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Found 16 results

  1. А с каких пор можно задавить того кто находится в транспортном средстве? Очень много раз делал подобный приём, да и часов более 1000, но вот что-то такое вижу в первый раз. Собственно вопрос, что-то меняли в механике столкновений или что?
  2. Please fix this or remove the sidecar from game until fixed, it is still happening today with latest patch version https://clips.twitch.tv/AggressiveSourGoatFailFish
  3. I was in the bathroom trying to kill that guy in a jeep: And this guy dropped me: In relation to him, I think I was here: I got the sound that he is shooting that white fence next to the house, but last 2-3 hits somehow killed me. I never saw something like this in my 200h+ gameplay in this game. Maybe I was outside that house for him but I still cant see what the hell he is shooting. I cant see my self on his screen. God knows what happened there.
  4. It seems, at least for me, that after some games the leaderboard and stats section will not update your kills. Also, after some games, I will not receive my BP or in-game credits or whatever you want to call them. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.
  6. Had a game I played yesterday with a squad, we were trying to fight a team that was upstairs in our building and upon going to the door to throw a grenade i threw it and got downed. The grenade flew into the room and exploded but as i got downed a 2nd grenade spawned where my hand would've been and fell to the ground, killing me and a teammate who was trying to get me up. Here is a link to the clip i uploaded (thanks nvidia highlights):
  7. So I was playing a normal pubg match , hunting players you know the usual stuff and when I killed a player it showed different text to the normal , like it should show 1 kill but instead it showed 0 (see image) now after that when I looked at how many players I killed , it displayed the right amount but the text when I killed a player was wrong.
  8. Hi, I've just been killed by the Red Zone while I was into a building at Pochinki. I was at the 2nd floor close to a window (around 1 meter). I join a screenshot of my death. I thought that bug was over but I was wrong. Keep going, you are making a great game. Hope this report will help you.
  9. I was playing a game earlier this week where I was duoing with a friend, and we were in two pretty distant locations (still could see each other on the minimap, but we were by no means close). Right as I revealed myself behind cover I got instantly headshot, and my duo partner did too. From the same guy. But we were very far apart. My conclusion is that A) he's hacking, or B) there's a bug where if one person goes down then you both die instantly. Either way it would be much appreciated if it got addressed. Here's a link to the video I posted on my channel about it:
  10. I tried to pick up my motorcycle and it was next to a tree, istead picking it up, it killed me.
  11. The Bug Starts at 2:30. I get out of a car and the collision checks aren't quite right so it ends up putting me in a space I don't actually fit in. I can't get back in the car mind you. It registers as fall dmg I think and I get downed then when moving the vehicle it kills me. Feels Bugged man. The fix would just be to up the space required to get out on any side of the vehicle. It should have popped me out on the passenger side since there wasn't enough room on the drivers side.
  12. hi, i have some weaks already a problem, when i take a car on beginning of game and want drive over other player (i hit player with car) the other player dont get dmg or dead nothing. its happens many times. but same start and other player get car and hit me littel bit i am instand dead^^ i make every time livestream when i play so i give you link where you can see the problem https://youtu.be/lGpU7lY9naE time 15:15 maybe my char is broken?
  13. Hello here, my name is Jeff lel. So, i just finished a party and i was killed by a wierd bug. I was hiden behind a wall ( Those of the nuclear power plant with the high fences ) and then a car just crashed againts the wall at the other side near my position and i was road killed. There is my feedback for this game, so the collision box have to be reworked i think. Kiss.
  14. Warning: Before you read, know that I am really really salty. So I was in the last 7 people, and essentially lag killed me. I was able to Nvidia shadowplay the whole thing, tho because of some issue it ended up in 4:3. Ehh whatever I guess. https://youtu.be/FIni0wom4NE (Due to the file being corrupted - related to it being in 4:3 - I was unable to edit it so... the part you can see is towards the end) The footage was able to capture only one of the bugs, which I'm 90% sure is server side. You can just hear my infuriated "oh NOOO!" What happened next though was so BS... My duos teammate was already down, but the spectate option was still there when I was killed. (You'll know exactly how I died too, if you watched the video) Probably involving the server side lag, the spectate button remained, and somehow I accidentally clicked it. I then started to spectate myself, and for some reason I seemed to have been resurrected, but I couldn't move. After 1 minute, my body disappeared, and I continued 'spectating.' I had nothing left but to quit to the main menu, and all the rewards I would have gotten from making it to the top 6 people (which I was still happy with, DESPITE the server side lag) I DID NOT RECEIVE! It took me a while to stop being salty at the game, and I'm not going to play for a while so my frustration can cool off a bit... Ask me anything, I'll be glad to answer.
  15. We knocked out some guy at the beach right next to the water and we were not able to kill him. The water was like a wall where we couldnt shoot through...
  16. Hi there. This is my first bug report and I'm not really sure whether it was indeed a bug or a mistake on my end, however I was in a gun fight with another player and I hid behind a vehicle I'd previously just driven. I was standing behind the rear wheels of a 4x4 Jeep with the intention of hiding from the player, however not only did they see me, they shot me through the vehicle without even looking in my direction for very long. I'm absolutely certain I was in the correct position to block all line of sight to my character, though perhaps not. When I died, my Jeep also disappeared immediately as well. It feels like there might have been a delay in response time for where I'd placed my vehicle and for where the vehicle appeared on the other player's screen but they never even bat an eye when they looked in my direction, just fired away.
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