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Found 9 results

  1. I got a problem when i'm losing my internet connection, I need to exit the game and go in the game. when it happens 2 times sometimes I can't enter the game anymore. 10Mbit download speed 2Mbit upload speed so 2 questions; why the game can't handle this download speed? needs to be enough to play games?! and why I can't enter the game for the second time when i'm disconnected? I hope you guys can fix this, because when I'm in a small circle and it happens I will die, happens me 2 or 3 times each day. :"(
  2. Buenas vengo a reportar un problema que se me ha generado con el juego y me ha echo imposible Jugar. El problema es que cuando intento ingresar a una partida y estoy volando en el avión , de repente se desconecta mi portátil de la red ( uso wifi ) y el moden de la casa, a pesar de dar luces, deja de funcionar , he intentado con el cable conectado y sigue pasando y la red de la casa desaparece..... he buscado en distintos foros pero nadie me ha podido ayudar, también he probado el juego en otras cosas con otras conexiones y me funciona perfectamente. Si alguno de ustedes sabe la solución a este problema o tiene alguna idea de lo que esta pasando le agradecería enormemente que me ayudaran porque aproximadamente 20 días en los que no he podido jugar debido a este error.... he investigado en el foro en ingles y a una persona le ha pasado lo mismo pero nadie le ha dado solución al problema.
  3. Olá, estou tendo um problema intermitente para jogar pubg, começou dia 08/fev do nada. Quando eu estou no lobby e encontro uma partida, eu entro na tela de loading para entrar na ilha, mas não saiu dela. Fica o som do lobby (quando o som do lobby fica na tela de loading é certeza que eu não conseguirei entrar, quando para o som do lobby e fica silencio, passa um tempo e eu entro na ilha normalmente) e meus companheiros de time falam que não aparece meu nome na ilha junto com eles, se eu fechar o pubg e tentar reconectar da erro para voltar para a partida, pois meio que eu nunca entrei nela. As vezes acontece outro problema, quando eu acabo a partida dai exit e abre a tela do lobby (aquela com o dacia vermelho no canto), mas trava nesta tela, sem mostrar o initializing, dai eu preciso fechar o jogo e abrir de novo. As soluções tentadas foram: Reinstalar o jogo, mudar dns, desativar firewall do roteador, verificar com a operadora se esta tudo ok com a portas pros servidores aws, desintalar antivirus e reiniciar o pc quando da o problema. Não faço a mínima ideia do que posso fazer para resolver, sendo que o problema começou do nada (eu estava jogando a madrugada e de manhã começou a ter este problema) e é intermitente, as vezes eu jogo umas 2 partidas seguidas sem dar problema.
  4. After exactly five minutes from the transition from waiting lobby to plane, my game displays "Network Lag Detected". It eventually boots me, and I can't reconnect after. I'm running Windows 7 and connected to my network via ethernet. Others have apparently fixed this issue by connecting to WiFi rather than through ethernet, but my motherboard doesn't support WiFi and I don't want to have to buy a USB-wifi adapter just for this game. All of my network drivers are up to date.
  5. Guten Tag, liebe PUBG Community, ich spiele jetzt schon seit einiger Zeit PUBG und es tritt immer öfter das Problem auf, dass ich nicht richtig spielen kann, weil mein Internet einfach zu stark überfordert ist. Wir haben hier eine 50 mBit/s Leitung und langsam bin ich echt abgef*ckt. Andere Freunde haben die gleiche Leitung und die können PUBG problemlos spielen. Ich starte PUBG während ich im TS mit Freunden chille und bekomme sofort einen 3000er Ping im TS, sobald ich PUBG starte. Könnte das vielleicht am Paketverlust liegen? Wir haben eine FRITZ! Box WLAN Fon 7360. Hat jemand von euch schon Erfahrungen damit gemacht? Ich habe gehört, die Reichweite soll ziemlich schlecht sein. Vielleicht rafft der Router es nicht, beides auf einmal zu schaffen. Ich hätte noch einen FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 310, der bringt allerdings garnichts. Hoffe auf schnelle Antwort, Henrik
  6. My thoughts, This crash has happend to me probably 15+ times today alone. As much as I love this game I'm tempted to quit playing, because of the difficulty this brings just hoping to get through 1 match without being disconnected. I'm generally good with internet related things and computer based things, but I don't understand these error codes or what is triggering this crash. Details: Freeze's for a short moment then disconnects me from game. (%70) of these crashes occur when I'm in parachute, or just landed. (%30) of these crashes occur during, looting, driving, and firefights. Notes: I'm fine with waiting if I know that this glitch/bug is going to be fixed. If anyone (Non) developer knows of this crash or knows how to fix it feel free to comment fixes or concerns.
  8. --- Bug Description: After launching the game, I get stuck on the loading page with 'Connection Closed' and whenever you click retry the same thing happens. According to other users, some managed to play before getting disconnected and then this issue started occurring. Date Seen: 25/03/2017 about 1am GMT Troubleshooting Attempted: I am able to connect if I use a VPN, so long as it is not going through my University ISP. All other users who I have encountered seem to be using University internet. Other Information: This is something to do with University Internet/ISP. Launch Options: None needed, connecting through a VPN in the same location works. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 64 Bit Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: i7 4790k Ram: 16GB ---
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