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Found 5 results

  1. I only experience lag when getting hit and it is making it impossible for me to react properly. I have videos but cant attach
  2. So fps were like 30-35 and ping was alright and that happened (it's a replay from PUBG): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FC4sYoQROceGy8X5mV4jRawvq1x7A0my Please help me, i can't play with fullscreen.
  3. Date Seen:This has been happening ever since I've owned the game (April) Server: Live Error Message: No error messages Other Information: Sometimes I parachute into the game and none of the buildings have rendered, just the loot, vehicles and other players. Sometimes some of the buildings render, sometimes part of them render with really low graphics, most of the time they all render just fine. I'm not sure if the two issues are related but I notice this happens often when playing games back to back. I have no issues at all running other games on full settings yet this game runs like absolute shit on low settings. I can literally lock the game up by spamming the TAB key over and over, eventually it unfreezes after a few seconds of waiting but you can imagine how big of an impact this has when playing against other people. Sometimes the game will skip or stutter when I get in a firefight as well but it doesn't happen every time. Troubleshooting Attempted: I completed all of the troubleshooting steps suggested in the pinned thread as well as many others I found on steam forums, YouTube etc. with no luck. Launch Options: I have tried several launch option "fixes" with no luck so I've since then removed them. System Specifications: See Screenshots
  4. i7-6700k GTX 1070 FTW 16 gb ram I just bought the game i was really excited to play it but i seem to be getting alot of FPS lag even when i turn down my settings could someone please help thanks
  5. Hey! I'm gonna list some glitches / Common errors I've encountered my self while playing through BETA & EA Release, if you have any other glitches or perhaps known fixes for the following, please feel free to feed-back. Bugs Game freezing for 0.50 seconds when pressing tab - FIX: Lower Foliage graphics? *Not confirmed* Houses / Buildings / Enter-able environmental features not loading in when landed from spawn, said objects left looking like un-textured melting candles. When player is caught between objects / Rocks / Walls / Bins / Ledges - A constant animation of falling is shown rendering the player completely immobile & vulnerable. Dacia vehicle sometimes spawn with bottom half of wheels in the ground - Rendering it immobile / Unusable ** BIGGEST ISSUE** VERY COMMON De-sync style lag / Rubber banding mainly when entering doorways / Entrances. Invisible wall when running / strafing - Randomly stops player from being able to move in intended direction When a player is under water they are completely invincible / Water acts as a bullet proof shield. Feel free to add any other bugs you know of! Cheers!
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