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Found 8 results

  1. I don't know if this is a bug as such but if you set ADS to HOLD and hold down right click when any Animation is active it will not ADS you when the animation ends, you have to release right click and repress. This is kind of frustrating when changing weapons or even reloading. Can you set up some kind of input-queue for HOLD keys?
  2. Hi Devs I don't know if this bug was previously reported by some one else. The bug appears when you are in te start screen of the game and i think it also happens in the loading of a mach And i don't know if some else can replicate it, but basically is that, with your keyboard, if you hold the TAB key the UI flickers or moves to the left and then after a few mili-seconds y returns to normal. If you hold it without release, the bug will repeat until you unpress the TAB key on the keyboard. if you do this and then quickly unpress the TAB key at the same time it moves to the left, i will stay like that. To return it to normal you just need to press TAB again. I don't think its crucial but hope this report help others and the devs. PS: Sorry for the bad English if you need some help don't hesitate to reply or send me a message and i will try to respond ASAP.
  3. I have been playing PUBG since August of this year. Only about a week ago, I've experienced a very, VERY frustrating bug with the game. Every single time I play PUBG now, I have to deal with this, and it makes the game unplayable. When I try to move the camera, it lags so much. It will stutter and pretty much any action on the mouse will either not register, or happen 3 seconds later. This is especially frustrating in gunfights. and this is the only game where it happens. I tested all of my mice, so which I now know that this isn't anything to do with a single mouse, it's within the game. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, with no luck. I've updated graphic drivers, with no luck. I've tried using my mouse in different ports, with no luck. I've disabled mouse smoothing, with no luck. WHAT DO I DO!? I cant play the game when it does this, it is so frustrating. This is the ONLY game this happens on for me. Also, has anyone else faced this issue? Please let me any suggestions you have, otherwise I'm just gonna give up on PUBG all together.
  4. Pretty self explanatory. For instance: If you moved your actual mouse 1 inch on the x axis, on your desk, the crosshair in-game would move a certain amount(lets call that distance "α") If you moved your actual mouse 1 inch on the y axis, on your desk, the crosshair in-game would move a certain amount(lets call that distance "β") Now, in this game the values for α and β are NOT equal. In almost every other PC game I have played, the axis sensitivities are set at a 1:1 ratio. And when they aren't, there is usually a way to set it so they are equal(for example, in Fallout 4, you can set each axis separately in an .ini file. They were not set to a 1:1 ratio by default). However, especially with all the confusion over editing the .ini files for this game(PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS), I cannot figure out how to resolve this issue, and I can only assume it in unintended and, therefore, a bug. I am not certain what in-game setting affect this behaviour, if any. I have read some users claiming that the in-game FOV setting, or the in-game resolution settings affect the input sensitivity ratio, but I cannot confirm or deny that. Some users also claim they do not experience this issue, so it might not be apparent on all setups. I am 100% sure I, and other users, are not simply imagining this issue, as I and others have experienced this issue in other games previously, and have been able to resolve them.
  5. So I use very unconventional controls - my targeting key is shift, and I use right-click for forward movement. Unfortunately, the key binding for "grenade firing mode" isn't tied to "gun firing mode" so even though I use 'b' to switch firing mode, right-click still changes my grenade throwing from toss to lob. Therefore, I'll run at someone to throw a grenade and it'll change to underhand so I drop it at my feet. Needless to say, huge pain in the arse. Not sure what to search for in the 'GameUserSettings.ini' file, and it's obfuscated so yeah.. that is also a pain in the arse. Please fix this for those of us who want to use right-click for other things.
  6. Seems changing my settings from lowish (thinking id get higher frames) to high/ultra has fixed the map/inventory freezing issue. I'm guessing it was CPU bottlenecking, whereas now the map and inventory is fine with no freezing at all... I still get the ADS freeze/stutter occasionally but this seems to be tied more to a Network Lag Detected error than my input. (maybe, will need to test it more) Either way it's no where near as much as before, I jumped into a game to test it and got 4 kills without ADS lag/freeze and a comfortable top 5 finish without thinking about the issues I've been having, including Map and Inventory usage, when I had low settings it was almost unplayable and my CPU in resource monitor was consistently 90%+ If your GPU can handle the settings try bumping everything except foliage up as high as you can without compromising the frame rate of course. Seems to have worked for me so far. Looks like Low settings put a massive strain on the CPU, whereas pushing it a high/ultra combo moves that load onto the GPU, and removes the bottleneck as my CPU now runs at about 60-70% under load during gameplay. Hope this helps some of you who may have been having the map/inventory lag and sometimes ADS lag issue like I was, I was pulling my hair out over this and nearly f'n reinstalled Windows to see if it would help!
  7. Everytime I play PUBG, during play (by alt+tab) or after play, I find that my keyboard layout has changed from U.K. layout to U.S. Took me a couple of weeks to realise, but it is always when I've been playing PUBG, so I can't think of anything else it could be. Fixing this would be appreciated, and keep up the great work. Cheers Sam (AgentMilkshake1)
  8. Bug Description: When moving the mouse from side to side at any speed the camera stutters almost as if it were locked to specific degrees. Date Seen: 4/21/2017 The first two days after the new patch ran normally. Server: This is on the regular servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: My fps does not drop at all so it is not frame lag. I have played over 50 hours previously with no problems at all. Restarting the game did not fix the problem nor does restarting the pc. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game with no luck. This behavior does not occur in normal menus or in any other game that I play. Launch Options: Default Launch Options System Specifications: Pictures Attached.
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