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Found 5 results

  1. Version Test servers as of 17th of July 2018 with custom matches for everyone (open beta) Issues You can not join a custom match by double-clicking a row in the server browser (you have to click so select a row, then click the JOIN button) You can not confirm the password dialog for private matches with enter key while the focus is on the input field for the password (if you press tab to change focus, then the main return key as well as the one one the numpad accept the dialog) BTW: this applies to other dialogs as well, for example the one to change the title of the custom match. If you filter by name, it would be nice if the list was filtered automatically after you stop typing into the search field for roughly one second Toggling the ONLY NEW option should also refresh the list automatically, but instantaneously If you have the list filtered by name, clicking refresh loads the unfiltered list again, but at the same time, the search phrase is kept in the text field. The list should still be filtered until the user clears the search field, or at least the search field should be cleared to reflect that the list is actually not filtered anymore. If the list has many pages, e.g. 30, there is some bug with pagination. If you try to go forward or click page 5 instantly, then it jumps to the last five pages in the pagination and no current page is highlighted. Icon-only buttons have no tooltips. While most are probably self-explanatory to the majority of people, there is the toggle to stop players from switch slots / between teams for the host and it is not immediately apparent what that button does. It's not possible to save custom match settings. It would be really handy if you could tweak a bunch of options such as zone phases, loot distributions etc. and then save that as a preset locally. I saw a lot of streamers spending way too much time before each round to tweak the settings to the same values over and over again. The calculation of the total play time based on the zone phase configuration does not account for the zone speed multiplier. With FLAREGUN CARE PACKAGE turned OFF, there are still flareguns in the game, although no care package gets dropped it seems. To fully remove the flaregun, you need to additionally change the spawn multiplier to 0x. Is that intentional? CONVERT DEAD PLAYER TO OBSERVER is OFF by default, which means not even the host will get to see the final scoreboard. Shouldn't it be HOST ONLY default, so that the host can cast the game once he is out and is presented the scoreboard at the end? It's unclear what effect some of the options have. For example, in the zone phase configuration, what do SPREAD and LAND RATIO mean? (spread = even chance between a new zone with minimal and maximal centrality?) (land ratio = how much area of the circle has to be landmass vs. ocean? Or is it water in general, including rivers and lakes?) What does END CIRCLE LOCATION FIX RATIO mean? (Is it land ratio? Or does it control centrality? Or the size?) What does a value of -99 in the settings for ADDITIONAL CARE PACKAGE PER CIRCLE PHASE mean? (This is used in the default preset twice) If you enter a value into a numeric field which is outside the acceptable value range, it is not clamped but reverts to the previous value. For example, the default zone phase 1 DPS is 0.4 and if you try to enter 200, it reverts to 0.4 instead of clamping to the maximum allowed value, which would be 100. There is to explicit rejoin button. It's quite likely that the game hangs or crashes if you tab out, e.g. to wait for the next respawn wave in war mode. If you are forced to kill the process (taskkill /f /im "TslGame.exe") and restart the game, you are not asked to rejoin.
  2. Hey Leute, nach kurzer Forumsuche, habe ich ein vergleichbares Thema nicht finden können, also poste ich es mal. Falls es doch schon etwas in der Art gibt, bitte ignorieren und mich dorthin verweisen. Ich spiele gern mit anderen Spielern zusammen im Squad und da ich auch gern neue Bekanntschaften schließe und nicht immer Freunde online sind, trete ich auch öfters einem Squad mit 3 zufälligen Leuten bei. Es kommt leider vor, dass ein Teil des Teams den Sprachchat ordentlich zur Kommunikation nutzt und der andere Teil nur herumschreit, pöbelt oder anderweitig trollt. Es wäre unglaublich toll, wenn man die Möglichkeit hätte, einzelne Teammitglieder stumm zu schalten. Das könnte man wunderbar in einem kleinen Overlay im Spiel integrieren. Dort könnte eine Spielerliste stehen und hinter jedem ein Button für das stumm Schalten des Sprachchats. Wenn es irgendwann auch einen textbasierten Chat gibt, könnte man das auch dort hineinpacken. In dem Menü könnten zum Beispiel auch die Kills jedes Spielers stehen oder was weiß ich. Sicherlich lassen sich ein paar Dinge finden, die man sinnvoll dort unterbringen kann. Möglich wäre, dort für Squads auch den Ausrüstungsstatus unterzubringen (Rucksack, Helm, Weste) um besser den Status des Teams tracken zu können. Was haltet ihr davon? Guten Appetit, Silly
  3. So I have been playing a lot of duos lately. So I was going to play a bit of solo. I just left the team lobby I was in (I was the leader), and I think I also exited the game. After going back to the game, the button saying solo was already clicked, so I just went in thinking I was gonna play a solo game. Turns out I was put in a duo game, and I realized that after I shot a guy and only knocked him... So I go out of that match and again the solo button is clicked (I thought I accidentally had it on duo in the previous game) so I went in another time, and again it was duo... Please make it so it either actually is a solo game it puts you in when the solo button is clicked, or change the button to what's actually clicked and selected. I have now clicked solo myself, so I'm gonna test if it actually puts me in a solo this time, or if I have to click a button that's not already clicked, then click solo again.
  4. In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  5. I was checking a killed opponents AKM to see if he had any useful attachments on it. To do so I dropped my UMP9 with 4 attachments by dragging the AKM over my UMP9. The UMP9 was dropped, the AKM in my weapon slot 2 and it had no attachments, which I thought to be weird for a geared squad as our recent enemies. I picked up the UMP9 again and all my attachments were gone, neither to be found on the ground nor my inventory. Video of me picking up the AKM. Our comments only revolve around the missing attachments and the next area to move to. Recorced 05.08.2017 on v2.5.26 in Squad queue
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