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Found 4 results

  1. I honestly had no clue where to post this but it has been the most infuriating thing that has ever come to this earth. my pc should be more than capable of running this game I can run damn near any other game no problem amd fx 8320 nvidia gtx 1060 6gb vram 16 gb ram. when ever I launch the game it seems like no problem I can navigate menus without a single bit of anything I mean that's not very impressive but at this point I'm surprised this horridly optimised game can even do that. when I get into game all the buildings look like play dough which that's fine I've been playing with it like that no issue for a while it only lasts like 30 seconds after I've landed but about a week or 2 after me having it it got to the point where the game lagged it completely stopped my pc from working like my cursor moves but with like a 3 minute delay it takes 30 mins for me to even be able to turn off the game another 30 mins to even open the task manager so please explain to me how to fix this or whats wrong cause I've seen people with 10x worse computers than me play it with no issue. if this is how the game is optimized I could make a better-optimized game by slapping my dick across the popes head than they could with a team of 100000 people. and dont say get a new harddrive cause i know i need a new one but a bad harddrive should only cause the playdough thing not this
  2. Hi, I posted months ago about a problem i have with control settings on a azerty keyboard. With my keyboard i run forward with Z and Left with Q. Whenever i'm in game for some reason this game changes it back to default in the middle of a match, so i have to run with W (lower left corner) and open the map with , (so confusing ) . LET ME REPEAT MYSELF! I POSTED THIS ISSUE MONTHS AGO AND HAS'NT BEEN FIXED. Since then nothing happend and i'm not planning to buy a qwerty keyboard just to play your game. So fix the damn problem as u promissed months ago. Then i'll be satisfied and you'll have renewed my faith in this game. Greetings Gamerzrage
  3. Hi guys, These are the bugs i've encountered today and the amount of times they happened. This is troughout the course of about 10/12 games; Bugs 3x Invincible fence that actually damages the entire squad for 50% hp when ran into. 11x Bullets that still hit you when already hidden 4x People surviving 2 or more supermanpunches when even hearing the hit impact 2x Getting hit by a car before it actually reaching me 1x Getting hit by a car when i'm not in front of it, but next to a wall Suggestions 3x Having a character that doesn't know how to jump over a fence <-- FIX 2x People without armor surviving 2 sniper shots <-- FIX 4x People in my face and surviving 3rd person shots <-- NEEDS FINETUNING That's all. Good luck.
  4. the title says it all i was about to get top1 but was run over ggwp and i personally cant run over someone even if hes few inches from the car https://youtu.be/8_tJX2XJclw
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