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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. Since the latest 28mb (Jan 2018) patch which fixes long range hit detection, close and medium range hit detection has been made worse! Kar98 damage to the head at 10-20 meters does less damage than a pistol. Kills are made impossible with current state of hit reg. I have a medium to high range PC on a mixture of low to high in-game settings.
  2. Lately, i've been having certain problems in a game where some of my bullets will just ignore my enemy and just not do damage or hit them at all. I had a game where it took me 3 shots to the head with a Kar98k to down someone, even though I had an 8 times scope and was standing still (Enemy was crouched and looting). I then proceeded to try and kill his teammate and missed 2 direct shots on his head. I know that people will say the shots weren't on target and that my skill isn't very good, yet strongly feel like there's something off about the shooting mechanic. It could also not be a bug and that the randomness simply has too many variables. It just feels wrong for someone which would have no chance at all to fight back to kill me because my bullet deviation was too high on that specific shot. In case it's not a bug, working on the numbers so that luck isn't the main component in getting a kill would be a pretty good fix! P.s: Great work with the game, love it, but these moments really just buzzkill everything.
  3. The game uses the window (or client area) position to set the mouse origin (or offset) for UI mouse movement/drawing, which oddly enough isn't necessarily the same as the position used to draw the UI. When started in (or switched to) exclusive fullscreen the game uses the position where the window (in any other mode) would be to set the mouse position/offset, when it should recalculate it's positions after a resize/startup and/or set it to the screen origin in fullscreen. I don't know what the game is doing, but the responsible function is bugged. If the taskbar is on the left of the screen then the mouse position in the UI is calculated as (mouse_x + width of taskbar), if the taskbar is on the top it's (mouse_y + height of taskbar), while the taskbar on either bottom/right has no unwanted effect. This bug results in hit detection issues in both the main menu and in game UI elements because the mouse cursor is drawn/interacts at the wrong location, forcing you to deliberately overshoot the UI element to 'hit' it, which is really annoying/easy to forget in game. Easily reproduce-able by moving the taskbar into the affected position, then changing between screen modes to see the different hitboxes in main menu UI elements. Temporary solution is to change the taskbar position to either the bottom/right, but the function is clearly bugged, because it sets the mouse origin/offset to the wrong location in exclusive fullscreen. Then again windowed/borderless fullscreen is bugged too, because the game doesn't move the window into the top left corner of the screen (the game assumes it's already there, which it isn't with a taskbar in that position) and at the same time the window probably doesn't move into a layer above the taskbar (but I haven't tried to move it there).
  4. Bug Description: When firing the shotgun, it doesn't always register the hits. Sometimes, it could just be me sucking, but I have video of 3 perfect shots not registering. Date Seen: June 18, 2017 Server: North America Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) Graphics Card: GTX 980 CPU: i7-2600k Ram: 16GB DDR3
  5. Derrake

    Hit detection

    I don't think there was any lag because as you can see i just killed a guy to my right in the beginning of the video and noticed nothing irregular. I had 55 frames throughout so it was not a performance drop either. Another thing to point out is that he hit me which leads me to believe that neither of us were lagging.
  6. I had 55 frames at the time of the shot, so it wasn't lag or performance issues...
  7. Derrake

    Hit Detection

    Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure my sight was on him when I shot.
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