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Found 26 results

  1. Hi Devs I don't know if this bug was previously reported by some one else. The bug appears when you are in te start screen of the game and i think it also happens in the loading of a mach And i don't know if some else can replicate it, but basically is that, with your keyboard, if you hold the TAB key the UI flickers or moves to the left and then after a few mili-seconds y returns to normal. If you hold it without release, the bug will repeat until you unpress the TAB key on the keyboard. if you do this and then quickly unpress the TAB key at the same time it moves to the left, i will stay like that. To return it to normal you just need to press TAB again. I don't think its crucial but hope this report help others and the devs. PS: Sorry for the bad English if you need some help don't hesitate to reply or send me a message and i will try to respond ASAP.
  2. ever since i installed the test servers to try out all the new goodies on the desert map, my mouse seems to shut off with the usb plug off sound i have a g203 logitech, and it seems like it has to do with the network lag and such...just recently before i came here to write about this, my keyboard and mouse went insane the lights flickered on and off and i couldnt do nothing stuck in the corner at mylta power big auto running into wall, even pluggin in and out didnt work so i had to alt f4 then rejoin..that was the first time it happened like that..it actually seems like its getting worse now it used to be just the mouse turning off and turning back on after like 10-20 seconds (ruining gameplay completely especially during fights)...now its like every time i feel a frame drop or lag in another game (which this issue never happens for anything else) i get all paranoid my gear is going to shut and break.....please fix this..ive been on this game and been waiting for the full optimizations 3 days since game came out..ive also checked the internet for solutions and im not the only person whose looking for one..its literally on the bluehole pubg end..not our mouse and keyboards..PLEASE FIX
  3. Previously arrow keys worked fine. since new patch, arrow keys do not work after jumping out of plane until you land. Primary, secondary keys... either set do not work once you jump out, have to switch to left side of keyboard for WASD keys. Please fix this.
  4. I did have a problem with item interface in two main subjects. When I'd open it in game, its shown in with joystick interface, I have to press tap bottom again to activate normal item interface. when I'd try to move item by drag and drop in fast pace, my cursor are move in wrong direction as my mouse move. (Its may overlap key with joystick)
  5. Link to the video showing the error: When I move in the game, the game jams. Only with the keyboard and when I play on the pad, everything works well I5-2380 3.1 ghz GTX 1060 6GB ASUS RAM: 16gb hyperX Drive: 256 GB SSD Drive: 3tb HDD and 700gb hdd Windows 7 professional
  6. Hello, I have a issue : when i am using the parachute I have to use the W key to go in front but my keyboard is an azerty one so could you fix the issue for the test version of the playerunknown's battleground game?
  7. Hi. As the name would suggest some of my rebinds won't work. Now, I play with my left hand on my mouse, and right hand on the keyboard, this makes me have to use pløæ (Yes I'm from Scandinavia) instead og wasd, which is the normal. For some reason, even when i have set my driving keys to pløæ, i have to use wasd to move my character in the air, but as soon as i am on the ground, and use a vehicle, it uses pløæ. This is very weird, and i was wondering if there was a fix? Thank you for your attention, Askinatr2
  8. TL:DR There is no function to disable a controller and now it's basically taking over and ruining my game. Problem: Controller plugged in, taking over UI. Reproduction: Open game with controller plugged in. Solution: Ingame function to disable controller??? I have my XBOX controller plugged in while playing. I never used it to play Playerunknowns Battlegrounds. It's always been a problem though. First problems started with not being able to disable vibrationmechanics. Then in the later few patches, the UI from the controller scheme is starting to take over my game. I can't see the menu anymore, it simply says Press A to return to game, and Press B to exit to menu. And for some reason it also works with keyboard presses. I cannot spectate my fellow teammates anymore, because the only option there is "Press A to return to menu". What I need is a way to disable my controller all together, without me having to get up and walk every single time. And yes, my PC is in another room, I'm behind an L table. That makes a total of 10 meters back and forth whenever I want to play PUBG, not to talk about the damage caused to the connection itself, from all the replugging I would have to do. // JustinCaseDK out //
  9. Hi, I'd like to report what I believe is a keyboard mapping/keyboard interpretation bug/anomaly. I use the arrow keys and number pad etc. to play rather than the WASD keys. In the game settings for controls with the numlock key set to on, when you bind a key in the settings the keypad is interpreted as num0 through num9. In the game however, when the right shift is pressed they are being interpreted as though the numlock is NOT on. For example num0 will be interpreted as insert instead of num_insert. Whereas this may be correct for typing it is a problem playing this game and I am not aware of any other of my games that takes this approach. They all ignore the shifting of the keypad keys or interpret them as different keys if the numlock is on. For example they might interpret the num0 as num_insert depending on if the (right) shift key is pressed. To demonstrate this and what a problem it can be do the following; Make sure the numlock is on then bind the right shift to sprint (and set to hold not toggle under gameplay). Bind the arrows to forward, backward, left and right. Bind the jump to num0. Bind the insert to prone. Now, if you are holding the move forward key (up arrow) and the right shift key so you sprint and then press the num0 to jump what happens instead is your character will suddenly drop to the ground on his face in a prone position. Along these same lines the Keypad enter is being interpreted as just enter and not Num_enter. This renders it useless as a bindable key if the normal enter is bound to something. Date Seen:reproducible anytime Server: Live server in NA Error Message: none Other Information: In text above Troubleshooting Attempted: n/a Launch Options: default options on Steam IE: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications:
  10. I just recently purchased this game and when I load into the game, my mouse and keyboard will constantly disconnect at the same time, reconnect, and repeat. This disconnect / reconnect happens about once every 10 - 15 seconds and reconnects after 2 - 3 seconds. This only happens after I parachute from the plane but will continue until the game ends, making it unplayable. I use a Razer Lancehead TE mouse, Blackwidow X keyboard. I also have my headphones connected via USB as well but they do not disconnect at all. I am sure this is not my peripherals problem because they work fine in other games.
  11. Hi. I have detected that when playing and changing the default keys, it does not work well when you run. You can run but not run and jump at the same time. My key combination is as follows: sprint: Shift key forward: up arrow Jump: 0 (insert) Let's see if this can be solved. A greeting.
  12. This is a serious bug because it affects the game performances. I use a standard PS/2 109 Logitech G413 Silver Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
  13. Hey guys, i'm having a problem that idk if anyone has it and i don't know what to do. When i play PUBG the keys F, M and TAB on my keyboard don't work like normal, i have to press them many times until they work. It bothers me because when i have to loot with tab, sometimes i die because i cant get of the tab menu or the map. I check with another keyboard and nothing, also i verified the cache but it didn't solve it. Thanks for help ♡
  14. Hi, First of all i'm sick and tired to be ignored on the forums, SO DON'T do it this time! I reported like a half year ago that i have a keyboard problem and it would put on a list of things u guys WOULD fix, since then i posted my problem again after i found out my problem was'nt fixed! Then u guys ask me to fill out a bug report, i did. AFTER THAT NO RESPONSE FROM ANYONE. Bellow i'll copy/paste the bug report from weeks ago, that you NEVER responded to. And also i tried some problemsolving tips that you guys suggested, GUESS WHAT......NOTHING HELPS! Sorry for the caps and frustration but you're driving me crazy, i really believe in your game, that it has potential. But for me it's unplayable with this issue i have. Bug Report: Date Seen:16 august 5.38 pm Server: EUW Error Message: none Other Information: It was only for a minute or so, but the game changed my key bindings automaticly to a qerty keyboard, while i'm using a azerty keyboard i walk around with zqsd, prone w, map m, crouch c. when it changes i have to run forward with w that is on my keyboard on the lower left corner and for example open map with , . Troubleshooting Attempted: So far, have tried restarting pc, update graphics drivers, set page file size. Launch Options: shortcut desktop, administrator launch steam System Specifications: Operating System: windows 7 Graphics Card: geforce gtx 550 ti CPU: amd phenom 2 x6 1055t Ram: 8 GB
  15. Everytime I play PUBG, during play (by alt+tab) or after play, I find that my keyboard layout has changed from U.K. layout to U.S. Took me a couple of weeks to realise, but it is always when I've been playing PUBG, so I can't think of anything else it could be. Fixing this would be appreciated, and keep up the great work. Cheers Sam (AgentMilkshake1)
  16. Hey, so when the game starts, it changes my keyboard layout from QWERTZ to QWERTY. Every time. It is rather annoying.
  17. Hi, I really love Battlegrounds, but there is one bug that really annoys me: Everytime I try to swap weapons in Battlegrounds using Slovak (SLK) keyboard, it just doesn't work. I think that the main problem is that English keyboard has those keys: ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = and Slovak keyboard has those keys: + ľ š č ť ž ý á í é = ´ It's not really a big problem, but it's really annoying to swap keyboards everytime (when I sprint and press ALT to look around my keyboard always swaps between ENG and SLK layout, it's literally 50/50 if I can swap weapons or not ) and my friends are even sometimes raging over it . If needed I can try to help you with anything (for example sending you stuff about Slovak keyboard). Best regards, MatoBoost.
  18. Logitech G500 mouse and Logitech K120 keyboard. Windows 10 64bit - fully updated. Drivers and client fully updated. Disconnects in-game and plays the windows disconnect / connect sound over and over. I lose complete mouse and keyboard controls while game is running, forcing me to hard restart my pc.... Apparently this bug has been around for quite awhile, there are some threads on reddit about it.
  19. I have just bought a Wooting One, an analog keyboard. Unfortunately, PUBG sees it as a controller. This leads to all problems that are related with controllers e.g. asking for controller input in various screens and hanging in the air when using a parachute (which leads to death from falling). The later problem is especially serious, because I have to unplug my wooting keyboard in order to play. I have noticed a few other wooting owners mentioning the same problem in this and other forums but only as a comment, so I decided to make a separate post. I hope someone notices it.
  20. Hey, There is a bug where you are unable to switch the weapons using your number keys if you have other language layout on your keyboard that uses special characters. In my case, for example, number keys represent special characters such as č,š which correspond to 1,2 number keys respectively. Pressing these keys whilst having other language set that is not English does not result in the action in game. That is, nothing happens. Character remains with previously selected weapon, unable to change it, until the language is changed back to English or any other language that does not have special characters assigned to number keys. The only workaround that i found for this issue so far, is either changing the binds for weapons or disabling the language that has special characters in windows. I used the Lithuanian keyboard layout. Date seen: 3rd of July and forward. Server: Stable Launch options: Default Operating System: Win10Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce Gtx 660CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 @ 3.40GHzRam: 8gb
  21. I began playing pubg about a week ago and my F key works fine while in game but my Inventory and Map keys are having to be mashed repeatedly before the game registers it. I do not have this problem in any other game or when I am typing in a Word document/email so I have no clue what the problem is. I have even tried mapping the inputs to other keys and reinstalling the game to no avail. I have an ASUS GL553 with an i7 7700, GTX 1050, 16 GB Ram. Again, I do not have this issue in any other game except for this one. I know it's an early access game and I'm loving every minute but this was my only gripe so far. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
  22. Hi there! I've come across this issue while trying to look around me while sprinting. In Windows, Shift+Alt (which you would press to do that) switches languages and keyboard layouts, so if one has several keyboard layouts setup, not only does free look not work, but the key bindings are then completely out of whack. I can provide more details if needed, thanks for your awesome work on this awesome game! Equilibrium__
  23. I've run into a rather annoying problem, which has been plagueing me since I got this game a couple of months ago. I figured I'd see if something changed over the next few patches, but it hasn't so I gather the bug hasn't been reported. Hence this post. When I set up my control scheme only a select number of keys are saved after leaving the game. The following do not: Disarm Character movement Vehicle movement The rest are fine and can be changed and are saved after I quit the game. I run with RFDG on my movement keys and | for my disarm key. Mouse sensitivity is another thing which isn't saved between sessions. I've tried setting all settings in one go and it has no effect what so ever. Movement keys, disarm and mouse sensitivity is changed back to default no matter how I do it. I've tried the following: Deleted the appdata folder TSLGame completely Deleted the appdata folder WindowsNoEditor Verified Steam files. Uninstalled the game completely, deleted all residual files and redownloaded it. Deleted the contents of the GameUserSettings.ini file Set the GameUserSettings.ini file to not Read only When I do item 6 something strange happens with the ingame settings. Remapped keys are randomly returned to default even when I don't change anything. And if I change something the keys I do change are returned to whatever they were prior to the Read Only flag being removed.
  24. Hello, Dunno if this was reported already, but there is a bug when you can't swap guns with numbers if you change your keyboard locale. For example if i play on english keyboard locale everything is fine, but as soon as i press shift+alt (when im running and looking around) it changes my keyboard locale to lithuanian and number buttons (1,2,3..) to swap guns won't work anymore. I solved it by changing my windows locale shortcut, but numbers still won't work if i start my game with lithuanian locale untill i change it back to english. Cheers, Amen
  25. I am a german speaking user - so my keyboard layout changes when playing. When returning to desktop the system language remains English as the keyboard layout. Only system restart brings back the original setting. Happens since latest patch install today.
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