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Found 3 results

  1. Now that you introducing the laserpointer I want to say I like its concept. What I don't like is the way the attachment slots work for this game right now. I have an idea that would maybe make people re-think their loadout more and make the gunplay more varied later in the game. Change the weapon attachment system by making the weapons take more attachments. Example; M416 you should be able to attach a sight like red dot and a scope like the 4X at the same time without going to the inventory. So add another attachment slot for sights to the AR's and DMR's. That would make the gunplay, more fluid and you could maybe take an Uzi or another close range gun as the second main gun for pushing houses and other extreme close quarter battles. I would make this two scope & sight slot as a thing for the guns with a more advanced rail system like M416, Mutant, Beryl, SCAR-L, SKS etc. You are now implementing the laser-sight for a underbarrel attachment, which in your current vision "sacrifices" the grips for the guns. I don't see a lot of benefit from this and see why people would use this for AR's instead of grips. You should make this not for the grip slot and make it as a real upgrade for the guns and in the same time "a cool visual upgrade" at the same time. You could now see players being really geared up so that he has the laser sight, grips, sights and everything. I would make the "laser sight slot" as a unique attachment slot for guns like shotguns, pistols, AR's, SMG's and DMR's without it taking an attachment slot from the grips. You could later on keep introducing new attachment for this "laser pointer" attachment slot and keep it like this for now. I like the idea of it reducing hip fire recoil and spread so it would be more viable to hip fire or as you could say "spray and pray" in extreme close combat situations.
  2. Did a quick resaerch and didn´t find anything similar. If you reload a gun it is possibel to shoot 2 magazins without break, As Exampel SHOTGUN S686 If you Shoot the first bullet then start the reloading and spam mouse 1 , if the animation finished he shoot the last bullet before the couter resets to 2 and u can shoot another 2 bullets without pause. need some tries to get the timing right. if you need i will provide video proof later at the day. my experience with coding is not big but i think the problem is like that (simplified) n=1 Start reloading finisch reloading n=2 and it schould be something like n=1 Start reloading n=0 Finish reloading n=2 keep up with your work and make the game better i appreciate your work greetz STALLIN
  3. Bug Description: Severe Frame drop occurs when aiming down sight, not every time but often enough for it to matter. Date Seen: 3/23/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 980TI CPU: Intel i5 6600K Ram: Corsair LPX 8GB
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