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Found 294 results

  1. Firstly a motorcycle that haven't even shoot to it's wheels can't possibly be pop, so how is went I shoot a guy not the motorcycle, the motorcycle runs like normal but looks like has a tire pop with the tire on, and how its even doing the sound of a pop tire, you need to rebalance the Motorcycles cause right now the motorcycle I was using didn't properly Make a flip nor did lane fine cause went I try control it in move at is own accord not letting me control it, so please fix this I'll send the clip later on. Thank you for listening, Katashi
  2. Ok, so everything was find it loads faster that before everything is find with the connection, but it keeps kicking me out, no ask about the connection, cause it does the same went connected directly to the internet by cable so, that's not the problem, you guys still have the bug of you go to claim your reward and it kicks you put before you do something and keeps doing it, please is getting frustrating and annoying already, and I not want to quit a awesome game. My game tag is: SanekiKatashi. Please the problem is in your end connecting me to the game, not my internet. Please @PUBG_Andymh5 , tell the dev team about this big problem, is not my connection, my connection works perfectly fine. Thanks for listening. Sincerely, Katashi
  3. Matchmaking is broken, sometimes I go to solo and it's saids Solo, but instead send you either Dous or Squads, in Solo without no one, and after you die it tells you another player was with you went it there wasn't anyone with me, this is has well has to do with the bug that doesn't show you your friends, and has well the person went it down or die never appeared in the screen, I can't go and play Solo anymore cause of this problem, please fix this. @PUBG_Andymh5 I am not the only one having this problem. Please notify the devs team, so they can work something out.
  4. Ok so I not have problems that someone kill me, but if he wasn't where he kill me, and before Killing me was far, and for some odd reason after I cover he starts running through me, I have to hear him come, not because some odd glitch you guys have with the sound of the beach in Sanhok, I can even hear a his footsteps and went I hear them I am dead, so tell me that PUBG, oh he seems to know this glitch very well to be almost with nothing on him, and it really frustrates me that there's a Glitch/Bug that makes footsteps silence, please patch this and fast, Vid in link bellow: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgACmcJ_GRTjqwJWaiHn8vtaZPIX
  5. Ok so, apparently there's this problem if you're in the blue zone and it is Phase 2 went the timer is on for Phase 3 or is already Phase 3 and you're far from the circle, and you need to heal it wouldn't let you and everything stops, the damage of the blue zone, you can't heal in anyway and the only thing you can do is drive, kill someone or kill your self, either way you will die instantly no matter what you do, so I am wondering if anyone can tell me what happened here, cause I didn't even lag, nothing happened is like the game kill you, more importantly the game run fine before this happened, it happen in Miramar. There's more problems in this map, if you are in a motorcycle, not use it, until the devs fix the desync on Miramar, it makes you more faster that the game's loading system. **Example: If the loading system of the terrain and buildings are 100fps, if you use the normal motorcycle you go like 200fps more that the loading system, this makes you trespass wall and buildings and if the Loading System goes the same Fps of the motorcycle in just a second even if you survive and go more faster the Loading System Fps, in that time you may just die without knowing or blowup cause you got stuck inside the building/wall. **That was just a sample of what happened to me and many others, not a real time for frame. Devs please I know you want to put new content and many good things, but I think is better to fix the problems the game has FIRST, before any update of new content, cause putting new content first priority is a bad a idea, regarding of the problems the game has, so please I know you won't stop the update of Jun, 27 but if that update does the same has the last one before the "HotFix", that will be bad for the game and us gamers, and that will be really bad on your end, and I won't like to quit the game, cause no one is playing it, please has a gamer I love PUBG and I'll keep playing it until I can't play it, So please devs fix the problems first after the update of Jun 27, before any other update of new content. Thank you for listening: Katashi
  6. After you open PUBG and you go to Start a match, if you play it or kicks you out of the match it doesn't matter, the bug after you finish your match or you got kick out of the match before you can even play the match, the bug/glitch will come, you can close the game completely so you can fix it but it will come back after you play eventually, if you go to the season rewards area went the bug/glitch is active I'll kick you out to the Title Screen, please fix this I can give you pictures or anything else cause you not allow more that 22mb so, please fix this
  7. I have spawned at several cities, Tovar, villa, castle, mount krezinc. Everywhere I have a footstep audio bug where I don’t hear my own footsteps or enemy footsteps. Not only in houses but outside too. I was on top a mountain and couldn’t hear my own footsteps. This is a huge problem. You can hear something but it’s not footsteps it’s like ruffling like your crawling every couple seconds.
  8. *please ignore all the senseless tags in the Title and any grammer errors or confusing wording...(I just wanted to get the post noticed up as quick as possible!) I just tested this out and it currently is a working glitch/bug and needs a hotfix asap! I do not know how long this has been working for but saw a comment about the glitch so I ran a training match and stayed the entire time. "The glitch is just to complete the entire Training Grounds match (30 minutes.) So upon finishing the 30 minute match of training you get: UNDER STATS after one finished match you earn a match played for solo and overall two wins for solo and overall You also earn no BP and no other stats were saved after this test I'm 99.9% sure. I do not want to talk about stats in here because it got me in trouble recently so just going to say this....I have well over 1000 solos played on PUBG, this is game changing for me. I have many IRL friends with zero solo wins, as well as many other players that do not have a single either. I think SOLO's is the toughest game mode to win in. I PRAY that Bluehole can hotfix this ASAP! I came across a comment in a video so who knows how long this has been going on for. Please fix Bluehole please please please !
  9. Doesn't allow me to manually jump out of the plane, only way to leave this is by being auto kicked from the plane at the end of the flight path.
  10. No idea what made this happen...
  11. Bug Description: I can't use the Tommy Gun because of this bug that happens to me ALL the time. Please fix it! Here is a link to a video that will help you so much to know what I what to mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWSLgj9wv5g . PLEASE so much watch the video to see what I want to mean. Date Seen: 16-Mar-2018 Server: Live Server Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried to restart my game. But this is happening all the time I use the Tommy Gun. Other Information: It is relevant because it is unplayable to play with the Tommy Gun with that suit. Launch Options: -refresh 60 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1070 8GB CPU: i7 7700 Ram: 16 GB RAM
  12. Bug Description: You can vault over the wooden crates at the bottom of the stairs at the big Prison building but you can't vault back over them. Date Seen: 1/19/18 Server: NA SQUAD FPP Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried jumping over both stacks of crates in a few different ways. Tried jumping on top of each other. Other Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HmWSYG2EkE Launch Options: nope System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB CPU: intel 4790k @ 4.4 Ghz Ram: 16 GB
  13. I have dual GTX 970 sli enabled. Whenever I have sli enabled, the game seem to run better which is good. BUT... when I'm in the main menu, it's all screwy. When I'm scrolling through my items in the inventory, some items stay where they are some lag and go to the middle. Some disappear until I put my mouse over it and it appears on screen. When ever I open and close any tabs in the main menu, it stutters and leaves almost like a shadow behind. This includes opening friends list and the play button options. Sometimes nothing is visible and it's black in the tabs (just the tabs when I open it). This all goes away if I disable sli. ALL of my drivers are up to date. I've tried pretty much everything out there for improving performance etc like the launch setting all that. I seem to be the first to talk about this. It's really odd. Anyone know a fix for this?
  14. So I'll explain the situation from the start. Buddy stopped our Queue for matchmaking cause he had to do something all well in good, but the matchmaking cancel popup never went away (guessing its new to this update?) but i figured it'd go away once we queued up again so i didn't really worry about it. So i decided to use some of my BP to open up a crate, it gave me a black loading circle and then finally gave me a crate which was the Militia one i opened that then said error give a few minutes or something or another and then i restarted my lobby and my crate was gone, nothing new in my inventory or in-game but it took my BP.
  15. I was trying to hop on a bike normally, and this happened. I can provide any additional information if needed.
  16. So, first of all my highlight capture button and highlight capture over all used to work fine, but then i had to reset my whole pc, and after the reset i re downloaded nvidia geforce experience and re-downloaded PUBG and the capture button was first disabled and i couldn't use it at all, but then i tried couple of fixes i saw online but instead of helping me, it made the highlights auto capture button blank and unchangeable. any help ? here's a photo of the settings and the capture button
  17. After loading into a game I have been getting stuck underneath map in same spot cannot move or use UI so only way to fix is to tab out. Happens in 50% of my games.
  18. Hey guys I have a friend who's been having issues with his PUBG game. Basically what happens is after restarting or shutting down his computer the first time he runs PUBG he gets a message reading ; Missing file: 0x1312ac80 Terminate now. After he terminates the app will close. However when he runs the game again it starts up and he can play but the game freezes everytime he attempts to move, jump or punch. We've looked all over the place through my game folders and could not find any iregularities. Does anyone have similar issues or solutions? BTW he was running the game just fine yesterday.
  19. Getting onto a crate that is floating in water causes you to get knocked, team mates can not get you up wither because they are knocked as they get on too. Pls fix
  20. Got stuck because of this chair aka "the devil".
  21. Three times today I was inside building and seemingly got shot through a wall. I messaged the people who killed me and they said I was outside the buildings walking as if I got a black screen.
  22. I noticed that my aim suddenly spun in the opposite direction when I ADS on an enemy and I have found how to recreate this glitch. Whilst tapping Alt + Right click + Move mouse, it will always instantly spin your view to face East every time, I have been able to recreate it multiple times and even got a friend to do it. It's just unfortunate that this glitch happens when you need to quickly turn and kill someone.
  23. On Miramar, in the middle of Pecado, Power Grid, and Graveyard there is a map hole. This hole is on the mountain and you can go in it under the mountain and stay on the relatively flat ground shooting through at people on the mountain/around without them shooting back. This area under you can access is fairly big. Link to full video showing glitch here (skip to 2:09)
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