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Found 56 results

  1. Sometimes, when you go to use a boost in your inventory (or heal), you are not able to, and your weapon rearms each time you try.... in order to get around the bug, you must switch your weapon, and try again...
  2. When you look at your character with a pan equipped on the inventory model it is shown backwards.
  3. this occured after dragging weapons onto each other to swap hotkey position, the weapon which name is displayed is the actual in slot equipped. no effect on gameplay noticed, simply visual
  4. This is when I pick ammo & Meds. So, I noticed this in the test servers. It seems there is still no fix on v1.0 so, the problem is that. I can not heal without dropping Meds/Boosts and only having 1 heal in my inventory. This also effects the ammo/meds when I try to pick it up. It does not just pick it up it asks me how many to drop yet, when I click drop it picks it up. Link: to Ammo & Meds Pickup. https://clips.twitch.tv/HappyLuckyVulturePartyTime Link: to Healing & boosting .https://clips.twitch.tv/LittleTastyQueleaNomNom And https://clips.twitch.tv/HilariousGeniusScorpionVoteNay
  5. I went to loot in the final 2 just before the blue comes past me, I loot and then can't close my inventory after picking it up to turn and run so I die to the zone and finish 2nd, so annoying. I tried pressing escape to open the menu and nothing came up so I sat there spamming Tab trying to run backwards towards the zone I tried changing attachments to try and make the client recognize the inventory was open, i then started spamming escape again, the pause menu finally came up, I closed it and the inventory closed with it and then I died a second later to blue damage. total Items taken (in case it's item related): AR suppressor Level 3 helmet 8x scope
  6. Ok I've had this issue for about a week now, It doesn't happen every game but whenever it does it is almost always early game. I drop down, everything is rendered; I'm not seem to be lagging; I see an uzi with 60 rounds; I pick it up pressing F; It disappears from the ground and is in my inventory when I press tab; I spam main weapon button and nothing happens for 5-6 seconds and then I'm able to equip it. I thought it was some problem exclusive to me, but recently my friend had a similar issue where he picked up a sight and it didn't appear in his inventory for several seconds. Another thing I noticed that I think is in connection with this bug is when I drop an item it gets dropped and a copy of it stays in my inventory for several seconds.
  7. Unable to pickup previously dropped weapon... presumably because it's under the table.
  8. So.. I bought this game the day before patch 1.0 (5 hours before to be exact) and since then I can't access to my wardrobe, neither the shop or any other function of the game apart from the "play" button. I played the game over 50hours already and the problem still persists, I have sent a ticket with the issue but after FIVE days, still no response. I haven't found anything on the forums other than people complaining about the same problem and not a word from any mod. I would really have this problem solved, thanks. And if you really can't solve this I would like to have a refund at least.
  9. Hey, since couples of weeks, i have a bug that comes sometimes. When i am trying to right click a usable item that stacks, the window asking me how many of this item i want to drop is poping out instead of using it. This is very uncomfortable, since i want to heal when in danger and die like a rat... This has nothing to do with the "can't heal bug" cause shortcuts "7-8-9-0" are working and i heal myself poroperly with, just have to find the right one because not used to it. Anyone got same issue ? ps : No, i don't press ctrl when i click
  10. When picking items up using the inventory (TAB by default), if the item in question is being dragged and the inventory is closed the item will continue to be able to be dragged out of the inventory. See the video for more information. https://streamable.com/p4bsh
  11. still cant swap or drop ar mags/clips when inventory is full
  12. Radeon 280x I5 7600K 8gb ram
  13. Hey 'sup ppl ? I got a problem. I'm left handed, playing with arrow keys. When I open inventory I can't move anymore. Keyboard arrows use to navigate on inventory. Btw, can we desactivate the inventory navigation with arrow keys ? Thanks for the answer ! See ya
  14. Almost everytime I try to loot through inventory the game stutters/freezes for 1-2 seconds, if I loot with "hand" game doesn't stutter but that's too unprecise. Disabling player character from inventory screen has no effect. If I open inventory ready and run to the loot game stutters when I'm top of it. At that time all buttons I have pressed keep getting pressed even when I don't press them, that means character just runs over the loot when game is frozen, and I "wakeup" few meters away. Nowadays I just run & stop top of the loot and open inventory, that way I only get the freeze and my character stays still. What happens there? Game already knows the loot is there since I can see it. Has it something to do with inventory icons of the loot? I have noticed ShadowPlay makes this worse, or might even be the cause. Just a moment ago I turned ShadowPlay Overlay OFF in GeForce Experience, and didn't get stuttering. But what it has to do with inventory and loot? Problem might also be my low memory (2GB) GPU. Anyone else having this problem? I love to have ShadowPlay on to get videos of kills & funny stuff and make videos of those, but stuttering is tuff. PC: i5-4670 (3.4GHz), 16GB (1600MHz), GTX770 2GB, SSD, newest Nvidia drivers (388.13), Windows 10.
  15. I found out, while you in the inventory, you can't be flashed by a flash granade, you can't hear anything more, but you can see without any problem.
  16. what happens to inventory when locking accaunt(ban in pubg). same as with CS:GO inventory? Inventory will be locked only for cheats, right? For bugs, timkill and other inventory will not be blocked?
  17. If I have NVIDIA Instant Replay (Shadowplay) enabled it causes a common bug that doesn't let you close out of menu/maps/inventory with keys. I am certain that NVIDIA Instant Replay is whats causing it as I tested it extensively.
  18. Alright so I have a weird situation admittedly. My dad bought PUBG and we use family share on Steam. I linked my Twitch account to my PUBG account while my dad owned the game but I did not. I just bought it tonight, hoping I'd be able to sell my twitch gear on the Steam Market. Once I bought the game, my entire inventory was wiped and it was as though I never played the game before. Is it possible to get the inventory back or even my original account? Secondly, I do not have a twitch icon on my main menu screen anymore and I do not see any mention of Twitch in the UI options. I would disconnect my account from PUBG and re-link it to my new PUBG account but I'm afraid I won't get the twitch crate again and that all of the boxes and gear I won over the past month will be gone forever. Any help?
  19. So, here's what this post is about: https://streamable.com/porrq I go to loot the mag, start dragging it over, and my partner loots another item that was on the ground. This causes the nearby loot to shift, making me loot the item that is now in the spot that the mag was in. While perhaps not a bug, as it is likely more accurate defined as an unintended effect with how loot is likely based on tables, it is a constant problem in duos/squads when sharing loot with teammates.
  20. This has only happened to me a couple of time and my friends a few times, but its like the screen is frozen on an invisible inventory screen and there is nothing you can do but exit the match, because you can only look in that one direction. It happens to me usually when i'm looking in my inventory just before it goes to the plane. if i can get a screen shot or clip i will update my topic with it. Date Seen: Sept 9/2017 Server: Live NA Error Message: None Other Information: All in the post Troubleshooting Attempted: I hit every button and checked all settings. Launch Options: Nope System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 (64 bit) Graphics Card: AMD R9 360 (runs the 50fps or above on min settings) CPU: I7-6700 Ram:16 GB DDR3 Hardware: Mouse: Logitech G402 Keyboard: Logitech G910 Orion Spark
  21. I get a huge FPS drop when opening the inventory, from 40-60 to 10 or less. Only happens on settings from Low and above, I have to play on Very Low to be able to use it correctly.
  22. Seems changing my settings from lowish (thinking id get higher frames) to high/ultra has fixed the map/inventory freezing issue. I'm guessing it was CPU bottlenecking, whereas now the map and inventory is fine with no freezing at all... I still get the ADS freeze/stutter occasionally but this seems to be tied more to a Network Lag Detected error than my input. (maybe, will need to test it more) Either way it's no where near as much as before, I jumped into a game to test it and got 4 kills without ADS lag/freeze and a comfortable top 5 finish without thinking about the issues I've been having, including Map and Inventory usage, when I had low settings it was almost unplayable and my CPU in resource monitor was consistently 90%+ If your GPU can handle the settings try bumping everything except foliage up as high as you can without compromising the frame rate of course. Seems to have worked for me so far. Looks like Low settings put a massive strain on the CPU, whereas pushing it a high/ultra combo moves that load onto the GPU, and removes the bottleneck as my CPU now runs at about 60-70% under load during gameplay. Hope this helps some of you who may have been having the map/inventory lag and sometimes ADS lag issue like I was, I was pulling my hair out over this and nearly f'n reinstalled Windows to see if it would help!
  23. The bug I am about to report has been mentioned before by some users, but is not in the Known Issues/Bugs. I actually was surprised it wasn't since this happens me in 50% of the matches I play, and was also mentioned during gameplay in the Gamescom Invitational by a commentator (as a known bug for her) when it happened to a player. Bug Description: This bug only happens when you have a full inventory (aka not enough space to add a certain item in your inventory). Removing an attachment from a gun to the ground is not possible, accompanied with the message 'Not enough space'. As far is I know the only workaround is to (1) transfer an item(s) from your inventory to the ground, (2) and then putting the attachment on the ground, (3) putting the item you had to put to ground back in your inventory. This also happens when trying to replace an attachment on a gun with a better one, found on the ground. In this case again you have to (1) remove an item(s) from the inventory, (2) drop attachment from gun to ground (or inventory), (3) place new found attachment from ground on gun, (4) putting the item you had to put to ground back in your inventory. Date Seen: Around at least one time per match every 50 % of the matches I've played in the last few weeks. Server: Normal server. Not sure if this has happened to me in Test Server too. Troubleshooting Attempted: As far as I know the only workaround is to (1) transfer an item(s) from your inventory to the ground, (2) and then putting the attachment on the ground, (3) putting the item you had to put to ground back in your inventory. Other Information: ... Launch Options: None System Specifications: see attachment
  24. Date Seen: Every time i open the inventory Server: Live server Error Message: No errors. Other Information: I get perfectly playable framerates when i do anything but open my inventory, other than houses taking a long time to render this is pretty much the only game breaking bug for me. Troubleshooting Attempted: -Turned every graphical setting to the lowest possible. -Attempted to spam the tab key in order to see if it'd fix the inventory lag issue Launch Options: -Attempted to run this game in DirectX10 mode (via the -d3d10 command in launch settings) -Tried the "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES" command in launch settings -Tried the malloc=system launch command in launch settings -Tried the -sm4 command in launch settings System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: GTX 750ti 2GB (Factory overclocked) CPU: AMD FX-6300 (Not overclocked) Ram: 8GB DDR3 (Couldin't find exact model name of ram sticks) Video (extra):
  25. Hey, so I've noticed this happen a lot recently (since the hotfix a couple of weeks ago). I start to loot as per usual, but sometimes when I switch weapons, they switch back to the previous weapon. Example: I pick up an Uzi and shotgun. After a while, I switch my shotgun for a SCAR. After a few seconds (or when I close my inventory) it switches back to my shotgun. It has now happened to only weapon switches and when I change attachments. Video proof [yt] I also experience lag opening inventory at the beginning of the game (happens less and less while the game progresses) Video proof [yt] FFP Squad (lag?) I hope this is just lag and gets polished ASAP. So far I tried to verify integrity and reinstalling the game. No success so far. PC spec: i5-4590 @3,3Ghz GTX 1060 3GB 8GB 1600MHz 550W XFX 2x Samsung Evo 250GB SSD (raid 0) @2560x1080
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