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Found 16 results

  1. Device specs Alienware R3 15" 2017 CPU: 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ (quad-core, 6MB Cache, )Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB GDDR5); Intel Graphics 630RAM: 16GB DDR4 (2,400MHz, ) Date Seen:Every game on new laptop (mid summer) Server: Live server - EU Other Information: This color rings presents at all weather conditions in game Troubleshooting Attempted: Reinstalled almost everything on laptop (few times) tried to change every option in game at "graphics" - didn't helped Launch Options: No options
  2. Sooooooo i ran into this bug a couple of times. Basicly, there is an 90% chance that the sky and other surroudings are completely white like a VERY thick fog when I join a game. Tried everything I could didnt work tho... Got questions? ASK ME!
  3. This game keeps me on disappointed after disappointment, with the money you already gathered the budget you have now and results are bad and thats what we get in return. 2/5 matches the graphics in game turns white-green and If I restart the game it wont ask me reconnect back in game. I did updated my nvidia driver and I expected to be better not worse that before! Dear Developers are you even serious? Seriously hired low developers for a high demanding game. Second thing I wondered why you created a new map when you should focus only fixing things with the game itself to be stable then do the maps. The game really has a bad management on prioritizing thing. If this wont fixed, I want refound I cant play like this.
  4. My menu in the lobby or inventory screen is terrible flickering. Also i got black bars where i think that they shouldnt be. My inventory often disappears aswell. I uploaded a video where u can clearly see the problem: http://sendvid.com/mmf0ez4w I'm running 2x 1080.
  5. There are always blue dots when playing, have already tried everything, uninstall, change settings. Please help, thank you!
  6. I get this weird looking horizontal lines in game , like an old tv sort of thing. I'm using a GTX 1060 and i only get the lines in the game. Not else where. Running my game on a Predator X34A Ultrawide at a 100hz. Is it a bug?
  7. When standing on any of the objects NW of the school on the second floor you can watch over the roof giving you a clear visual on Rohzok hill and several other spots
  8. Happens with 10 seconds left in clip here: https://clips.twitch.tv/FuriousNimbleNightingalePoooound You'll see it on the garage building.
  9. Hello, i want to report a Bug. Bug Description: When i look in the distance or in the sea, i get these black or transparent artefacts, that look like squares(Screenshots) Date Seen: Since i started playing, 23.05.2017 Server: I play on the stable Servers Troubleshooting Attempted: Completly deinstalled graphic drivers ans reinstalled them again, switched graphics in the game from high to low, reeinstalled Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2015, reinstalled the game multiple times. Other Information: I have seen a similar case in GTA 5 from another player, where the same bug appeard and he stated, that after a bug update from Rockstar Games this bug was gone. Unfortunately I can not find the link to this forum anymore. My GPU isn´t overclocked. Launch Options: No changes here System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 64bit Graphics Card:AMD Radeon R9 280X CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3,60 GHz Ram: 16 GB DDR3 Hope you can help me.
  10. Since the latest patch I am now experiencing major graphical artifacts that I've never seen before. -The entire screen randomly and continuously flashes black as if I were alt-tabbing. -There are random and frequent thin black horizontal bars that flash. -There are multiple tiny pixel-like artifacts that randomize and flash throughout the entire screen. First person vs third person has no change on the artifacts. I've tweaked my graphics settings with no change as well. Tried playing in windowed mode, no change. I do not get the artifacts in other games and did not get them in PUBG until the recent patch. I run a GTX 970. The game is currently unplayable unfortunately. I can't screen shot because the artifacts execute too quickly and the screen flash screenshot would just be a black screen.
  11. Ever since monthly update #4 (August 3, 2017), I noticed that you can no longer see the arrow of the teammate you are spectating. I only have photos of a duo, but the bug is in squads as well. (Don't mind the the blue lines, I just blurred our names out.)
  12. Date Seen: July 27th Server: Live Server - Both EU & AS Error Message: Does Not Give Error Other Information: See below video - this can be done on any garage building with roof access via stairs. Troubleshooting Attempted: In the video I did some leaning, moving around, for the team to try and determine the boundaries of the issue. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro | Graphics Card: 980TI | CPU: Intel i7-5820k | Ram: 16GB
  13. Bug Description: This issue I got with latest update, I haven't game graphic artefacts or bugs, only bug in display menu. Watch screenshot. Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 System Specifications:Operating System: Win10 Pro (licensed latest updates)Graphics Card: x2 1080Ti SLI MSI AERO (OC 2050Mhz core, 5887 Clock Memory)CPU: i7-7700K OC 5.0Ghz (AVX 4.8Ghz)Ram: Corsair CMK32GX4M4B4000C19R 3600Mhz 18-20-20-40 timings SSD: Samsung 960 Pro 1Tb (Paging file: 800Mb)
  14. Everything is OK before matching As soon as the matching is done, my screen turns into something like the image I uploaded I even re-installed my Windows 10 (64bit), but it didn't help I am using GTX1070 with latest driver, i7-6700K CPU Can I fix this and enjoy Battleground?
  15. We were driving buggy and then some guys started to shoot us and we got little bit damage. After that we had a damage animation and sound bug in every minute until we die. There were a gun sound then blood and damage sound as ah!. However our hp was not dropping. There is another bug that the view has been broken so I can't move freely around. I was going in walls etc. I could see everything in the world. There is 2 images for this bug.
  16. Hi everyone (sorry for my english) I have a problem with my two graphics cards into my Laptop. I know my game is running with my Intel card because my FPS are very Low in the main menu... I know this because i can't choose my screen resolution as well. Sometimes, randomly the game is running with my NVIDIA 960M because i see my "1920x1080" in my setings and my game runs with 60FPS perfectly ! How can i fix it ? I would like to stay on my Nvidia card everytime... I hvae already change settings in my Nvidia Control Panel but it doesn't works, my game still running with my intel card... Thanks
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