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Found 11 results

  1. Hit these two bangers with the M24 last night for a solo win. Wasn't even going to grab the M24 off the enemy I killed because the zone was pushing in but I'm glad I stopped for it. Anybody hit any nice shots or make some nice plays this weekend? 2xM24headshot.mp4
  2. This is something I have encountered other times but now I had the chance to record it I have no idea what is going on.
  3. Shotgun headshot did not kill the enemy?! Is this a bug or did I get unlucky?!
  4. I was playing a game with my squad and my nephew clearly KILLS a guy who literally was UN-KILLABLE. Is this a BUG or was he hacking? Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q703dMuq6bM Check at 59:40 View the comments on the video for a quick link to the shot. What do you guys think? BUG or Hacker?
  5. Let me just tell the facts right now, some parts of the head does not register when being hit, it happens to me all the time, but last game is what really got me mad at this stupid hitbox setup I was in a solo game, only me and last guy left, he dosen't see me, i go to crouch from prone, i have a kar98 with a 8x scope i aim it directly at his helmet, remember he is proned and the angle i was shooting from was sure to atleast knock his helmet off let alone kill him, the distance was about 30 meters, i fire 1 round it goes through his body into the grass... no helmet knocked off no nothing, he has now spotted me so i get behind this tree that is like 5 meters next to me, i shoot the kar98 and hit him in the chest wich was a hit, i then procced to be a retard and pull out my m4 and start spraying, and i die, but this would not have happend if the fucking headshots could register... That is all - Regards Aomine
  6. I was full health with level 2 armor and level 2 helmet and was 2 shot by the ump, once in the head and once in the chest. I've had this exact fight kill me on multiple instances. I feel as if the ump is ignoring armor or helmets. Is there anyway to confirm this. Don't want to sound like I'm butt hurt about it but it does get annoying when an smg beats an ar at 50+ metres.
  7. --- Bug Description: Dropped with the AFK'ers and this guy was unable to be killed. Thought for a moment it may have been the heads hit box registering the damage properly but the body shots as well did not down him. Hoping it is just a bug but I am worried it could be a cheat. As it would be an effective one for AFK wins.. Uploaded a youtube clip since I was recording. Date Seen: 7/5/2017 Server: Main server. Not test. Troubleshooting Attempted: Shot him more.. Other Information: Clip- (Forgive the quality lol. Practicing for maybe future uploads) Launch Options: Stock. Nothing changed at all System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: RX 580 8gb CPU: I5-6600K Ram: 16gbs THANKS!
  8. I made a video showing 2-3 headshots to the face without having any effect. This is not the only time it happends so i hope you fix this bug.
  9. I headshot a player who had no vest or helmet, and they did not die, but I sure did. I only got 4 hit points from it, which I believe translates into 20 hp. It just seems so ridiculous. I cree.
  10. So, as seen in the gif linked, I get instantly killed by a headshot from a scar despite being at full hp. Im not sure if this is a feature from headshots, because it seems weird that I never get a instant kill from headshots and I've also survived it previously and still do today. Its sort of annoying since it has happend on multiple occasions for both me and teammates when we push. Not sure if this is related, but I think the guys who have done it have always been alone, cannot confirm this however. Proof.mp4
  11. I was driving with a level 3 helmet on and i was headshoted by a guy with a kar98 and I was downed but i was stuck driving the car and couldnt be revived. I was above the tunnels to the east of the school. FeelsBadMan
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