or down at the floor?
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