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Found 14 results

  1. I keep losing stats on my Leaderboard. I got down to .2% and had over 20 top tens and they disappeared down to 2 top tens and I lost back down to 1200 points and 49%. That happened the second day after launch. Then it happened again just now. I had over 10 top tens and it reset to 2 and I lost back down to 1200 points. Once is an anomaly. Twice is a problem.
  2. Date Seen: 28/12/2017 Description: I recently played a game which I won and it didn't get updated to my career and ranking ? Screenshot
  3. It seems, at least for me, that after some games the leaderboard and stats section will not update your kills. Also, after some games, I will not receive my BP or in-game credits or whatever you want to call them. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.
  4. I currently have no items for this game, thus I`m unable to view my inventory. and when I pay for the reward with 700 coins,System show words" Fail to recive reward",and I also can not change my character with coins,of course I·m always 'naked'。 with the update these days,my coin shows N/A,my coins are gone?!10000+coins!and can not get the coins in the games now!!!
  5. Hey, I have started to play solo games yesterday and won 3 ttp games. I checked the stats today and it says 2. why?
  6. Played 6 games of duos with my friend after the reset. He had only played the 6 with me also. His win rate is higher? his kill rate is lower and his overall is higher also? Date Seen:(When did the bug most recently happen and when did it start) 3/08/17 Server: (Live server or test server) Live Error Message:(Did an error message appear when your game crashed? Please write it here, or post a cropped screenshot of the error) Other Information:(Any relevant information that you think would be useful to help us track down the cause of the bug) Played 6 games of duos with my friend after the reset. He had only played the 6 with me also. His win rate is higher? his kill rate is lower and his overall is higher also? Troubleshooting Attempted:(Any troubleshooting attempted. Did you complete all the steps above and if not, which steps didn't you complete?) Can confirm that we have only played together and not with others via checking his and my stats Launch Options:(Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game and if so, which ones? Please remove them and see if this issue persists) =system -sm4 -maxmem=13000 -refresh 144 -force-feature-level-11-0 System Specifications:Operating System:Graphics Card:CPU:Ram: windows 7/ 980 Ti / i7-6700k 4ghz 16gb ram
  7. I just won my first solo match and to my surprise, it isn't showing on my stats board. Can you guys fix this? It's not like this is an easy task to accomplish for it to be brushed off as just "another issue". I've invested a lot of time on this game and this is seriously extremely disappointing. Below is a screen shot I took as proof. Thanks.
  8. Bug Description: The EU leaderboards seems to be bugged. They havent updated for me in the last 30+ hours. Not ingame or on any stat site. But i see atleast NA leaderboards seem to be working fine. None of my 7+ games are tracked and neither are other peoples games. Date Seen: June 6th 2017. Server: EU (Squad) and maybe others. Edit: just now one of my matches today got tracked. But still missing all matches from yesterday.
  9. recently i started getting bored by playing matches consecutively so i started watching more the leaderboard, with the arrive of a friend who has just started playing I now mostly play Duo and we climbed up to 1800 rating but... I'm kind of stuck, since yesterday my Duo Stats do not update while Solo and Squad do. I'm confused initially i thought was a bug but i also thought was a filter since on like 100 duoq matches we hit 30% of the times the top10 but never got a chicken dinner, I noticed my rank is right 1800 (not 1pt more, not 1pt less), my win rating is 1500 (exactly 1500) and kill rate 1499. Can it be a filter that doesn't allow me to get over till i take to home a chicken dinner? I can't find an answer since even in games where we die right after the landing phase (so when we should lose elo) we don't lose anything, it does not get updated and this only for me and him. He has an elo of 1770 Duo
  10. I've played 3 games and won 2. Leaderboard only shows that I have won 1 solo game. Does it take some time to update?
  11. Xards

    Leaderboard Bug?

    Hi all , I was wondering about how its calculated the leaderboar. I think is a little bug. Lets see the first 2 on the leaderboard on the SA server The 1st have less wins, less % wins, less top 10. But he have a higher wining rate. Why is this? What other values are taking on consideration to calculate the ratio? Also if u browse their personal statistics the 2nd one have less time played so... the ratio should be even higher. Also is u see the 7nd place is hold by a guy that only have 1 win ... and his %win is 1%.
  12. For some reason an error occurs when I try to view any leaderboards and if I go to statistics my games that I have played do not get recorded. This happened after the recent update. By the way, my internet is fine as I do not lag when I actually play the game. Please Respond! Thanks!
  13. Hi, I won a solo last night, but it hasn't updated on the leaderboard after 12 hours. Possibly bugged. Thanks.
  14. I have 2 wins in solo, but the game count 1 as solo win and 1 as squad I have got more rewards at the end of the game, like a squad win, but it was 100% soloQ. Here is the two screenshot of my wins. The bugged one (solo as squad win) It's okay, it was my first solo win. My username is same in the game if u want to check it. (boscolovesyou). Here is the wrong leaderboard stat. Never played squad :)
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