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Found 6 results

  1. Почему персонажи под капюшоном лысые? На женских персонажах это выглядит отвратительно, Я прекрасно понимаю техническую сторону этого вопроса, и почему так пришлось сделать. Не прошу добавлять волосы, прошу добавить одну маленькую настройку: - Возможность "снять" капюшон по дефолту. Согласитесь, ведь так выглядит на порядок лучше. И ещё: При надевании шлема - головной убор снимается, и в случае потери шлема - у персонажа ничего не остаётся на голове. Почему бы не сделать "cкрывание" головного убора вместо снятия? Сбили шлем - вернулся изначально надетый головной убор.
  2. Vest broke in a firefight which set my capacity over the maximum As a result couldn't swap helmet or unequip the broken one before I dropped something and the error "Not enough space" comes up even though helmets don't take up any.
  3. so i just died with a one shot from an sks through a full level 3 helmet. whats the deal?
  4. I was full health with level 2 armor and level 2 helmet and was 2 shot by the ump, once in the head and once in the chest. I've had this exact fight kill me on multiple instances. I feel as if the ump is ignoring armor or helmets. Is there anyway to confirm this. Don't want to sound like I'm butt hurt about it but it does get annoying when an smg beats an ar at 50+ metres.
  5. Hello, I don't know the exact mechanics of Armor but I get very often killed way to fast with Level 3 armor and helmet. In Squad games my friends also report that the Armor durabilty don't even get a hit. So it is like they hit you in a spot which the armor has no effect. Furthermore, there are some games there people tank 3 kar shoots in body which even with level 3 armor isn't possible. So I don't know if there is a server bug but as a suggestion would be nice a Report about the last fight or a console like in CS Go to determ the problem Greetings Vlamesneaker
  6. To preface, I highly doubt this was any form of lag or even netcode issue despite there being some evidence that the fight itself was having some problems that could be described as such. It was a 1v1 fight at I'd say around 150m distance + or - 25m, enemy was using some sort of 5.56 round but not sure of the exact gun. The fight went how a decent amount of fights since the patch have gone, I headshotted/faceshotted the enemy 3 times with the M16. He lived even though I could clearly see I knocked off his level 2 helmet and his head was the only visible part of his body, then shot me once for 85-90% of my health while I had a full durability level 3 helmet equipped. I also had the ballistic mask although that doesn't seem to actually have any effect, and a very slightly damaged level 3 vest but based on the damage I'd say it was a headshot. I do realize that sometimes you can't hear multiple shots when full auto, but this was a definite single fire battle with no spamming given the distance+ good cover for both parties. Plus, the bar didn't show the damage in sections like it would have if it were multiple hits, just one massive hit. Overall, damage+hit reg seems pretty inconsistent lately. I'm not sure what changed because I used to very rarely have this problem and now it seems I run into it at least once a game whether I'm on the giving or receiving end of it. I didn't end up dying until significantly later due to rng circle putting me in a bad spot with no cover at all but I've been running into similar problems enough recently that I thought I'd report at least one clear instance of it. No video unfortunately, I never record. Hopefully this is the proper format and section to post this in, I tried to describe the situation as clearly as possible. Not really concerned with the bad hit reg since it's a well known problem but the shot I took seemed like a legitimate bug with the helmet maybe not registering? I have no idea, but I've been hit with 5.56 (even 7.62) in the head with lower levels of helmet before and not taken that kind of damage so I thought it was weird. The other guy took 3 headshots with level 2 and only one of them was questionably a neck shot, should have died either way. Oh well, just wanted to give you guys some info on current problems don't need a response or anything.
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