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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, the other day I was crawling in the high grass spying on enemies from an elevated spot. I could hardly see them through my scope with all the grass in the way when suddenly I got shot from behind. There were only 4 people left in the game and I was curious how I was spotted, so I checked the killcam. Turned out that the guy killed me from afar looking through his 4x scope which didnt display any vegetation at all, like I was crawling on a naked rock... this was quite annoying to say the least...after playing what? 30 minutes?... 30 minutes wasted! I came to ask if anyone else made a similar experience and of course I hope that this behavior will be fixed in the future Cheers
  2. I found a fix for the issue here, but the game should already handle this for everyone who doesn't apply this fix: This is also probably the cause of a lot of people complaining about anti-aliasing when it's really the operating system's scaling working incorrectly with the game.
  3. the grass doesn't appear from 100 meter or so.i had a ghillie suit but it was useless because of this bug or ingame setting. i don't know if it's in the setting of the game or it's a bug i changed my setting from ultra to low to see if that's the problem but it's not. after 100 meter or so there is no grass, there is only in 100 meter or so perimeter, even when you move. can you please fix this.
  4. So grass rendering distance seems to be around 75 meters from player. This completely ruins competitive gameplay as it gives massive advantage to anyone beyond 75 meters away from you. You may be laying in thick grass or wheat and everyone far enough will clearly see you and scope makes it easy kill. This makes staying prone, using foilage and ghillie suit useless until last two circles. Changing graphics options make no difference. This bug is present since test server update that switched to UE 4.16 and brought us variable zoom and killcam. I reported it back then, and also saw multiple forum posts about this. Right now i don't see any point playing this game competitively unless this bug is fixed. I ask everyone reading this to report bug this to developers on all possible channels and media, hopefully they will realize how much this breaks the game and has to be fixed asap.
  5. PUBG Grass BUG!!!1) C:\Users\kullanıcıadı\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor 'Open2) engine.ini ' Open3) [/script/engine.renderersettings]foliage.LODDistanceScaleGrass=0 Fix İt Plss
  6. Bug Description: When you're moving outside and jump, you can hear the sound from grass and footsteps as if you were still running on the ground. Date Seen: It's been there for a while. Server: Public server - EU and NA Troubleshooting Attempted: None. Other Information: Any other information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing. Launch Options: Nothing changed
  7. Basically as the title says, I was hiding in some yellow grass or barley or whatever it is, and I hear some shooting to my right. I pull out the VSS and scope in, and my screen turned brown and sort of wavy. I figured it was the grass blocking my scope at first, so I scooted left and zoomed back in. Brown wavy block showed up on my screen again, covering nearly the whole thing. I repeated this several times thinking the grass was blocking me over and over, when all of a sudden some shooting happens to my left. My friend who was spectating me said something akin to "holy shit he got rekt" and I was like "who did?" because my screen was brown. He told me the guy in the middle of my scope got shot while I was seeing brown and couldn't see the enemy whatsoever. This lead me to believe that only I was seeing the brown, which makes me think it's some sort of glitch. Is foliage rendering client-side? I play on very low settings for higher fps so I expected if anything I would be seeing equal or LESS foliage than him, but apparently there was a big brown square covering my screen repeatedly that nobody else could see through spectating? Is this an issue on my end, like some sort of hardware issue or something? Or was this a glitch on the game's end?
  8. Player is so much visible from a distance lying on a ground as an dark dot. Being in a grass you as an player expecting blending with a ground. Even if you are blending with a grass nicely from your perspective you are visible as a dark point from a distance. Keeping grass rendering in this huge distance probably isn't good idea at this point. Game is running in older machines and its awesome to keep this in mind. But you could add few nodes in Character's material's to change colour with a view distance like lower contrast, blend diffuse with a bit with Blue/Green to fake grass blending and atmosphere?
  9. A friend and me encountered floating grass near zharki. We both experienced it, so it wasn't a temporary bug or anything.
  10. i fired a whole clip of m416 at a guy but the only thing i was hitting was this blade of grass in front of me. he didnt seem to have any issues killing me though. https://clips.twitch.tv/EnergeticAcceptableEmuDBstyle what?
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