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Found 8 results

  1. So I’m not sure if it’s my internet but since the last I’ve been landing on max distance renderings(potatoe grafics). They stay for at least 2minutes and I can float around the building like a ghost. Not only that I can see a lot of the loot and shoot through walls. just saying it might be my internet but it only started since the last update
  2. PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307926052 Eine Positive Bewertung sowie ein Daumenhoch wären im Guide erwünschswert. Aktuell haben wir eine Gewinnspielverlosung, zu Gewinnen gibt es Steam Guthaben. 1. Platz | 20€ Steam 2. Platz | 10€ Steam 3. Platz | 5€ Steam Wie kann man gewinnen? Ihr müsst den Rang 5 bei unserem TeamSpeak³ Server erreichen um automatisch für die Verlosung am 01.03.2018 teilzunehmen. Teamspeak³: ts.grafikstein.de Lg euer Grafikstein
  3. Boa tarde Estamos lidando com rollback no incio do jogo, que já é chato, mas que usam programas ilegais, como ta sendo tratado isso, 80% jogos deparo com um, e ainda tem o bug das cercas onde de um lado não leva tiro
  4. please see this clip it shows how you can easily see the opponents through walls in small corners: https://clips.twitch.tv/ArborealTrustworthyBaguetteBCWarrior
  5. I keep watching death cams and I'm not sure if its a bug or a cheat. It only seems to happen with Chinese players. And most of the time it shows a clean death cam.
  6. Não aguento mais, a cada 3 partidas, uma ter hack. "Porra cara, mas como vc sabe que é hack?" : Estou falando de hacks de "no recoil","speed hack","Wall Hack" e "Aim bot" Sim, sei que muitas vezes é possível acertar um tiro de sorte, isso acontece direto, mas eu te garanto que é impossível acertar exatamente o mesmo ponto a mais de 200-300mts de distancia. Agora eu te pergunto, pagamos R$50(valor aproximado) para jogar pubg, um jogo que já vendeu mais de 10 milhões de copias e o mais jogado na Steam. Para ficar se fustrando com hacks? E pra ser bem sincero, se fosse 1 a cada 10 jogos, tranquilo, mas 1 a cada 3, impossível. Era muito facil ganhar mais de 5-9 partidas em um dia, hj com esses hacks, quase impossível. ATÉ QUANDO VÃO FICAR FOCANDO EM ATRAIR MAIS PLAYERS DE OUTRAS PLATAFORMAS AO INVÉS DE CRIAR UM ANTI CHEAT QUE PRESTA? " PORRA CARA, MAS JA BANIRAM N SEI QUANTOS MIL PLAYERS " : Meus sinceros "foda-se" isso é o minimo que poderiam fazer. Até quando vai ter CHINES fazendo quad no solo ou no duo no server BR? Até quando vai ter tudo isso de hacks?
  7. Hi. I was in game of duos. It was the last zone with me and my teammate alive and another enemy (3 alive). We tried to rush him, as it was 2v1. We couldn't see him, but we heard him and his teammate on the voice chat. He was in the middle of the final zone. We could hear them mocking us and playing troll songs, we shot everywhere but couldn't hit. Eventually the match end timer ticked down and the zone started coming. The guy was laughing and calling us morons. I started panicking and drinking an energy drink, I saw in the "chat" my teammate died and so did the enemy. My energy drink saved me with like 1% health giving me a win, the guys then started booing me, saying I was cheating. Was that a hacker or a bug? Is anyone else having it? Please respond ASAP.
  8. So was in a duo and made it to the top 3 people and the last person was nowhere to be found. So when the gas closed all the way here is what we saw.... basically the bug either hacked or was bugged and was still alive sitting in the gas for 2 minutes while we were the last ones alive. once we died it said he died outside the play zone and gave us 2nd place... can we please figure this out. comment if you've experienced this problem before please https://gyazo.com/4881c23876050e96e48923df5a96fa35
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