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Found 5 results

  1. monkeyboi1993


    sort your fucking shit out, the update to support "rubber banding" seems to have just smoothed the gameplay but lag has actually increased. just got 6 hits with a scar, 1 or 2 in head rest in the chest on a lvl 2 vest... kill cam shows 3 hits and the guy runs up and hits me three and im dead oh and 2 of the hits were through a fucking tree. a couple of days ago i played 5 games, 4 of which i was killed by hackers, 3 recoil mods and one guy that hip fired from around 500m hitting every shot through a window and it wasnt a killcam bug because he didnt even have a scope. you apparently sorted out the bikes, they are buggier than ever, you stopped them from killing us when we stand them up, but now they seem to hit thin air and have too much oversteer (like every vehicle atm). Oh and while we are at it, the game seems to crash now more that ever....... SORT YOUR FUCKING SHIT OUT BLUEHOLE!!!!
  2. smallo92

    Fix your game

    This is beyond a joke now. Every single match today I have been killed by people who can headshot from a kilometre away through buildings and terrain. It's literally unplayable. I am out until the next patch where hopefully you have some sort of actual working anti-cheat. The guy who shot us was in a UAZ as a passenger while it was moving in the fields at Pachinki . Didn't miss a shot. Through terrain and buildings. Same thing next match, but on the desert map.
  3. Can the authorities bare this topic and let it spread like a wildfire? On behalf of the SEA, AS and KOREA/JAPAN opinion. We are experiencing major outbreaks from hackers, playing 10 matches and 10 of those games getting instant headshot without any gun shots, footstep, and get instant headshot in a secured buildings. They are scattered in these servers. Please hot fix this problem.
  4. Spak

    WHat was that?

    Was a normal game when we knocked everyone out of the area and no one but us in the area was not, but alive was one enemy which was not in the zone. In the end, there was a complete restriction zone to the size which leave us no chance of survival, so intended? And what was it?
  5. I tried using that support system to report 2 cheaters but it wont let me authorize my account. I put in the email code and nothing. So sorry but had to put this somewhere. I'm extremely surprised to find any cheaters in this game atm but I'm sure it will be dealt with. I'll be contacting the support page to fix this issue till then I would just like to post this here, my apologies. Turn on annotations for more info. First guy is aim locker second is ESP. The first is pure suspicion due to the fact that he continues to shoot even while out of line of sight. Second one the smoke was completely infront of his rock and should not have had any idea as to where I was.