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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Ever since the beginning of owning this game, which has been since early July 2017, I have never heard a single voice in a lobby, or been able to speak in the game either. Here is a list of my specs for my PC before I talk about the problem in depth. Intel Core i7-6900K CPU 3.20GHz 128 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SOUND Blaster Z Audio Card Windows 10 64-bit I also want to list the steps I've already taken to attempt to resolve this issue. Made sure my Voice Input device in Windows was set correctly. Made sure my Speakers were set to default. Turned Chat to "ALL" or "TEAM" Pressed ctrl-T Changed "push to talk" key binding (and then back to default) Uninstalled the game and reinstalled Uninstalled Steam and reinstalled Verified game files in Steam more than 10 times (no errors) Tried without my Audio Card Tried on another PC with no Audio Card (still doesn't work) Attempted a VPN (couldn't connect) Tried 3 other USB microphones Tried 2 quarter-inch microphones, each, plugged in to the on-board mic input, or the Sound Blaster mic input Went to %APPDATA%/LOCAL/TsIGame/Saved/WindowsNoEditor/ and opened GameUserSettings (within that I made sure that "bIsVoiceInputMute" "bIsVoiceOutputMute" were set to "False" and that "bUsePushToTalk" and "bUseGlobalVoice" were set to "True" Attempted to run Steam in Administrator mode Attempted to run TSiGame.exe in Admin (doesn't connect to server) I think it's important to note that this game is the ONLY game I have that doesn't seem to work for voice chatting. Other games in STEAM like CS:GO, Garry's Mod, Rocket League, Arma 3, and 7 Days to Die work perfectly. Non-steam games like, Battlefield 1, Battlefront, and Overwatch work perfectly. My microphone(s) also work in Skype and Discord. I have attempted to use a phone hotspot connection, thinking that maybe my firewall is blocking ports that allow me to voice chat. I would then, need to know what ports to open for this, and that hasn't been officially released. However, same story with a VPN, it didn't allow me to connect to the server to even attempt to test this. However, I was able to connect to a lobby, but saw no icon for VOIP working, and my friends also did not hear me in their lobby, so I am assuming this was unsuccessful as well. VOICE CHAT IS IMPORTANT. Many players use VOIP for tactical advantage, talking to friends, or just having fun listening to the shenanigans people do while dying, or in the lobby. It adds so much character to this game and makes it more fun and addicting. There are MANY other players who experience this problem as well, and PUBG Official Twitter posted a PSA about non-functional Voice Chat, and how it would be fixed soon. This was MONTHS ago. By the increasing number of threads related to this problem, it only seems to be getting worse. Are the developers still aware that this problem persists, and is there a fix for this issue already out, or in the works. I would love some input on this situation. Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. Why oh why does this game hate my USB headset sooooo much? I have had nothing but trouble with my Razer Kraken USB headset when playing this game (and this game ONLY). I have two audio devices that I switch between; my USB headset, and my PC speakers (analog). When I start PUBG I usually have my headset enabled as the default device and I ALWAYS have to enable, then immediately disable my PC speaker device in my Sound device manager for the audio to start playing through my headset. However sometimes, no matter what I do I can not get the audio to play through my USB headset. I can unplug/re-plug the headset, switch USB ports, restart my computer, it doesn't matter. If it doesn't want to work at that moment, it wont work. I'll usually give up and go play something else. I have tried my wife's analog headset and it works fine. After a while I will try launching the game again and the audio will work. This is REALLY frustrating because I can not find a fix, or even determine the root of the issue, but it is isolated to PUBG, I don't have this issue with any other games. Its as if the game just doesn't want to detect my headset. Has anyone had this issue or know of a fix (aside from "just buy a new headset bruh") Thanks
  3. So I just started playing PUBG (70 games or so), and I'm noticing a solid white noise in the background. It's very prominent in my Turtle Beach headset and slightly less prominent but still there in my Bose headphones. I've tried both the front the back audio ports, and this happens in no other game I play. Muting all game sound does nothing, and it immediately goes away once I close the game. I've also noticed that the noise changes slightly (appears to dim and change tone) when I go into the TAB looting. After going into and out of TAB looting multiple times very quickly, it sometimes goes away only to come back a couple seconds later. Adjusting the computer/headset volume also changes the volume of the background buzzing, so I've had to play with pretty low sound so far which is obviously a huge disadvantage. Any suggestions? I've seen a few similar posts to this on Reddit and other sites but no solutions.
  4. Hi together, so i finally bought a new headset. The Astro a50. But to be honest I really have issues in tracking down the enemy. Especially when they shoot somewhere from far behind me. Therefore my question: How did you configure your a50 software settings to improve the sound in PUBG ? Especially with regards to locate where enemies are shooting from? Right now I just use one of the three standard settings. But neither do really change/improve the localization skills.
  5. So I have a set of Astro A-40's I use for gaming. Every single game I play, I have zero issue with the sound, it's nice and loud and I can use the mix-amp to turn up or down the volume, and switch between more voice, or more game volume. This game is the only game I literally have to crank the volume on the menu bar on the pc, the mixamp, and turn my mixamp all the way to voice side everything cranked to one side, in order to hear in game, and sound in all the settings in game, is set on max also. I haven't tried my Hyper X headphones because the Mic is junk on them, but is there anything else I can do to boost the in game sound to hear more? it's difficult to even hear people that are right next to me on the other side of a wall sometimes. If I'm in a squad, we use Discord to communicate. I have to right click the peoples names and turn them all down to about 3% so their voices don't blow out my ear drums... Has anyone else had this issue?
  6. So this randomly happened yesterday out of nowhere and I have checked every sound option imaginable three times over, I either seem to get insanely low volume to the point where I can only hear the occasional gunshot, which sounds really distant or I can't hear any volume at all. Every other application I have works fine through my headset, and PUB works fine through my speakers, but for some reason just won't work through my headset. Any ideas?
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