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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. It seems, at least for me, that after some games the leaderboard and stats section will not update your kills. Also, after some games, I will not receive my BP or in-game credits or whatever you want to call them. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.
  2. Today I realized that, after my game crashed 1 minute after I killed an enemy, this kill did not get shown at the upper right corner after I reconnected.
  3. Salut à tous ! une petite partie avec beaucoup de gunfight ! un régal !
  4. A friend and I were testing something out on a new server we've never played on before. We wanted to see if it counted as "damage dealt" when shooting a downed person. Upon reviewing the stats, we noticed an issue with the kills/assist system. In-game, if I down a guy and my teammate kills him, I get "credit" for the kill. However, in the stats, he gets credit for the kill. Is this as intended? I feel that the language used in-game vs in stats being the same is misleading. Additionally, it did not register as a "DBNO" or an "assist" either. According to my stats, it appears I only downed and killed 3 people, when in fact there were 4.
  5. Servus Leute:) Schaut euch mein neues Video an Viele Kills und ein Happy End
  6. Hello, In my last game I noticed weird things happening in the game which are: 1- Unreasonable FPS drops. 2- Unkillable player with weird movement. 3- Ridiculous lag when I tried using the car it kicks me out. 'caused getting killed.* All those included in the following video: Happy gaming, (*): seen the release plan which includes server bug fixes.
  7. Warning: Before you read, know that I am really really salty. So I was in the last 7 people, and essentially lag killed me. I was able to Nvidia shadowplay the whole thing, tho because of some issue it ended up in 4:3. Ehh whatever I guess. https://youtu.be/FIni0wom4NE (Due to the file being corrupted - related to it being in 4:3 - I was unable to edit it so... the part you can see is towards the end) The footage was able to capture only one of the bugs, which I'm 90% sure is server side. You can just hear my infuriated "oh NOOO!" What happened next though was so BS... My duos teammate was already down, but the spectate option was still there when I was killed. (You'll know exactly how I died too, if you watched the video) Probably involving the server side lag, the spectate button remained, and somehow I accidentally clicked it. I then started to spectate myself, and for some reason I seemed to have been resurrected, but I couldn't move. After 1 minute, my body disappeared, and I continued 'spectating.' I had nothing left but to quit to the main menu, and all the rewards I would have gotten from making it to the top 6 people (which I was still happy with, DESPITE the server side lag) I DID NOT RECEIVE! It took me a while to stop being salty at the game, and I'm not going to play for a while so my frustration can cool off a bit... Ask me anything, I'll be glad to answer.
  8. This needs to stop. It happened to me twice and I have obtained 2 kills with this glitch/bug before the game crashed. I can see all items and players within a building, not to mention I have the ability to shoot and kill them regardless. I THINK this happens when i tried to change my textures, effects, post processing, ect. ingame.
  9. Hey guys, game is fun so far. I've notice my personal stats are not always being updated. There have been at least 2 rounds, maybe more, where my kills and play time have not been recorded. Since noticing the issue, I've checked my stats after each game and after at least 2 rounds my play time, rounds played, and kills have stayed the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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