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Found 8 results

  1. Jumping out of plane in First person and look upwards to get the most distance will turn the camera around and there is no chance to cover any amount of distance its fucked up.
  2. As the description says, tried playing on the test server just now and I am 100% unable to jump using the key configured as spacebar on my razer tartarus gamepad. For some reason it crouches instead. I've tried: Switching up the keybinds for crouch and jump, so that jump would be left control and crouch would be space. I then applied the changes and switched it back again. Restarting the game Restarting the Razer Synapse software Using different profiles on the gamepad Switching the keybinds for the gamepad, applying before reversing Checking to see if it works on the official servers, no issues at all So, everything is the same on regular servers, but on the test servers I cant jump with my gamepad, you guys changed something that f***s up how the game reads the signal from this exact piece of soft-/hardware. Hoping it will be fixed as I just cant stand playing on a normal keyboard, getting my fingers all cramped, would have to stop playing until its fixed, if this gets pushed to official branch. Thanks /Damale
  3. I wanted to jump into the water when my boat passed under a bridge to let its momentum carry it for a bit, along with the attention of my nearby enemies, as I swam up to shore to take it by foot from there... and it ends with my character jumping out of the boat, as expected, only to fall to my death through the water as if it was air. I hope this isn't the intended behavior, because I would very much like to do this in the game at some point without dying.
  4. Bug Description: When you're moving outside and jump, you can hear the sound from grass and footsteps as if you were still running on the ground. Date Seen: It's been there for a while. Server: Public server - EU and NA Troubleshooting Attempted: None. Other Information: Any other information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing. Launch Options: Nothing changed
  5. Date Seen: Always Server: Any Error Message: problem is not with crashes or errors Other Information: I use Right Mouse Button (RMB) to jump in most games that allow it. There are few problems with PUBG and jumping on RMB: 1. You can't crouch-jump (c+spacebar by default). It almost never works. For a long time I though that I'am just very bad at it, but knowing how other bugs in PUBG works especially when it comes to key bindings, I decided to test it. Sure enough rebinding jump back to SpaceBar solved the problem, crouch-jumping is a cinch now, but jumping on space is uncomfortable for me. 2. By default you click RMB on map to set up a marker, which makes you jump in-game if your jump is on RMB of course. Even though it makes sense, since I can move while looking at map, it makes it very inconvenient because I stand-up or jump whenever I try to place a marker, revealing my position or cancelling meds. I don't think there is an option to rebind map marker key right now in the game. EDIT: forgot to mention that RMB is also a special key for Inventory management, so it also can be a source of a problem. Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried to look in config file (%LOCALAPPDATA%/TslGame/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/GameUserSettings.ini) and didn't find a key bind for marker or anything else for RMB (besides one option for observer-something-something, but I think it shouldn't interfere with normal jumping and I tried to unbind it to no effect). Launch Options: I used some launch options before to increase FPS, which didn't help at all, so I'am back to default (no launch options) for quite some time and there is no difference regarding my issue. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro x64 Graphics Card: MSI GTX 970 CPU: i5-4690K Ram: 16GB P.S. maybe I should've post it in UI section, but it is kind of a bug that affects my gameplay directly, so... I can also record a video of me desperately trying to jump through windows with RMB and then changing jump to SpaceBar and doing it almost every time. It's about 1-2 out of 100 jumps for RMB and 8-10 out of 10 for SpaceBar.
  6. TLDR; every time i jump or fire a gun my game is freezing for about a second and then catching up with actions im doing in that time. this has started since the last update, which my general FPS way better, lag at game start, way better. but the game is unplayable for me at the moment, if i see somone the moment i fire the game freezes for about a second then catches up, this means i cant adjust my aim but i can empty an m16a4 mag in burst mode in a second, im not sure if anyone else has experienced this but if anyone has, does anyone have a fix? my computer is more than capable of running the settings i have it on, iv checked my network and its not network lag.
  7. Whenever I take damage, be it getting shot or gas damage, my character jumps without my control. I have default keybindings. Corsair K70 keyboard and a steelseries rival 300 mouse. I've seen one other guy with this issue here. https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/5zywk4/anyone_else_experiencing_this_jump_glitch/ Here are some gifs of it happening. When I get shot in this gif I jump. And when I take gas damage in this gif I jump constantly because I'm taking constant damage. I've tried just about everything to fix it short of reinstalling the entire game.
  8. since the update today it seems every time i get shot or hit by the electricity my character will jump uncontrollably and it slows me down causing me to die around 5 times today and it is insanely annoying and obviously a massive issue on a survival game when its causing people to die, i have seen others post about this too so if you are having this issue shout it out so it can be fixed please
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