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Found 2 results

  1. Why oh why does this game hate my USB headset sooooo much? I have had nothing but trouble with my Razer Kraken USB headset when playing this game (and this game ONLY). I have two audio devices that I switch between; my USB headset, and my PC speakers (analog). When I start PUBG I usually have my headset enabled as the default device and I ALWAYS have to enable, then immediately disable my PC speaker device in my Sound device manager for the audio to start playing through my headset. However sometimes, no matter what I do I can not get the audio to play through my USB headset. I can unplug/re-plug the headset, switch USB ports, restart my computer, it doesn't matter. If it doesn't want to work at that moment, it wont work. I'll usually give up and go play something else. I have tried my wife's analog headset and it works fine. After a while I will try launching the game again and the audio will work. This is REALLY frustrating because I can not find a fix, or even determine the root of the issue, but it is isolated to PUBG, I don't have this issue with any other games. Its as if the game just doesn't want to detect my headset. Has anyone had this issue or know of a fix (aside from "just buy a new headset bruh") Thanks
  2. So, my problem is that during for example vaulting through the windows my sound behaves in a very weird way. The sound of breaking the glass can only be heard in my right/left ear, not in 3D(in front/back of me). Same thing happens when bombs are falling. One bomb only triggers one channel, so I only hear one bomb in one ear, no 'echo' in the other one. Unless it's almost right in front of me. It really makes my head spin, you know, one bomb completely in my left ear, one only in my right ear. I found shots sometimes do that too, but it's not that difficult to stand because not every shot does behave in this specific way. I don't know if it's on my side, but I've heard a couple people also have sound issues in the new patch. Could be my drivers, or something in the game was changed recently? Heelp
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