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Found 16 results

  1. Kann mir einer sagen ob es normal ist das in jeder runde mindestens ein cheater dabei ist? Ich spiele nur noch gegen cheater, jede runde werde ich von 900+ Meter abgeschossen und das aus der Hüfte. Wurde ich als cheater/hacker deklatiert oder warum ist das momentan so?
  2. Literally across the map instant headshot and then my UI was bugged ONLY from that person killing me and i can't view the death cam only encountered this during this situation.
  3. Everyone! There is currently a bug/hack banning innocent players from the game, I know this because I am one of those players. Scrolling through different forums, and consistent messages about the same problem, and a rise in these cases yesterday. Please respond to to this post and do not give up if you have been wrongfully banned!
  4. Player name: Clearlove799 Obvious aim hack, sniped me through 2 km of terrain.
  5. Hello, As we probably all have encountered a cheater, the report system is really helpful for that. My concern about it is that I don't get any feedback from it if this player got banned that I encountered and reported. I have the feeling it goes into the nirvana and that makes me feel is it worth reporting!? Of course it is but if everybody is going to feel like it and people might stop reporting because there is no feedback that would be a pity. I have seen the numbers that Playerunknown and Battleye put up on Twitter but I personally encountered and reported 25+ cheaters in the last month and feel like empty because I don't know what happened if they are still playing or not. So my wish would be a feedback system if a player got banned like in counterstrike or other games. Thanks for taking the time reading.
  6. I've had my fair share of endings that have resulted in end game circles closing. But this one I feel is the only one I've ever encountered that I literally am going "This guy has to be hacking right?" To be outside zone this long? Please review this clip. I reported it already. I just want the devs to take a look. How do we report hacking that we feel is suspicious like this for instance. I assume thousands of people wont have recording proof like I did. Seems like it should be a option in the end game report menu because I didn't die to a player I couldn't report it as "Cheating" and its one hell of a way around the system. I didn't know exactly where to post this. I assumed since it relates to end game gameplay it could be reported here? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/186201704
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1182958212 I love the game, but am getting very frustrated by the influx of hackers. This is just one of many recent examples. Does reporting a hacker do anything?
  8. We were in a game today and the second circle was closing so we were running to the new safe zone and we noticed that there were only 18 people left. It was so early on that we realized there was probably a hacker. So while we were debating what to do next 2 more people died. And that was when we noticed there was no kill feed. My teammate called it out saying someone had just died, and they didn't show up on the kill feed. The rest of us looked and nobody had anything in their kill feed. I realized I hadn't seen anything the whole game. My teammate told me to make a clip so we could show later. Later on when I went to get the clip i checked it and I couldn't believe it but on the clip, there is a kill feed. None of us could see it in game. But it does show on the clip. We did end up dying to hackers at the end. But idk if they were controlling the killfeed or not. None of us had any killfeed information at all the entire game. Not sure if the clip is helpful or not, but here it is.
  9. Today I was the last person in the final circle. I check the whole play area. I could hear water, like someone was swimming. The final circle closed and I died to the play zone. I was rank #2 in the game. I am not sure if it was a game glitch or a hacker. I really hope someone can't stay outside the final circle for that long and still survive.
  10. Here's the video of me unloading roughly 8-12 bullets into this dude and he doesn't die... Just a video to see if the hit detection is ok because this dude should have died. I would have shot myself and finished myself off had I been shot that many times in my junk.
  11. How it's even possible, 2 games in a row
  12. Solo game, people started jumping out & dying instantly, it also happened to me. Also to report a hacker on this game is such crap, you have to make an account with a separate website & even then its very amateurish. Nice.
  13. Guten Morgen zusammen! Ich wollte mich mal umhören, ob ihr ebenfalls Kontakt mit Hackern, Cheatern oder ähnlichen gemacht habt. Habe gerade nach langem mal wieder eine Runde gestartet und wurde zusammen mit ca. 20 anderen, direkt nach dem Absprung aus dem Flugzeug in der Luft mit den Fäusten gekillt. Die besagte Person hat somit also 10-20 Kills bevor er überhaupt auf dem Boden gelandet ist. Wenn es einfach nur ein Bug ist, würde ich mir wünschen, dass ihr mich aufklärt! Liebe Grüße Unnutz http://steamcommunity.com/id/unnutz/
  14. So we just got into a game had some fun killed some people until it came down to 3 people when the only people that were in the safezone we me and my squad mate. Later when the safezone finally collapsed the guy died as soon as we died. I don't think its more of a hacker issue but more of a bug. I'd like to get this fixed midly soon so others don't get screwed over like us. Anyways thanks and a good game despite the bugs needing to be fixed. A video is here for proof as well. The guys name is also in the chat if it's a hacker issue dwm_03_28.2017_-_20_38_48_53.mp4
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