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Found 12 results

  1. Hola en mi experiencia en ps4 según veo contra la versión de pc hay varias cosas para emparejas el juego, vi cosas particulares como: - puente ingreso oriente-Occidente a podvosto , mapa vikendi, pasando en moto dos veces caí del puente cruzándolo quedando en el río congelado como si el Puente fuera invisible - poca visibilidad en altura de las zonas de caída y de los enemigos al rededor, solo se ven casi aterrizando - falta el botón kill cam y report. Sospecho que ya hay cheaters en la consola - implementar Ping System con medidor de distancia como en el MOBILE es todo les estaré contando
  2. Since I think about 2 updates ago, I started noticing my sound is EXTREMELY soft. I am using a Razor Kraken USB headset and all volume settings are maxed out aswell as ingame sound settings yet I can barely hear anything. This is especially troublesome when playing with friends because when they talk I can't here anything ingame. Please note that this is also restricted to PUBG and I don't have problems with sound in any of the other games I play.
  3. Okay the following problem occurred : I was riding a car when i suddenly wanted to jump from it at not max speed maybe half speed or so ... And i died falling on round ground. Can you please fix that somehow .. Like .. When you jump from the car at least take some damage depending on the movement speed of the car because this is ridiculous .. I can jump from a 2-floor house and take half my hp dmg or even less , i jump from a car and i die , when 5 people shooting you for example how in the love of god im supposed to STOP and then go out? I would die 20 times in the time that im stopping , i hope you read my report and do something next update because this is getting really freaking annoying . Good wishes , Madnet
  4. Every 5-8 steps on each map with ping of 60-70, i getting stopped by something, this is very annoying, because in open field while somebody shooting you, you dont have covers and cant really escape! Halp meeee
  5. Hallo zusammen, seit etwa 3 Tagen habe ich massive Startprobleme. Die Kollegen aus dem englischen Bereich haben den Fehler auch bereits aufgegriffen. Zugegeben, der Fehler trat in der Vergangenheit auch auf, allerdings nur sporadisch. Nach 2,3 Neustarts des Games ging es dann aber. Das Problem Ich starte das Spiel und es läd. Es erscheint das PUBG Logo und man gelangt zum bekannten Hintergrund. Oben links steht nun eine URL in weiß, diese verschwindet nach ca 10 Sekunden und es erscheint das typische "dreieck" Allerdings ohne textur. Diese wird nach weiteren 5 Sekunden bevor nach weiteren 5-10 Sekunden dort letztendlich steht "Playerunknowns loading" Nun muss ich fast 2 Minuten warten bevor der screen umspringt. Hier werden nun die Infos angezeigt mit den belannten Logos und ich gelange letztendlich zur Lobby, die allerdings so langsam läd, dass ich erst nach einer weiteren Minute invited werden kann. Das Spiel läuft letztendlich flüssig nur das Öffnen von Türen buggt manchmal so, dass ich 3 Sekunden nachdem ich "f" gedrückt habe, eine offene tür sehe ohne Animation. Das ist auch nervig, da sich, drückt man innerhalb dieser 3 Sekunden wieder "f" (weil man sich nicht sicher war, ob der Befehl ankam), die Tür wieder schließt. Es fühlt sich so an, als hätte ich ein 65k holzmodem. Dabei nutze ich eine 150 Mbit Leitung (per LAN kabel). Was ich schon versucht habe: DNS auf Google DNS geändert. Keine Besserung. Wo tritt der Fehler auf? Live und Testserver. Weiß jemand was ich noch versuchen könnte? Danke vorab
  6. Dear Support and Players, i want to report a small Porblem with the Terrain in "Ruins" near the School. In this Terrain is a small Tower and you can go into this tower if u drop from the Airplain into it. After this happens you can do anything, this tower has no Exit . I made same Screenshots from the different angles. i hope it will help u to prevent such problems and make the game better. with kind regards
  7. So this is a topic I've seen before but never sorted so my game takes ages to load comes up with battleeye and just says starting up battleeye. I have a feeling it's not the games fault as it dose it also on dayz h1z1 and other games but the in game problem is that I have to ctrl alt dealte task manager and close down the game every time after a match I really don't mind the waiting for it to load but having to close the game every time after a match and wait again it gets really annoying so if anyone can help please help and don't type got the same problem.
  8. I having problem with "latency", at least it's looks like latency problems. I live in Europe, so there is no better server then the EU one for me. For example, when I eject myself from the plane and fall on the ground and I wanna open a door from any building there is being often delay before opening the door and the same thing is with looting. There is a quite delay before my character really picked up loot I want and many times I need to repeat looting through TAB menu or "F" key. But interesting is that all of this mostly happening only on the start of match and then it's not so common. Does anybody else having these same similarly looking issues here ?
  9. Hello, recently I have been having issues with my game. I seem to randomly teleport to a different spot like 10ft away at random times. Even though I am wireless, I get 82 mbps upload which is really good. When I am on my 5ghz network I seem to have the issue. When I am on the 2.4 ghz network the issue does not exist. Can anyone explain why this is happening? my router is NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S - AC2600 4x4 MU-MIMO Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Gaming Router. It is a very good router and I don't think it is causing the issue. Any suggestions would be a big help!
  10. Hi, over the past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing issues when it comes to performance. I get a really good framerate of 70-110 fps but occasionally I will teleport to a different spot in the map like 10 ft away. This is very annoying because it at first looks like I'm hiding behind a rock but in reality I could be in the open. This is the only game that I have this issue with. My pc specs are intel core i7 6700k, 16 gbs ddr4 mem, gigabyte motherboard, Nvidia gtx 1070 founders edition. Windows edition is Windows 10 pro creators edition build 1703. It may be due to the creators edition update because this game was working smoothly until that update. You can watch some of my YouTube videos and see the issue. Channel Name: DoughClan. Pleas help someone!
  11. So, I only just installed the game a few minutes ago, and after changing the window to fullscreen, I cannot click some items and cannot access any of the top-right hand buttons on the screen. The menu looks normal, it's just that (for example) when trying to click the settings button, it just takes me to the leaderboards menu. I've already tried re-installing the game via steam, but after doing so I'm still having the same issue. I did not have this issue when in the default fullscreen (windowed) setting, but ever since I changed to fullscreen I can't change it back. (Also, I think I changed the resolution to something, but all of the window is still visible, so I don't think that has anything to do with it). If any of you have a fix for this that would be great, as I want to be able to play the game asap. Thanks!
  12. Aralend


    When I was shooting my enemy, then my hero decided to shoot his own feet and ofc I died and lost my top1.
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