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About Me

Found 12 results

  1. Hello PUBG-Developer, Actually I detect a small bug in case of your ingame UI. The Username is reduced ingame. For more information you can check out the picture. The orgin name was "CptHodenKlopper".
  2. so this bug has been from the start of this game, the bug is when u play duo or squad alone and u try to talk to the other players you cant hear them and they cant hear you and i cant see the mic icon when i speak
  3. This game keeps me on disappointed after disappointment, with the money you already gathered the budget you have now and results are bad and thats what we get in return. 2/5 matches the graphics in game turns white-green and If I restart the game it wont ask me reconnect back in game. I did updated my nvidia driver and I expected to be better not worse that before! Dear Developers are you even serious? Seriously hired low developers for a high demanding game. Second thing I wondered why you created a new map when you should focus only fixing things with the game itself to be stable then do the maps. The game really has a bad management on prioritizing thing. If this wont fixed, I want refound I cant play like this.
  4. 1st of all. If i join in a Solo game i have a short Loadscreen and im Instantly in the "Warm up" Phase If i go Duo or as a Squad i dont join the game, just at the end of the flight. 2nd Problem is that my Map dont load and i cant go in any Plants or sth. Because they watch like an Marschmellow. Please Fix it
  5. i mistakenly put my friends name when the game asked to create username, now i want to change my name but we cant do that. changing name is so common in games and its not even USP of games, this is a basic thing that all games have but PUBG even after getting on #1 on steam dont have this feature.
  6. So the mouse cursor just popped in game and i couldn't rotate or click anything tried alt tab right clicking and nothing works
  7. so I play with my taskbar on the leftside of my screen and I play fullscreen on PUBG, I haven't had this issue on any other game but it seems like the taskbar pushes the game to the right side even in fullscreen which leads to me having to put my cursor a ways to the right to mark things on the map or click on stuff in the UI, makes it feel very wonky and instantly discconects me from the flow of the game, it's not a huge bother but its an annoyance. Sometimes in menus if my mouse is far to the left side of my screen it'll click through the game window and open chrome, league, spotify, etc and de-fullscreen my game, leading to some annoying moments.
  8. in game battlle point bug. please fix it
  9. Bug Description: while ingame the screen constantly goes black Date Seen: 6/17/2017 the same day i bought it Server: NA server. NOT TEST Troubleshooting Attempted: drivers are upto date, closed out of game then steam and reopened Other Information: cant think of anything Launch Options: no havent changed these System Specifications: Operating System: Graphics Card: Sapphire R9 fury (2) CPU: Ram: The easiest way to get this information is to hold the windows button and R to open the run dialog, then type in "dxdiag" and take a screenshot of the "System" and "Display 1" tabs.
  10. when playing the game on fullscreen the mouse move click is in wrong position always, but only with full screen. Example when i try to click the attachment on the gun or place mark point on the map it's always move to the left of my mouse about 50~100 pixels or so
  11. Hey! I'm gonna list some glitches / Common errors I've encountered my self while playing through BETA & EA Release, if you have any other glitches or perhaps known fixes for the following, please feel free to feed-back. Bugs Game freezing for 0.50 seconds when pressing tab - FIX: Lower Foliage graphics? *Not confirmed* Houses / Buildings / Enter-able environmental features not loading in when landed from spawn, said objects left looking like un-textured melting candles. When player is caught between objects / Rocks / Walls / Bins / Ledges - A constant animation of falling is shown rendering the player completely immobile & vulnerable. Dacia vehicle sometimes spawn with bottom half of wheels in the ground - Rendering it immobile / Unusable ** BIGGEST ISSUE** VERY COMMON De-sync style lag / Rubber banding mainly when entering doorways / Entrances. Invisible wall when running / strafing - Randomly stops player from being able to move in intended direction When a player is under water they are completely invincible / Water acts as a bullet proof shield. Feel free to add any other bugs you know of! Cheers!
  12. The game crashes to desktop probably 1 in 5 games i play so the date is irrelevant, doesn't happen in any other games i play either. I haven't reported till now as i was trying all the "fixes" & it has become almost unbearable. It is happening at seemingly random times in-game as well so i couldn't pinpoint any cause. As i have said i tried all the fixes in the connection issues thread, i have re-installed also. I haven't altered any launch parameters Windows 10 home 64bit Geforce Gtx 980 Intel core i7 6700k 16gb ram
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