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Found 17 results

  1. During pretty much all of my games some time in, red dot, 2x or my holographic sight bugs out and becomes very blurry. Once it happens it lasts for the entire game.. For the red dot even a red cross appears in the scope.. See pictures for examples. Does anyone have a temporary fix for this problem? I've tried changing pretty much all settings in the game which don't affect the issue.
  2. Hi, Downloaded the game, started playing it and although I picked up the right ammo for the specific weapon, I was unable to load the ammo into the weapon. I have read that due to a certain bug you might have to lad it twice and I have tried that too but it does not do anything. Needless to say it's a bit annoying and frustrating when people kill you with a frying pan while you have a shotgun and can't use it. Anyone came across with this? Any fixes? Thanks
  3. If you throw it away while reloading Win 94, reload motion will not end. This is a proof video
  4. Bug Description: Tommy gun show a different animation in third and first person while running; when in third person, the character holds the weapon vertically with one hand, but in first person he holds it with both hands horizontally. Also, the vertical grip is a little bit off in the inventory when attached to the Tommy. Date Seen: 06th December 2017 Server: Test server System Specifications:
  5. Date Seen:09/16/2017 Server: EU-Server (Live) Error Message: - Other Information: It appears with and without clothing. Troubleshooting Attempted: - Launch Options: - System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 TI CPU: i5-4690K Ram: 16GB As you can see in the picture my own sholder appears on the screen when aiming down sights with the Tommy Gun. Doesn't matter whether i wear clothes or not.
  6. Question attached in poll: Does your mouse click not make the gun fire more often than not?
  7. Bug Description: After exiting the vehicle, I pull the trigger and the game refuses to shoot for a while until about a second after being outside a car. It is a gamebreaking bug that causes the player to lose a gunfight despite them trying to fight. Here is a video of the bug Date seen: 8/8/17 at 1:30 am Server: Regular servers Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing as I am not able to control the bug Other Information: Possible connection to netcode/desync? Unsure Launch Options: No launch options have been used System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Graphics Card: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming 8G CPU:Intel i5-6500 Ram: 16gb DDR4
  8. Whilst still in the reloading animation loop for a pump action shotgun, if the user picks up an AR, the new weapon will become stuck in the shotgun reload loop. Fixed by picking up AR ammo and swapping weapons. Haven't tried to see if this is specific to this weapon combination or any time a weapon swap is performed during an active reload.
  9. Yesterday, 8-2-17 on the new NA FP test server, the very first gun I picked up was an M4. My hands came up as if holding a gun but there was nothing in them. I saw the gun icon on the bottom of the screen it said 0 because I hadn't reloaded. I tried pressing reload to see if the gun would appear. Nothing happened. I pressed X to put my gun away and my empty hands went down and then presto, I pressed X again and my hands came up with a gun in them. Victory! This could be a very game changing bug early game when everyone's trying to loot fast for kills. Specs: 1060 AMD Ryzen 5 1500x 8gb RAM
  10. i got bullets and micro uzi ,i pressed R to reload frequently but its was reloading.Than i have to restart the game.
  11. Note the reticle pointed directly at the enemy's head. Note the spark of the shot impacting the wall a couple of feet above the reticle. Things seem to get wonky in general when you are so close to an enemy that you're touching.
  12. Hey guys. I have had a problem since release where sometimes ill sight someone in and click my mouse to shoot, but nothing will happen. sometimes at its worst ill have to click to shoot three times before the gun actually fires. this has lead to me getting screwed with 5 or so people remaining multiple times. anyone have a clue what's wrong or how to fix it? feedback is greatly appreciated.
  13. If you reload an S1896 completely, the final shotgun shell is not chambered/pumped as part of the reload animation. The only way to pump it to chamber a shell is by actually firing the gun. This means that there are times when you're fighting people and instead of a fully armed and ready shotgun, you have to pump it once. Many times, I am pointing directly at someone and the gun pumps instead of fires. I figured others have written about this before, however, I feel so inclined to report this because this issue recently killed my team. I was in a position to kill the last person on an opposing team and instead my shotgun chambered a round when I pressed mouse one instead of firing. Hence, I died when he turned around and shot my in the face. The pump action is honestly one of my favorite guns, but this bug is really a life-or-death sort of thing and needs to be fixed. Please just add the final pump to the reload animation instead of when you fire the first round after a reload.
  14. Metallatka

    no ammo bug

    Hi! I have an issue that makes the game unplayable for me. So when I equip a gun and any ammo for that, it doesn't add to my gun but it's in my invertory. Could anyone help me?
  15. I see someone and hop out of my buggy and can't hear him again for one second and he starts firing me but I hear that gun sound come from left of me. I got confused and look left of me but gun sound decreased(silencer?) and I almost died. At last second I see him firing and I died.
  16. I dont know is this comon bug, but sometimes when i want to change gun and i click on keybord or scrol mouse to get second gun in hand its not changing it, For the worst when i change its giving me empty hands and when i want to undo change or change for any weapon its not changing at all . After some long time it change gun randomly like im clicking first weapon and it change for second ( after empty hands ) its annoying exacly when your going to building and you want change for shooty and its changing for empty hands and you cant have any weapon in your hands for some time . Is someone have the same ?
  17. Hi there. This is my first bug report and I'm not really sure whether it was indeed a bug or a mistake on my end, however I was in a gun fight with another player and I hid behind a vehicle I'd previously just driven. I was standing behind the rear wheels of a 4x4 Jeep with the intention of hiding from the player, however not only did they see me, they shot me through the vehicle without even looking in my direction for very long. I'm absolutely certain I was in the correct position to block all line of sight to my character, though perhaps not. When I died, my Jeep also disappeared immediately as well. It feels like there might have been a delay in response time for where I'd placed my vehicle and for where the vehicle appeared on the other player's screen but they never even bat an eye when they looked in my direction, just fired away.
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