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Found 18 results

  1. I posted this topic before, not sure where it went, seems to be archived, but the bug still exists. Both behaviors are default bound to mousekey, but if you try rebinding them, you can't use the same key for both behaviors, even though there is never an instance where they would conflict.
  2. 2000 Abo Special ist online! Ihr habt die zweite Chance einen PUBG Key zu gewinnen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc3VCFN1R2Y&feature=youtu.be Viel Glück!
  3. It is extremely confusing when the Early Bird Keys are stacked. Potential traders have been complaining that it looks different from other game keys which do not stack and therefore confusing them. Please fix. Thank you.
  4. 6 adet create key aldım. Pubg oyununu paylaşımla oynuyorum. aldığım hesabın envanterinde anahtarlar var ama kutular yok ve anahtarlar oyunda görünmüyor. Diğer paylaşım aldığım hesabın envanterinde ise kutular var ama anahtarlar yok. Oyunu 2 steam hesabından da açtım anahtarları oyun içinde asla göremiyorum.
  5. Всем привет, объясните мне пожалуйста кто знает, несколько вещей! Где была ссылка на то, чтобы можно было предзаказать ключи: EARLY BIRD KEY Каким образом люди продают: EARLY BIRD KEY и вещи которые выпадают из него? т.к. когда я открыл один из кейсов, шмотку продать можно только через 7 дней и сам ключ можно продать только через 7 дней. Заранее всем спасибо за ответы.
  6. Is there a way we can change the bindings for the replay system? My forward key in-game is mouse 2 (right mouse button). This appears to toggle 3rd person mode in the replay system. However, it should allow me to move forward during free-look. There's conflicting bindings. How do I fix this?
  7. Hi. I have detected that when playing and changing the default keys, it does not work well when you run. You can run but not run and jump at the same time. My key combination is as follows: sprint: Shift key forward: up arrow Jump: 0 (insert) Let's see if this can be solved. A greeting.
  8. So I got this problem lately. When I'm in the game and I press any button on my keyboard or mouse, the game freezes until I release the button. This exact same thing happend to me in the Infestation: The New Z game a few months ago. But I don't remember how I fixed that actually. Btw, my graphics are set to very low on everything, but that didn't fix the problem. I didn't find any solution anywhere on the internet. Well one solution was here on the pubg forum, but that didn't work for me. So I would really like to know if anyone has or had the same problem and if anyone somehow fixed that. The game is pretty much unplayable for me now... Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  9. Описание бага: Помогите пожалуйста!!! Играл позавчера соло от первого лица на eu сервере, занял 2 место, должны были дать 600+ монет ( уже не помню ), но не дали. Только что сыграл сквад в соло от 3 лица в eu, должны были дать около 640 монет, занял 2 место, но опять не дали. Что делать???? Куда обращаться? Мне уже должны дать около 1200 монет, а это как минимум 1 кейс. Ниже скрин сразу же после игры в скваде, где не дали около 640 монет. Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 25.08.17 и 27.08.17 (16:30) Сервер: 25.08.17 - eu solo fpp 27.08.17 ( 16:30 ) - eu squad (solo) Попытки устранения: Перезагружал игру, нажимал сверху справа кнопку "refresh", но не помогало!! Другая информация: Параметры запуска: - Игра стоит на минималках, масштаб экрана - 120. Верт. синхронизация есть. Характеристики системы: Операционная система: Windows 8.1 Профессиональная Видео карта: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series ЦП: InteL(R) Core(TM) i5-3550 CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.70GHz Оперативная память: 8,00 ГБ
  10. Помогите пожалуйста!!! Играл позавчера соло от первого лица на eu сервере, занял 2 место, должны были дать 600+ монет ( уже не помню ), но не дали. Только что сыграл сквад в соло от 3 лица в eu, должны были дать около 640 монет, занял 2 место, но опять не дали. Что делать???? Куда обращаться? Мне уже должны дать около 1200 монет, а это как минимум 1 кейс
  11. BUG! I tried to change my zoom zeroing keybindings to increase and decrease with my "scroll wheel". However if you try to change the keybinding it will just keep scrolling in the UI. MY PAIN! 1. I personally think swaping weapons with scroll wheel is pretty inaccurate, but changing zeroing distance can be pretty useful for that since it is close and easy access on your mouse. 2. Players should be able to have 0m zeroing distance on their red-dots and holo-sights at least even 2-4 times scopes as well. I dont like the fact I missed some headshots cuz the bullet flys over your aim. 3. I seen some players have issue rebinding the "F" key, so I figured your controls for changing keybindings is absolute garbage and you guys at PUBG team should really fix the entire keybinding system. #FirstPersonServerHype
  12. Hi there, since the new patch which releases FPP I have a problem with assigning my key. I'm lefthanded, my controls are oklö instead of wasd and since the patch I can't use L or I. I have tried a few thinks, like reset the controls to standard and assign them to "my" standard again or delete all controls by assign one letter to all buttons, save it and go back to my old controls but nothing worked. A friend of mine tried it too, but he had the same problem when assign his buttons new and wanted to use L or I. I don't know if it affects other buttons as well, but I and especially L are very important for me. I can't go backwards without L and that's annoying (I have tried ok.ö but it's like using waxd..). Does someone else have this problem or does someone know how to fix it? Date Seen: since the patch which include FPP (thursday, the 3rd of august I guess) Server: live server, in DUO and SQUAD, FPP or normal Error Message: no Other Information: / Troubleshooting Attempted: I have read the list, but I think it doesn't affect my problem Launch Options: no Sorry for the mistakes I made, but english is not my native language.. kind regards, Skamatria edit: sorry, I have seen the same problem in another topic ( ). This topic can be deleted (since I don't know how ).
  13. If I re-assign my F button to another button, I still interact with stuff on F. But now also with the new button. Problem is - I cannot use the F button for any other actions either then.
  14. So i tried using an xbox one controller. game let me change the bindings as i wanted. got into a game only to realize that the apply didn't work . went back to my mouse and keyboard and the game will not let me re apply default settings. i can click default but the map and in game menu will not map. i tried to manually map them and it will not let me apply them. help please!! we all know the map is a key function in this game
  15. Hi there I'm not really sure if my post is in the right forum here, so please move it if it would be better e.g in 'General Help' or so. I figured that people with lag issues might be searching this forum, so I'm just gonna post here. So I'm a fairly new player in PUBG and was extremely excited to play this game with my friends. So naturally I was bummed out, when I discovered that I had YUUUGE lagspikes, which made this game pretty much unplayable for me and made me very SAD. Having a fairly decent PC, I didn't think it could be related to hardware and it being serverside was also off the books as this occured on every server in EU, NA and AS. So what kind of Lag did I notice? First I noticed, that when pressing W while jumping out of the plane my screen would freeze and would only unfreeze when I let this key go and then show me the "Network Lag detected" screen. This also happened while trying to sprint. And then when trying to quickly switch directions while running, which led to some pretty embarassing deaths . After a while however I discovered by accident, that this could be worked around (at least for running in straight lines or things where you did not have to switch keys) by pressing Space or 'X' while experiencing this lagspike. This rid me of any doubt of it being server- (or ISP-) related, it had to be client-side. What did I do? I googled After not finding anything even remotely close in the PUBG forums or on the PUBG subreddit I stumbled across this forum entry in the SC2 forums, which seemed to tackle this very problem (which I however did not only experience for Shift, Alt and Ctrl but for every other key too). This post explains in detail how to rid yourself of this bug, but for everyones reading pleasure I'm going to replicate it here (all Credit to Brian from the SC2 forums, you're the MVP, dude ). How can you solve it? This bug can (afaik) only be solved by completely turning off repeated keystrokes in all of Windows. This can be a bit irritating at first when trying to move the cursor, but can be easily replaced by using CTRL+right or CTRL+left for skipping over words (which is faster anyways). Alternatively you can also just use the mouse or press the arrow keys repeatedly. If someone knows another way, please post it in this thread, I will link your comment in my post. Brian wrote this guide for Win 7, I replicated it on Win 10 so I think this will work on Win 8 too. Setup you keyboard properties Start -> Control Panel -> Search for 'Keyboard' Select the 'Keyboard" result, a window named 'Keyboard Properties' should open Set Repeat delay to short and Repeat rate to fast These two setting control how long it will take for a pressed key to repeat and how fast it will repeat afterwards Click Apply, then click OK Change your accessibility options to disable repeated keystrokes Start -> Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Ease of Access Center -> Make the keyboard easier to use Uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys Click on Set up Sticky Keys Uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys when SHIFT is pressed five times and Lock modifier keys when pressed twice in a row Click Apply, then click OK Click on Set up Filter Keys Uncheck Beep when keys are pressed or accepted and Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds Set the radio button to Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys Click on Set up Repeat Keys and Slow Keys Set How long do you want to hold down a key before your computer accepts the keystroke? to '0.0 seconds' Set the radio button to Ignore all repeated keystrokes <- THIS IS THE CRITICAL STEP Click Apply, then click OK You now should not be able to repeat keys by holding them down. This can be tested in any textfield (editor, browser etc.) Why is this happening? Brian tries to guess here why this happens and I find his reasoning rather striking. Basically it boils down to where the programmer gets the keyboard input from. It seems to be more work to access the raw input and thus the programmer takes the one from the standard Windows APIs, which are prefiltered and whatnot. The API can basically generate three types of event for each key, namely 'keyDown', 'keyUp', and 'keyPress'. The first two should be self explanatory and the last one is a combination of 'keyDown' and 'keyUp' within a certain amount of time. When a key is held down, the 'keyPress' event gets generated multiple times (as defined in the repeat settings), which seems to cause the issue here. To me it seems like the game only properly monitors 'keyDown' and 'keyUp' events and somehow the 'keyPress' event monitoring is not implemented correctly, which is why this issue is fixed when disabling the repeat of held down keys. However I have to admit, that my Computer Science background is not very strong, so I'd love a statement from the Devs or someone more qualified then me on this issue. I hope I could help some of you with my post and happy Chicken Dinner cooking The Kaltur
  16. Hello, I'm on an azerty-keyboard and in settings -> controls I have to adjust my "walk forward W->Z" and "prone Z->W", also "left Q->A" and "lean left A->Q" Problem : The key bindings keep switching back to preset querty. Every time I change them in-game they keep on switching back to preset randomly. Also, when I jump out of plane untill I hit the ground: the bindings are wrong/querty, no matter how I bind them. Is this a known bug or could it be something in my pc? Never had any issues like this before in other games. greetz
  17. Hallo wie ich sehe kann man jetzt Keys zur Close Beta kaufen ! wie ist das jetzt mit der Beta, da steht ja Start 24. Februar-Ende 19.März !! wenn ich denn Key jetzt kaufe kann ich dann bloß bis 19.März Zocken und nur am Wochenende oder kann man dann weiter Spielen !? Wäre nett wenn das wer beatworten könnte ! Gruß
  18. Players, the application for new testers for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS second alpha is now closed. If you’re still looking to get into our upcoming alpha test sessions, you can get keys during numerous key giveaways on Twitch. Many streamers will be handing out alpha keys to their viewers. Please keep an eye on our game directory and our social media feeds. Any key requests made on this forum will be removed by the moderators. Thank you for your understanding! ----- Do you not know what I'm saying? Use PROMT to translate this post. Wissen Sie nicht, was ich sage? Verwenden Sie PROMT, um diesen Posten zu übersetzen. ¿No sabe qué digo? Use PROMT para traducirestecorreo. 你 不 知道 10 么 我 说 的 话 吗 ? 使用 PROMT 把 这 种 员额 。
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