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Found 13 results

  1. Here’s what I’ve come across so far that makes this game some what unplayable. I understand it’s still beta phase and adjustments and recalibrations are necessary before full release but this is what I’ve encountered so far. - Glitching: (Game Crashes) : Half way through a game session, the Game will systematically crash. This happens maybe every few games but it means closing the game down and restarting in the hope that you come back alive and well. In some cases, when you return and you’ve died, a pop up will give you the choice to rejoin in, in which you will be stuck at the lobby screen, staring into the distance. In other cases, the pop up may not appear at all to rejoin but one will appear after you’ve died to tell you so. If you are playing duos or squads and the game crashes, the game will give you a pop up allowing you to spectate, only this will send you back to the lobby screen, staring into the distance. - (Driving) : While Driving through the map, I’ve come across a few hills except on the occasion of trying to drive up them, my vehicle seems to hit an invisible brick wall and refused to go further, so I have to detour and find another way to drive up. In other cases however, the Driving is smooth until my vehicle decides to flip on flat ground. The way this happens is quite amusing, not while being shot at by the other players in the session however. - (HitBoxes) All Characters have the same hit box however on some occasions, firing at an enemy with the same weapon as you seems to fail even after hitting them with the perfect headshot with a shotgun. You’re dead and the other player is running off with all your loot and other items simply because for some reason, your headshot hit didn’t recognise. The Hit Box on Vehicle is also nigh on impossible until they’re driving anything less than 20Kph or they’re stationary. Either way, head shots or face shots don’t mean much when you’ve got an UAZ Flying towards you. - (Environment) Graphics and performance get better with time however, firing a weapon through a broken door or a stair rail for example seems to be once again, like firing at a invisible brick wall and your rounds seemingly bounce off these items and waste your precious ammunition. As far as grenades go, throwing that perfect swing, aiming straight through the window to your unsuspecting enemy doesn’t always work in the way you want it too. Especially after said grenade, bounces off the window ledge, back down between your legs and explodes, killing you instantly and sending you straight back to level 1 again. - (BP and Reward Boxes) After every game, you receive BP or Battleground Points to customise your character and buy your Rewards crates, granting you the ability to change the appearance of your character and also trying to acquire that fluffy jacket you’ve had your eyes on for a while. However, especially after gaining yourself a hard fought chicken dinner or a place within the top ten. Any BP amount over 400 will subsequently be lost by the system and you will not receive it meaning that all the effort put into the last game was for nothing and you’re no closer to the fluffy jacket you love than before. However, every buy on the reward crate doubles the amount needed for next time, only the chances of better gear do not raise with the amount spent as all items for rewards are common. meaning spending 4800BP on a white tank top seems rather pointless. Being giving a random crate out of the 4 to choose from also dampens the mood when you receive a pair of high tops you didn’t really want. Anything you’ve come across yourself, please post below so we can get these issues fixed and on the way to the full release. Thank you and happy hunting!
  2. I know it’s pre beta or beta I don’t know... But it’s beyond my comprehension on how a game can make millions of dollars in a month that a game has been released and fixes nothing that needs fixed besides lag. But just has to add things that don’t matter nearly as much such as adding a star by the squad or duo host name... I’m also curious on what possessed you guys in adding a 1 man squad, 2 land squad or 3 man squad... ?? but anyway, So I kill a guy at the supply create and go to loot his body and create and when I go to loot that area it either 1) had me loot the dead body and he had a ton of shit “pick up vicinity” section or tab 2) loot the create and that had a ton of shit in the “pick up vicinity” section or tab 3) it put everything together in the “pick up vicinity” tab, section... either way, I guess there were too many items In the “pick up vicinity” tab/section and it made it to where you have to scroll down to see all that is in the vicinity... When I try to scroll for some reason the game switched tabs/sections within the HUD. So it went from “pick up vicinity” to the section where it shows what weapons I have to the section of what gear I had in my inventory, etc... So I couldn’t pick up what I wanted to that was on the ground in the “pick up vicinity” tab because it would switch to the other tabs when I would try to scroll in spoken tab... then I died... —————————————————————————— Issue 2) I play in 3rd person... when I aim down sight with a gun and I want to quickly run away I have to 1) press the left bumper to cancel my guy looking down sight.. 2) press right bumper get out of first person(even though I was in 3rd) 3) press “B” to stand up because you have to be standing to run 4) press the left thumb stick to run... that’s a “4” step process to simply run away.. thats a 30 second process. I can literally put the controller down, walk to the bathroom piss, was my hands and get under the nails, dry my hands and walk back to my controller and play a game of Rocket League faster than that.. It doesn’t help that the your character is 5 seconds delayed as well. If if I wanted to mash 11 buttons in a row to pull off a simple command I’d go downstairs, pull out my PS1 and play Street Fighter and do a special move... It’s like I’m trying to im trying to do a combo on Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3... I’ve got a crazy alternative to all this.... Now bare with it may sound crazy but get this... click the left left thumb stick down... Boom magic. and to give that little “lean over” motion that that button already applies for that no one uses, change that to something else... like the D pad while zoomed in... problem solved. Now you make everyone happy at the expense of pissing off 3 people world wide who uses that “lean over shit” or or orrrrrr you can just put into the control setting and let you change it to that option where you can have the player chose what buttons do what, within reason.... then now no one’s mad... The little things
  3. Super funny glitch, check it out here ------->
  4. I just want to start by saying, I understand this is a game preview & is currently in early access. I am grateful for the opportunity to play this game on console, HOWEVER it is basically unplayable at this time. Bug Description: The game seems to crash every other time I join a lobby. When its not freezing and sending me to the xbox home screen its lagging so bad i take two steps forward and 3 steps backwards. I have noticed some of my friends get the crash more than others and I have noticed that the crash happens more often around car sounds, heavy gun fire, or a mix of a lot of loud noises and other players together. This is extremely annoying after 30 mins of scavenging for awesome weapons and scopes, for the first shot to cause your game to explode and send you to the home screen. Date Seen: since launch on xbox one. Server: Xbox one, North America Troubleshooting Attempted: Turned off broadcast/capture settings. Power cycle xbox console. reset modem. Close all other xbox one programs/apps. only thing I have not tried is uninstalling the game and reinstalling. System Specifications: Xbox one (OG) 1T Edit: Also, the game takes a few seconds usually to render while parachuting. Been having some issues where I land on top of a building and I go straight through the roof. Some times its no big deal as I am on the next level of the building. However, from time to time I will land on a building, for example in the military base, some of which you cant access the second floor... I've been trapped several times in buildings as wells as stuck halfway in a roof when the game rendered, ultimately leading to my death
  5. Ponytail floats above and behind player model and can give away position
  6. I don't know if this bug is already in the process of being fixed, since it seems really major but i decided to report it anyway. Recently my game crashed when I was queing with four of my mates. I joined again, at the exact time, they were teleported on to the planes, but I was left on the starting island. While the other people were exploring the main islands, I could go around and loot/interact with the things on the island. Shortly after that i died to the zone.
  7. Here is a glitch i found that lets you get under the map at any time and never lose. this needs to be fixed soon thanks.
  8. I made a Video showing this weird glitch with the honking of a Jeep's horn. It's quite funny and could be used tactically to suppress footstep sounds but the person who did it does not hear the honking which is way too over powered right now. I didn't show how it was over powered in this video but a glitch is a glitch and I'm showing it so it can be patched
  9. Just some of the glitches I have experienced in the last month or so of playing, I hope my video can help in patching them or finding new bugs you haven't seen before.
  10. Durn

    "Head Glitching"

    Now I thought this wouldnt be a problem with the game, due to your rifle being held up by the player model when you are too close to a wall or low cover. I can only imagine this to be a mechanic to eliminate the infamous "Head Glitch" that fps' suffer. Kinda like how in planetside 2, the bullets come out of the character's eyes, allowing you to have just a cm of your head sticking from cover, allowing you to shoot enemy players with only the top of your head sticking out. I encounter this problem in the concrete trenches of Pochinki. I was engaged in a firefight with another team inside the trenches. He and I were taking cover behind the wooden pallets that are stacked to allow you exit said trenches. As I zoomed in with my 4x, I saw the top of his head sticking out from behind the pallets, much to small to hit him accurately. He started to shoot at me, at first I couldnt believe that with only the top of his head visible, surely there couldn't be a possible way for him to shoot me. Alas he did. A suspicious set of circumstances to be sure, at first I thought that head glitching is possible; now im starting to think it was simply the location that allows head glitching. If the game had a debug mode that allows you to enter the map and spawn idle player models and spawn weapons, I would test the theory myself. Whining about it on a forum is all I have for now. I hope that if this problem exists (Or I just encounter a once in a life time bug) it gets patched as soon as possible. (At the time of writing this, the AKM compensator glitch is still a problem, in case it matters)
  11. Hey! I'm gonna list some glitches / Common errors I've encountered my self while playing through BETA & EA Release, if you have any other glitches or perhaps known fixes for the following, please feel free to feed-back. Bugs Game freezing for 0.50 seconds when pressing tab - FIX: Lower Foliage graphics? *Not confirmed* Houses / Buildings / Enter-able environmental features not loading in when landed from spawn, said objects left looking like un-textured melting candles. When player is caught between objects / Rocks / Walls / Bins / Ledges - A constant animation of falling is shown rendering the player completely immobile & vulnerable. Dacia vehicle sometimes spawn with bottom half of wheels in the ground - Rendering it immobile / Unusable ** BIGGEST ISSUE** VERY COMMON De-sync style lag / Rubber banding mainly when entering doorways / Entrances. Invisible wall when running / strafing - Randomly stops player from being able to move in intended direction When a player is under water they are completely invincible / Water acts as a bullet proof shield. Feel free to add any other bugs you know of! Cheers!
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