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Found 27 results

  1. Here you can See Flying Healing Bag and other Stuff: "This Bug Need a Fix"
  2. Hey, since couples of weeks, i have a bug that comes sometimes. When i am trying to right click a usable item that stacks, the window asking me how many of this item i want to drop is poping out instead of using it. This is very uncomfortable, since i want to heal when in danger and die like a rat... This has nothing to do with the "can't heal bug" cause shortcuts "7-8-9-0" are working and i heal myself poroperly with, just have to find the right one because not used to it. Anyone got same issue ? ps : No, i don't press ctrl when i click
  3. Every time I play this game, and I don't lag out, I always have a problem with picking up equipment using the equipment menu(start button(just so you know what button it is, try not to screw this system up more because you definitely ruined the performance of the game more than how it was at launch. Good job at messing that up by the way, it takes a lot of talent to screw up the game more than what it was like)). Somehow the game does not want me to pick up items on the ground when i scroll to them.
  4. For whatever reason, since 1.0 released, I am missing all of the default equipment items in game . I still have all the items I got from crates, but my favorite clothes are the default khaki pants and grey shirt since they blend in most with the environment. I also didn't receive my early access pioneer shirt. It DOES however show the default items in my steam inventory, I just can't access them in game. By the way, there is no pioneer shirt in my inventory.
  5. At random the game makes it where I have to drop and pick up items by only typing the number in the item amount box, and I can't just simply drag in and out of my inventory. Also at random times I can only use meds and boosters by using the keybinds only. If I right click on meds or boosters it only allows me to drop them not use them. Thank you, Godigy
  6. I have found a couple items that seem to be floating in thin air and a ladder that is not connected to the ground. I will update the thread as/if I find more things out of place. *The bottle objects seem to be missing the corresponding surface on which they should be placed. *Ladder doesn't reach the ground. *Gas Can and Helmet are floating off the building.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCHi-fh-kCM I've had this several times, I don't think anyone else has this problem? I have a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard, everything when I am done fighting and I is low. I go into a building trying to heal or remove things from my inventory. But then this pops up, in such situations which is very frustrating. It will go gone automatically after several mins but still, I thought it would've been fixed in the new patch. If anyone has this problem to please tell me, and NO I wasn't holding or pressing control.
  8. Hi. So, sometimes when I'm in the middle of a fight or just doing it generally, when i right click to use an item, or try to pick up ammo from the ground to my inventory, it asks me for quantity control instead. This is very annoying, as i have lost a lot of fights beacuse i was not able to take up ammo quickly, or heal when I'm damaged. If this is a bug with no fix, please fix it as soon as possible! And if there IS a fix, please tell me. I need to know
  9. Last week around 5:30 PM or so I opened the random weekly crate #1 for 700 gold. I received "slacks (purple)." I equipped them and was planning to sell them on the steam store. as soon as I unequipped them to change to a different pair of pants, they just disappeared. It was not accidentally sold, because my gold amount remained at 1,301. I have been cheated out of this and hope I can helped out. Unfortunately I do not have any screenshots, but I will show my character and amount of gold below. It is quite unfair, but if it impossible to get my slacks back, at least reimburse me.
  10. If a player were to parachute down and land inside a building (or walk into one) before it has fully loaded, they can get stuck inside tables, counters, cabinets, and other objects that therefore inhibit them from moving. They can still pickup items but can't do anything.
  11. When I held an 2x scope, moved away from this guy's loot so it dissapeared and came back to it while still holding a 2x scope with my mouse in the air -> this happened.
  12. since last repatch, great speed of loading from lobby to game, unfortunately the loot seems to take to long spawning in or resolving in when we land, playing 4 man last night and every time we had to run back through buildings to 'reloot'. playing OC in NZ with a Gigabit connection on a Kray supercomputer.
  13. I tried: game restart, computer restart, run steam as administrator, restart UI. As you can see, my skin-items and crates are not showing, but I can still click on them and I can still buy more crates. My game is on SSD and my gpu/cpu temperatures are totally fine. I usually have 90-120 fps in game. I have no other programs open that take any ressources worth mentioning besides discord (discord overlay non-active).
  14. i paid for 8 survivor crates and they dropped nothing from them and i have no loot
  15. Hey there, can somebody me explain why all game items and the individual character are away after the patch? thanks for your support,
  16. I was shot and killed during a solo game, I hit the exit to lobby button, and when I got back to the lobby my character was now naked, none of my items were listed on the character sheet, and my game currency said "0". I exited the game and opened it again and it was fixed. I guess it was just a visual UI bug only, but this is the first time I've had that happen to me.
  17. Date Seen:7/17/2017 Server: Live Server Error Message: None Other Information: This only appears to have happened once. It was while I was looting a recently killed enemy. Troubleshooting Attempted: None as of yet. Launch Options: Zero Modifications System Specifications: Operating System:Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: i7 4790k 4.0ghz Ram: 16gigs
  18. Hitman

    No items

    Hi after this patch, i lost everything on my account, my nickname was djdado and now i had to create new one, no items, no cloth, no ingame money.... i still have items in my inventory of steam but they dont appear in game....whats going on? please help i dont wanna lose my stuff
  19. When I started up Battlegrounds today, my guy appeared on my screen with no shirt on, which several hours before I had my white button up on while playing duos. When I checked my inventory, my black shirt was gone and points were given to me equal to it(The white button up was still present). I never sold the shirt, so this is quite frustrating.
  20. Im very new posting in forums, actually this is my 1st time... But any way, I was in-game, and went to the military tunnel, kill 2 guys, find 8x scope, m16, auto shotty, a Full health item, 2 first aids, some energy drinks and I was thinking this is my game... But no I had a gun fire with someone... And I killed him, but I was a 1 shot near death, So I tried to heal and it was not using the consumable items, I could change scopes accessories etc, but I could not heal... At the moment, I pressed ''I'' to open the inventory, then I right click on the healing item, But Did not consume the item near heal me... So later I got shot and dropped dead... Also I have a Gaming laptop asus with the following specifications 1TB hard drive 16 RAM Nvidia GTX 960 Intel Core I7 3.5 GHZ And I cant make my computer to run the game with decent graphs and decent performance... Is difficult to see people from a middle to long distances and that gets me killed all the time And it suppose that my laptop have the requirements to perform on a decent lv Waiting for huge game optimizations from the developers.
  21. WTF? I had $3,349 loot, and ordered my pioneer crate, and the next crate after that, and they both failed to open, and I was not given back the loot I spent on it. I stream nightly, but did not happen to be streaming or recording when it happened, as we were not in a match, but just congregating in the lobby. Can you please either reimburse the loot I spent (I am no down to $1,249), or give me the first two crates? This is a little bit ridiculous after the amount of unplayable lag many of us have dealt with for over a week.
  22. I don't know if it's a bug or intended, but you can't use items while driving or being driven.
  23. Hey i sometimes get some items stucked in texture like this: I see it many times on that metal construction stairs in big military base http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893368254
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