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Found 12 results

  1. It looks like it shoots to the "right" of the object by a little bit - but you can compensate it by aiming just to the left of the target. See clip above (its all in slow mo to show the issue).
  2. So either I'm losing my mind, or I just experienced a bug where I went to fire my kar98 and I clicked to fire but it just made the sound it makes when it's not reloaded, I know I reloaded it when I picked it up in the beginning of the game. Prior to using it I had just switched to it to use the scope for a second then switched back to my m4, if there was no ammo in it I would have noticed. I never accidentally swapped it out for another weapon or anything. I don't understand wtf happened but it died due to it.
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/withoutaim Добро пожаловать на мой стрим,немного обновил пк и теперь могу играть на стриме в пабджи. Играю на мой взгляд выше среднего,короче что тут говорить заходите и сами все увидите=)
  4. The first shot disappears, the second shot is clearly a head shot but where did it go? I've seen a few topics about this now and something seems to be going on. I mean, the distance is less than 100m as you can see on the map and the scope is straight in the face.
  5. Something needs to happen here whats the deal with the kar98.. For instance when i get hit with a car its a 2 hit K.O. on me with any type of gear and its alwasy bodyshots or 1 headshot then body shot.. BUT AS SOON AS I GET A FUCKING KAR98 WITH A 4X OR 8X AND I HEADSHOT AND OR BODYSHOT SOME 2 TIMES WITH BLOODSPLATTER I DONT EVEN GET A K.O.!!!! LIK IM NOT BAD IM JUST NOT UNDERSTANDING HOW THIS BS IS HAPPENING!
  6. I noticed since the last update the kar98 needs about double the shots it first needed to kill someone. There is one very good example to proof this and that it was not for me only. Me and my friend needed 5 shots with the kar98 to kill someone, he did not heal in between because he was laying on the beach at about 200m. So we could se what he was doing. All the 5 shots were taken in about 6 seconds. And this is just one of many examples i've had over the couple of days. Also I'm not the only one it seems: http://steamcommunity.com/app/578080/discussions/1/1489987634016796200/ Maybe its a glitch or something but I hope it gets fixed soon because the kar98 is/was my favorite weapon.
  7. Good day team! Besides the negative connotation that is attached to developers viewing the bug forum (I'm a developer myself, I know the feels) I would like to start to say your game is amazing - I love it. The hunt for the illusive Dinner of the Chicken variety is damn exciting. Anyway right to it, I had a Kar98 with a 4x scope. I was battling a guy fairly close range in Mylta. Now, the nature of the Kar98 is at range so I was trying to Quake 3 railgun jump around to outplay him. However it didn't go well because of a bug I found. When you are ADS the player movement is impaired. This makes sense and should be kept, but when the bolt action reload animation is triggered, the normal movement speed does not return, and I believe it should - you technically aren't zoomed in anymore and you have a chance to Duracell bunny around while your character is putting another bullet in the chamber. If you want to test it: get a Kar98 with a 4x scope, ADS, fire it and while its reloading, try to move normally. This should hopefully explain what I mean. I have only experienced this once because of the unique nature of the situation so I haven't technically experienced it more than once but I'll try replicate it again if you guys cant. Looking forward to hearing from you. Hutchy
  8. One single Kar98 shot, no damage to my armor, 80% health gone which got me killed from blue zone.
  9. Bug Description: If you stand on the edge on top of a container (Novorepnoye in this case) and drop a Kar98 down to save time so a teammate can take it it can go all the way to the floor, inside the container it can become unobtainable while slightly visible. Date Seen: 25th of June 2017. Server: Main server Squad matchmaking. Troubleshooting Attempted: Attempted to loot with both F and Equipment menu from all angles at ground level and from on top of the container--which is where it was dropped from. F option never showed up. Other Information: My friend and I both tried looting it so it is unlikely to be a client-side glitch.
  10. Mein neuerste Waffen Guide dreht sich um den Karabiner 98 Kurz Gar nicht so schlecht das Ding!
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